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4 10 2013

Part 1:

“don’t know if science is allowed on this forum or if certain things are found offensive here, so please let me know if I am offending anyone.

I will say this briefly:

Women probably enjoy sex more than men. The clitoris has more nerve endings than the penis head. Women can have multiple orgasms. Most women have clitoral orgasms which are akin to penile ones, but women can also have vaginal orgasms which are deeper and longer lasting. There is no doubt that women can enjoy sex more than men, given enough arousal and a “pro” male partner.

Having said that, women’s sex drives are lower. Women want sex, but have more demands on it than men. Women will generally not (can I swear on here?) f*ck an unattractive man. Men will f*ck a woman he considers unattractive coz of his higher sex drive.

It’s this difference in drive that determines the Western dating market place. Men are ten-a-penny. Women are more valuable in the dating scene. Vagina is a scarce commodity. Dating could be considered a man buying his way into a woman’s pants while the woman decides if she will let him. The ball is in the female’s court as she is the chooser. Men do the approaching (of women). Women do the rejecting or accepting.

Biologically, it makes sense for the woman to be choosier – she has to pay a higher price for pregnancy. 9 months of vulnerability. Then childbirth. Then 18 years of raising the child. The man’s investment is over in minutes and he is free to plant a seed elsewhere after the refractory period.

For this reason, it is more common for an incel to be male than female. A male needs to be physically attractive and/or have money and/or have status to attract a woman in many cases. How many guys do you know that won’t date a woman because she doesn’t have a car or lives with her parents?

For a male to be incel, all he needs to be is average or below in looks. For a female to be incel, she needs to be really unattractive by western standards, or old. Because men have lower standards for women.

I distinguish between loveshy and incel. Incel IMO implies that you have been ACTIVELY seeking a dating partner as in APPROACHING potential suitors. Loveshy implies you can’t bring yourself to approach, so you expect suitors to come to you.

Do women consider themselves loveshy even if they haven’t approached many guys for dating?

Men, after rejections, are told to “man up” and go through more. It is not acceptable for a man to be hypoagent in his dating life. It is expected for a woman to be so, though.

Men and women are not “equal” in the dating world. There are more incel men here than women. That should tell you something.

Women can get sex easier than ordering a coffee at Starbucks. But many women would prefer a relationship. They can get that easier than a man can too.

Why do clubs charge women less entry? Because men flock to where women are. Women have a high sexual value. Men are like cockroaches trying to find a woman that will accept him. Men usually have to date down if they want to increase their likelihood of finding a date.

If this thread is deleted then that confirms that I am right but you need to be protected from the truth. Before I get in trouble for this, it would be nice if someone could provide counterarguments to these points. “

Part 2:

“I’m new here so I don’t wanna upset the applekart just yet, but when the mods are sure I’m not a troll, I’ll try and post some of the chatlogs from a fake male model dating profile. It’s INSANE. My opening line to one girl – to test how far this goes – was that I was going to k*ll myself, and I got her number, eventually. She said “I usually hate guys with topless pics”, but I guess the male model’s FACE overrode that. If your face makes a woman’s clit throb, then, to an extent, it doesn’t matter what you say, as long as you’re not a boring/asperger/psycopath.

Ironically, a woman can be a boring AND an asperger AND a psycopath and date TENS of guys per week.

I had one gf in my life. She was 19, I was 26 when I met her. I was her 9th bf. After me, she had at least 2 more bf’s that I know of. This isn’t including one night stands. I’ve been INCEL ever since.

A woman can walk into a supermarket and ask if anyone wants to date or f*ck her and she’ll get “yesses”. The only reason she’d get rejected is coz men would think it’s too good to be true.

An average looking man can’t even go to a bar twice a week for 2 months and hope to get a date or lay unless he approaches 250 lb burns victims (no offence to burns victims).”

Part 3:

“The male sex drive compared to that of females means that men seek it out more than women. Women love sex but are less driven to get it. Men will settle for a woman that isn’t his type just for that intimacy. For women, dating is a buyer’s market. A penis is worth nothing. Buy none, get 10,000 free. Vagina is worth more than a human life. A man might kill another man for looking at his girlfriend. Worth more than a human life.

– My friend J (about a 5 or 6 in looks) is dating a girl, L (about a 3). She is below his looks level but I guess he got tired of 8 years of inceldom, so decided that she would suffice.

– L has a friend, D. D is borderline fat but looks good when thin (I’ve seen old pics of her).

Long story short, J and L said that D kept talking about me after all four us met up once. She called me “eye candy” despite me being quite ugly. I was happy and thinking of asking her out until I found out that:

– she is still fucking her athletic ex bf
– she is fucking 2 other guys on the side
– she gets numerous offers for dates all the time.

This is what life is like for women under 40 who aren’t hideously ugly. Women get so many offers from guys. Soon enough, women are going to have so many options that they will be able to afford to be blatant about it. “If you don’t want to be one of my boyfriends, then, fine. Boyfriend slot #5 can be filled by a hot guy that I recently met”.

Once, my mother stuck her head out of the window for some air, and a guy said some romantic comment. My mother is 58. Fair enough, the guy was no Tyson Beckford or David Beckham but that’s pretty good going for not even having left your house.

There is a conjoined twin in the US. One of the twin sisters is engaged. Meanwhile the guys on this forum don’t share a communal anus with their brother, yet can barely get dates.

An authentic female incel is a female who is either:

– hideously deformed in some way (burns, limbs missing)
– tremendously overweight
– looks really old
– has psychological or relationship issues (e.g. abuse in her past; has 3 kids from 3 guys, etc)
– avoids being seen outside of going to work and food-shopping

Apart from that, a woman who calls herself incel really means “I can’t date guys who at the very least look like Robert Pattinson. I don’t need a George Clooney or Brad Pitt. Pattinson will suffice”. And these women look like Rosie O’Donnell.

So females rule the dating world. Women spend their youth, getting hit on by guys and accepting or rejecting them based on their looks. A female life is like that of a hollywood celebrity. Such dating power you will never experience unless your looks can make women’s genitals tingle.

As most men are incel and most females aren’t, women are able to set the market price in dating. The price now is that you (usually) must, as a male, in order to date a woman, have your own place, a good job, good looks, not be balding, be tall, have friends, drive preferrably, be confident(-looking), be funny, be dominant, etc.

Soon, the price will go up. Soon you will have to: – take on kids she had with her alpha ex boyfriend, – accept her other boyfriends, – pay her mortgage, – have a body like Dwayne Johnson, etc.

Are you ready for the future of dating?

Of course you’re not. You can’t even deal with dating as it is now.

Any male who disagrees with me but can’t attract women is in denial.
Any female who disagrees with this won’t be able to provide counterarguments.

The truth offends and is often banned and deleted.

Deal with it.”


words of wisdom, by NewHope

14 02 2013

A very interesting post by NewHope, thought its worth sharing

“Someone made a passing mention of said concept in another post and it really seems to ring true from my own experience. I’ve often gotten the feeling that women as a group do not want dating-challenged men to improve their market value, and that would certainly explain a large part of the fact that they often don’t tell the whole truth about what they want in a guy. Yes, they usually want a guy that treats them good. Yes, they usually want a guy to be funny, considerate, romantic, trustful, etc, etc. I don’t doubt that for a second. HOWEVER, they don’t want men in general to know that physical looks trumps all of the above (until they start to age and look to trap a “beta provider” into a sexless marriage, but does that even count as love? I don’t think so…). This is the primary reason why we see so many women with “jerks”. Being attractive physically can often change a guy’s personality for the worse. For one thing, power currupts. Also, people get spoiled with options and a guy that dramaticly improves his looks starts to adopt some of the same behaviors women do, but gets called an “asshole” for it – all because he now has options and acts accordingly, just like women do. Lastly, he will often see a side of women in general that they keep well hidden from the rest, and that can be quite disturbing to someone not previously accostomed to it. There is a good reason why so many physically attractive men often have some anger issues and go the extra mile to protect themselves. 

Why don’t women want the truth to be widely known? In short, it threatens their collective strategy – the biological drive to be impregnated by a hot “alpha male”, then leave a “beta male” to foot the bill. Plus, it threatens the current dating market which is heavily skewed in their favor, allowing them to fuck guys that would normally be way out of their league. Exposing the truth about what they really want in a man could lead to 2 possible scenarios.

In one scenario, the value of the vagina as a currency would crash and the number of beta providers out there would plummet because said beta providers would no longer buy into the false notion that “women are less visual than men” – which scares the hell out of them! Think for a second what this would do the the institution of marriage. Instead, most “beta” dudes would be focusing on improving their looks through any means necessary (guys will do anything for pussy) and reaping the benefits of those efforts, leaving no time nor patience for gold diggers or women who withold sex. Free drinks in the bars would be much harder to come by unless she would be willing to outright provide a service in exchange (remember, the value of the vadge as a currency would be much, much lower). In such a society, even a fat, bald, old dude could realisticly get at least a makeout in return for what would only get her to TALK to him nowadays. Essentially it all boils down to this: There would be way more good looking dudes out there than there are now, and with way more dudes now getting the milk for free, those who are unable to improve their looks would be in a position to dramaticly raise the sexual price for their resources and favors, simply due to the vastly reduced supply of beta providers. Supply and demand.

In another possible scenario, we would see a return to a more fair and traditional system centered around a reformed institution of marriage where sex before marriage is punished and adultery punished severely. I believe this would be the more likely scenario. If we study history, we find that a strong institution of marriage has been a response to unchecked female sexuality. Societies that have allowed female sexuality to remain unchecked have usually turned very violent and collapsed shortly afterward, whereas societies with a strong, MONOGAMOUS, honsest, transaction-based institution of marriage unsullied by the bullshit notion of “romantic love for everyone”, often remained stable and florished. The expectation of romantic love for everyone is actually a very recent idea, historically speaking, which became widespread only within the last 100 years. Prior to then, people were much more realistic. Romance was hoped for, but not expected.

If history is any indication, one of these scenarios WILL happen eventually. Men WILL wake up and figure out the truth eventually. There are quite a few “naturals” out there with a genuine sence of justice that know the real deal and want so-called “betas” to be in on women’s dirty little secret. Get them alone without any women around and they’ll spill the beans if they like you. As such, the smoke and mirrors women have set up WILL crumble eventually. Maybe not in the next 10 years, but possibly within the next 50. 

A society where men have limited sexual access, be it through no traditional marriage or lack of access to legalized AND AFFORDABLE prostitution, does not last very long. Men generally have very little incentive to help maintain any society that doesn’t meet their needs. MGTOW is a good example of this. The more female sexuality remains unchecked, the more those men not of the sexual elite will abandon society and actively work AGAINST it, plus the talent/skill pool will dry up, leaving a collapsed civilization in its place.

Woman’s policing of the hierarchy is a way of protecting the current status quo at your expense. They have more power and sexual choice nowadays than they ever had in history and they are willing to pull any dirty trick in the book to keep it that way. Unfortunately for them, there will come a time when their very survival depends on their willingness to accept a more fair playing field because a society where female sexuality remains unchecked simply cannot sustain itself.

concerning The Black Pill and the unyielding tide of “Feminism”

13 12 2012

in my recent blog readings I have been scanning through some older archived posts of The Black Pill. This guy is no other than another incel very much like myself. We even work in a similar field, thus I somewhat identify myself with him as we even had similar experience. In his posts, I found the amount of false sexual harassment accusations aimed at him very very appalling.  If he would ever read this post, I say the same thing that NewHope said to the people on the forum I posted on, “Its time to wonder if your problem has anything to do with your looks”. I also worked in the industry as well, it has never happened to me, but  I was fortunate enough to actually gain social skills and be okay-looking enough NOT to have it happen to me. Though I never seen The Black Pill’s picture, but judging from his stories, I assume his looks are his problem.

This particular SNL sketch:

is surprisingly true and the sexual harassment epidemic is spreading. His stories are not the only ones, as there are many others just like him. Sexual harassment law is essentially institutionalized lookism. Most women actually don’t mind being constantly hit on as it boosts their ego. Just imagine how Helen of Troy would have felt, when her beauty launched a thousand ships and a decade long bloody war is fought over her. The only thing women mind, is when UGLY guys are hitting on them.

Fortunately, the reverse is also true. The better looking you are, the less likely women would falsely accuse you of sexual harassment, as they actually want good looking guys around. My advice to The Black Pill would be

1. hit the gym, loose weight/burn fat/ gain muscle

2. get plastic surgery if necessary

3. get a better sense of fashion

4. travel, learn spanish and travel to south america/non-feminist countries you might actually find success

Here in the USA, we are not the most feminist country in the world. In Sweden, feminist marchings are common, shouting slogans of “hang all men” are often heard. I can’t imagine the repercussions if MRAs march and chant “hang all women”. Feminism and the “Game” culture is spreading across the globe. The traditional days for the stable provider WILL NOT return.

Today, it’s false sexual harassment accusations. Tomorrow, I can imagine there will be “Rape preventions” where there will be witch hunts conducted to hunt down “creepy”(ugly) men in effort to “prevent” rape/sexual harassment.

We cannot stop the tide from coming, but we can certainly shelter against it. The only shelter against these false accusations, is by looking good.

My first report, physical attractiveness is not subjective!

7 11 2012

It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, much scientific studies has shown that beauty is actually quite mathematical. What men find attractive in women can be subjective, but what women find attractive in men is not. A lot of men love busty blonde bombshells, but some men also like nerdy plane janes. Some men even have have fetish for morbidly obese fat women, with number significant enough to have a genre of pornography that caters to these men. However, are there women that have similar fetish for obese men? not so much.

I began to notice that almost all the players and guys who are successful with women all have the classic “look”, i.e. tall, fit, head full of hair, muscular arms, strong jaw line, broad shoulders, narrow waist, six pack abs, etc. I began to realize many “lookists” on the web forum are correct. Sure, being an “interesting guy” and a great personality can help you talk to a girl, being a platonic friend, but if you want dating, relationship or sex and do not match her “league” in terms of looks, forget it.

One thing that annoys the hell out of young women today, is that ugly guys have the audacity to hit on them.

Physical attractiveness somewhat varies with culture. Here in the west we find masculine men attractive. Where are in East Asia, androgynous men are considered attractive. However, they are only different superficially, but their “foundation” is the same:

Chris Hemsworth


Both of these guys are considered sex icons in two different cultures, one is “masculine” and the other “androgynous” but, what do they have in common? Their facial attractiveness have the strong foundation of symmetry. As the ancient Greek defined the “golden” ratio where your eyes are halfway between the top of head and bottom of chin. you nose half way between your eyes and chin, and your mouth half way between nose and chin. Two sides of your face must also mirror the same. Hollywood movie stars and super models have the proportions spot on. Others with the misfortune of lacking in facial attractiveness have proportions way off.

Myself, I was fortunate to have strong symmetry in the face. Despite my obesity, many tell me I just need to get in shape to escape incel. Others with misfortune of bad face, with the possibility of plastic surgery, I don’t know what could help. Being obese can drastically effect the face as well, as fat can distort your jaw line in the face. getting in shape can help your facial features be refined.

Myself right now:

This is me as of Nov 7, 2012

Reporting as of today, my status:

weight: 200 lb.

Body Fat: 24.4 %

chest: 40

waist: 39

BMI: 31.6

Testing NewHope

6 11 2012

I am an involuntary celibate. On the internet some might also call us TFL(True forced loneliness), or forever alone. In layman’s terms, I am a loser who cannot get laid. At the age of 27, the same age my father had me, I have never kissed a girl. I lost my v-card to a professional in a brothel in Nevada at the age of 25. I post on a web forum full of dateless men like myself, in the sex crazed culture of the west.

Each one of us on the forum has a different story as to how did we became the way we are. As for myself, I have always been a shy and reclusive individual who lacked social graces. Conventional wisdom tells us that women are the less shallow of the sex, to get a girl you just need the confidence and the right personality for a girl fall in love with you. Unfortunately, a lot of times conventional wisdom is often 180 degrees out of sync with reality.

As I tried to conquer my shyness, participate in various social activities, getting out of my reclusive shell and meet people, all these attempts made no different. 2 years gone by, I am still incel (abbreviation for involuntary celibacy) and made no difference at all. I simply turned from a reclusive incel to a more social incel.

One day on the forum, another poster wrote his own story, which is similar to mine:

“I don’t understand why people tell me I should keep trying to find a
woman because I’m young (age 22) and it will happen. Oh really? I
didn’t know that people were psychic. I discovered the concepts of
love-shy and incel in 2005, when I first started college. Up to that
point I was super shy and drew no interest from any woman. Then I made
a point to try and change this, going out to clubs/bars, socializing
more, trying every combination I thought would help me break the
cycle. No matter what I have done, NOTHING HAS CHANGED! I’ve literally
tried everything, I reexamined the way I associate with women and
learned to read their signals of attraction, gotten advice from women
(big mistake) and men as to what I’m doing wrong, and the guys don’t
see what it is about me, and I know they’ve genuinely tried to help.
I’ve asked out women, I can’t even get a first date. I’ve never been
kissed or held a girls hand and I’m lucky if I can get a pity hug.
I’ve even stopped doing anything, in hopes that they would be
attracted to me by seeing my indifference, and I truly let myself not
bother with it at all, and that didn’t do anything either. Five years
of effort and nothing to show for it, so for those who say not to just
give up, why on earth should men in my position listen to you? It’s
only going to get harder as I get older and am around less women and
the stigma builds up even more. I don’t care what women say, most
don’t want 30 year old virgins, end of story. I want to teach so I’m
not going to be rich, so that option for attraction is out too. I also
refuse to pay for sex, too much money and hassle and I’d feel like a
complete loser if I did it (no offense to anyone here who pays for it,
that’s just my personal feeling). Plus, if all of a sudden women show
interest in me, years of failure have made me become love shy and I
wouldn’t even be able to advance the relationship, and any
relationship I were to have would suck and end quickly and I’d be
right back where I started.


Incel + love shy = hopeless

There seems to be this belief that you can quit at a certain point,
say at age 35 or whatever arbitrary point someone picks. Some may
believe you should never give up. Where are people coming up with
this? Why are they not examining the individual’s situation before
making statements like that? I must admit though, I am a natural
introvert who doesn’t want kids so I can actually be single and not
suffer, and I’ve been described as nice person by everyone who knows
me (major turnoff most of the time). Basically what I’m saying is that
if someone here is in my position or is likely going to be in my
position, just know that I understand where you’re coming from and
that you’re not alone. Accepting our fate is probably the best thing
for us. It is mathematically impossible for every consenting person on
earth to have sex. Some of us are just regular people who won’t
experience it and we should just deal with it, no matter what our age

You may ask then, why the hell am I even here? Well its been
comforting to know that I’m not the only one in this situation, and I
like the discussions (the board seems to have more high intelligent
people than most other boards, with some exceptions of course) and as
long as I’m welcome here I feel that I can contribute.”

the reply to that post came very surprising. It was made by a former incel, by the handle of NewHope who was successful in conquering his problem. He wrote:

“I think at this point you should seriously wonder if your looks might be a factor. I haven’t seen a picture of you, but by reading what you wrote, I’m assuming it is. This was my EXACT SAME STORY prior to looking back and realizing that I’ve done everything but fix my looks. Get a complete aesthetic overhaul, dude. Hit the gym hard, change your
diet and don’t stop until you have the body of a male model. Belive me, your luck WILL change!

Dating is almost ALL about looks, dude. When I was 22, I had never been kissed or held hands with a girl, either. I had ONE girlfriend when I was 25, and she wasn’t even that into me. She wouldn’t fuck me, but she sure was fucking guys better looking than I was…and then I found out about it and dumped her lol. After waking the fuck up and realizing that my problem was my looks, I lifted weights and dieted like my life depended on it, and it did, because I planned to kill myself if THIS didn’t work. Well, after a year of very hard work and very, very strict dedication, I went from being InCel and not attractive enough to even be worthy of being considered a human being by women, to fucking the hottest ones every
weekend. I only changed ONE god damn fucking thing, man. ONE THING made the difference between a total incel to being able to go out clubbing and fuck one new woman on Friday and another on Saturday, then booty calls during the week, no exaggeration (hell fucking yeah
I’m making up for what’s been denied to me for 30 goddamn years…call me a “man slut” if you want, but it’s a step up from before.) Women are NOT deep creatures AT ALL. Don’t believe the bullshit women tell you about why you’re not wanted…they just don’t want to admit they’re shallow as all fuck, not even to themselves.

In dating, the good looking guys get the girls and those that aren’t are left to suffer alone or spend their lives spitefully used by blood sucking, lying prostitutes-by-design who pretend to love you for your “inner beauty”. Love is an exclusive club for beautiful people only. No one else is worthy of it. An ugly couple is just mutual settling. Love is only for the beautiful in today’s shitty world.
Fortunately, beauty is made, not given. The male models you see in magazines are NOT born that way at all!! That’s the dirty little secret about that industry. Get in the gym and lift your way to a love life. Buff up and rip up (goal should be 190 lbs and 5 % bodyfat). Being a guy that women ACTUALLY WANT is neither about attitude or how much money you make, it’s how you look and nothing elses, no matter how much they swear up and down otherwise (it’s self-deluded
bullshit…women lie even to themseves).

Sorry to ramble on like this lol…I was in your exact same situation and the ONLY thing that helped was bodybuilding…not education, not therapy, not advice from friends, not getting a better social life (made friends with girls, but never girlfriends) or anything else I ever tried. Overhauling my looks was the ONLY thing in those 30 shitty
years that ever worked. the key to getting women is bodybuilding, plastic surgery and a good fashion sense.”

What he wrote struck a cord. It is the one thing that I am afraid of that is NOT the usual politically correct nonsense. The idea that maybe my involuntary celibacy has to do with my looks is way to inconvenient and even painful for me to accept. NewHope’s post might even come across as misogynist, but a lot of times, when the truth is spoken, personal feelings WILL get hurt.

Look at the photo of myself below

This is my graduation photo. I went to a 60% female college for 5 years, and left it a kissless virgin. I was never athletic, big apetite for greasy food and a sweet tooth left me very chubby with 32% body fat. I realized, looks are my problem.

The purpose of this blog, is that I will follow NewHope’s advice, on weight loss. I will update it monthly as I might will try the same, putting his theory to the test.

I am currently training in a MMA and Muay Thai gym that emphasize on intense cardio. I will work out 6 days a week and follow a strict diet of intermittent fasting. I will eat meals that involve fruits, veggies, nuts, beans, fish, and lean meats.

Because of my race as Asian in America, I might not break out of involuntary celibacy, but I will at least achieve weight loss

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