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6 07 2015

in my previous post I spoke of Rishi Bajaj and Liz Kranz. Here is the same story again concerning Benjamin Wey and Hanna Bouveng:

Like I said before, while the third world woman is hypergamous to money and status, the western feminist is hypergamous to looks and swagger. this chomp is trying to play the third world game in the feminist west.

if you want sex, go abroad. “free sex” in the west almost always turn out far more costly than paid sex in Latin America. Don’t be a fucking simp


“failure” of eastern values in the west, part II: The culture shock of adolescence

5 05 2014

When I first came to the USA from my home country, the first and foremost culture shock I experience is the emphasis of what my classmates in public school hold important vs. what I have been told is important by my teachers and family in the old country. I found it quite shocking yet puzzled by the attitude of my peers during High School, why are they focusing on chasing after girls and getting sex, when they should be preparing for college entrance exams? Don’t they know physics test is in 3 days?  Is hooking up that important and vital?  

Eastern Values:

  1. The score of your math exam
  2. how well you can write essays and papers
  3. academics topics you learn from your teachers
  4. how well prepared are you for college entrance exams
  5. how well you learn to speak and write english

What my American classmates value:

  1. Performance of the school sports team vs other schools
  2. friends you hang out with at lunch or after school
  3. cute popular guys and girls you hook up with between periods
  4. your image with the classmates, such as your fashion and trendy electronics

Favored conversation between the classmates in the old country: academic subjects

Favored conversation between the classmates in the USA: who’s hooking up with whom gossips

The reverse work the same way

Outcasts in the old country: Guys and girls who hook up in school instead of focusing on academic studies

Outcasts in the USA: Nerds who does nothing but focus on their SATs

Many blame the failure of our Educational system, but the core of the problem lies with the people and the culture. When you value who you hook up with far far above the topics of calculus, no wonder you score poorly on the math section of your SATs. Conversely the group of men that excels in the STEM fields in the academia, also have the lowest sexual market value, I seriously doubt by changing an educational “system”, the problems with youth education can be solved.

“failure” of Eastern values in western culture

22 04 2014

It is not a mystery that Asian/Indian men in the west struggle the most in modern dating, and I do not think it is a coincidence that Asian/Indian men are also over-represented in high education particularly in the STEM fields.

It seems obvious to me, that those Asian/Indian men who did not struggle in the west, are typically adopted or completely westernized (twinkie/banana). Those who came from traditional families typically have to go AGAINST what their parents tell them to find sexual success. The more the son obeyed the traditionalist parents, the less successful with women they are(unless they are physically attractive enough to stand out)

the asian logic of study hard in STEM field, get a good job, make money, then women will be naturally attracted to you does not work in the west as due to feminism, women no longer depend on men for economic reliance, as they can depend on the state to provide while they fuck bad boys. Men are no longer valued on there providing abilities.

The typical obedient Asian kid would be spending time studying Chemistry, physics, and calculus, preparing for their SATs and AP exams while his peers are getting high with friends, trying out for the track team, deciding who to ask for a date to the school dance, or who to hook up with after school.

According to Dr. Brian G Gilmartin, Skills with the opposite sex takes a life time to accumulate. if you did not accumulate the skills early in life it is less likely for you to obtain skill later.

are Asian parents wrong to bring their values here? Are the twinkies/bananas right to rebel?

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