Feeling out of phase with modern people in terms of values on whats right and wrong

18 12 2017

This happened during a conversation at a gathering of young people I went to. When the  girls of the group speak of their numerous previous lovers and them having sex, including a girl at the gathering who is 19 years old and she already have had more than 5 different memorable “lovers” to speak of, it triggered an instinctive gag reflex in me that I was fortunate enough to have it under control. I felt disgusted when they speak of their sexual promiscuity so freely.

However; if I were to speak of my whoring adventures in NV and Mexico they will probably feel the same towards me. It is clear to me that I am completely out of phase with modern people in terms of moral values

(me: promiscuity is worse than prostitution)

(them: prostitution is worse than promiscuity)


The curious case of Varg Vikernes

10 08 2017

In the recent days I’ve been following an Odin worshiping Norwegian white nationalist black metal musician Varg Vikernes on youtube, who goes by the handle of “ThuleanPerspective“, who surprisingly shared similar world view as I do. A few things I found Varg to be very unique among white nationalists are as follows:

  1. His wife is a native white European, where as most prominent American white nationalists like Ramsey Paul, Nathan Damigo, Richard Spencer, Kyle Chapman, etc. all tend to have Asian wife/girlfriends
  2. He heavily believes in living a simple life without dependence on anything, only in small tribes. Such view is almost unheard of among western Europeans who tend to be socialistic.
  3. He’s a native Scandinavian with 5 kids instead of their usual count of 0
  4. He’s a convicted murderer who killed Euronymous in self defense
  5. He practice what he preach. Unlike most of the white nationalists he can walk the walk and also talk the talk

Though I would never thought I would agree with any Odin worshiping white nationalist, his youtube videos are interesting enough to check out. Hear what he has to say.

words of wisdom, by NewHope

14 02 2013

A very interesting post by NewHope, thought its worth sharing

“Someone made a passing mention of said concept in another post and it really seems to ring true from my own experience. I’ve often gotten the feeling that women as a group do not want dating-challenged men to improve their market value, and that would certainly explain a large part of the fact that they often don’t tell the whole truth about what they want in a guy. Yes, they usually want a guy that treats them good. Yes, they usually want a guy to be funny, considerate, romantic, trustful, etc, etc. I don’t doubt that for a second. HOWEVER, they don’t want men in general to know that physical looks trumps all of the above (until they start to age and look to trap a “beta provider” into a sexless marriage, but does that even count as love? I don’t think so…). This is the primary reason why we see so many women with “jerks”. Being attractive physically can often change a guy’s personality for the worse. For one thing, power currupts. Also, people get spoiled with options and a guy that dramaticly improves his looks starts to adopt some of the same behaviors women do, but gets called an “asshole” for it – all because he now has options and acts accordingly, just like women do. Lastly, he will often see a side of women in general that they keep well hidden from the rest, and that can be quite disturbing to someone not previously accostomed to it. There is a good reason why so many physically attractive men often have some anger issues and go the extra mile to protect themselves. 

Why don’t women want the truth to be widely known? In short, it threatens their collective strategy – the biological drive to be impregnated by a hot “alpha male”, then leave a “beta male” to foot the bill. Plus, it threatens the current dating market which is heavily skewed in their favor, allowing them to fuck guys that would normally be way out of their league. Exposing the truth about what they really want in a man could lead to 2 possible scenarios.

In one scenario, the value of the vagina as a currency would crash and the number of beta providers out there would plummet because said beta providers would no longer buy into the false notion that “women are less visual than men” – which scares the hell out of them! Think for a second what this would do the the institution of marriage. Instead, most “beta” dudes would be focusing on improving their looks through any means necessary (guys will do anything for pussy) and reaping the benefits of those efforts, leaving no time nor patience for gold diggers or women who withold sex. Free drinks in the bars would be much harder to come by unless she would be willing to outright provide a service in exchange (remember, the value of the vadge as a currency would be much, much lower). In such a society, even a fat, bald, old dude could realisticly get at least a makeout in return for what would only get her to TALK to him nowadays. Essentially it all boils down to this: There would be way more good looking dudes out there than there are now, and with way more dudes now getting the milk for free, those who are unable to improve their looks would be in a position to dramaticly raise the sexual price for their resources and favors, simply due to the vastly reduced supply of beta providers. Supply and demand.

In another possible scenario, we would see a return to a more fair and traditional system centered around a reformed institution of marriage where sex before marriage is punished and adultery punished severely. I believe this would be the more likely scenario. If we study history, we find that a strong institution of marriage has been a response to unchecked female sexuality. Societies that have allowed female sexuality to remain unchecked have usually turned very violent and collapsed shortly afterward, whereas societies with a strong, MONOGAMOUS, honsest, transaction-based institution of marriage unsullied by the bullshit notion of “romantic love for everyone”, often remained stable and florished. The expectation of romantic love for everyone is actually a very recent idea, historically speaking, which became widespread only within the last 100 years. Prior to then, people were much more realistic. Romance was hoped for, but not expected.

If history is any indication, one of these scenarios WILL happen eventually. Men WILL wake up and figure out the truth eventually. There are quite a few “naturals” out there with a genuine sence of justice that know the real deal and want so-called “betas” to be in on women’s dirty little secret. Get them alone without any women around and they’ll spill the beans if they like you. As such, the smoke and mirrors women have set up WILL crumble eventually. Maybe not in the next 10 years, but possibly within the next 50. 

A society where men have limited sexual access, be it through no traditional marriage or lack of access to legalized AND AFFORDABLE prostitution, does not last very long. Men generally have very little incentive to help maintain any society that doesn’t meet their needs. MGTOW is a good example of this. The more female sexuality remains unchecked, the more those men not of the sexual elite will abandon society and actively work AGAINST it, plus the talent/skill pool will dry up, leaving a collapsed civilization in its place.

Woman’s policing of the hierarchy is a way of protecting the current status quo at your expense. They have more power and sexual choice nowadays than they ever had in history and they are willing to pull any dirty trick in the book to keep it that way. Unfortunately for them, there will come a time when their very survival depends on their willingness to accept a more fair playing field because a society where female sexuality remains unchecked simply cannot sustain itself.

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