end of summer update… news and more rants

3 09 2013

end of summer 2013

Much has happened over the course of the summer, living now in a new place. Just less than a year ago I struggled to run just 1 mile, now I ran 3 5ks and a half marathon over last few months. When I eased into the cardio I felt like I can run forever, leaving behind the troubles of the world and life. I had to put a new hole in my belt as my waist size went down. Similarly, my luck has changed slightly in the realm of online dating, as I am getting replies now from girls, and scored a few dates which almost never happened before. Improvement in my chances with women has a direct relationship with my change in looks, anyone that says anything else is in denial.

Recently I came back in contact with an old acquaintance from college, who is an ethnic(Bengali). Needless to say, he struggles in the realm of dating himself. His problem, however, lies with his shyness. As he says to me,”I have had one night stands before, but its always the women who approached me,  not when I am being forward.” Little does he know that in the realm of modern dating, it is always the women that chooses, not men. The very fact he obtain one night stands, I realized that his problem is far easier to solve than my own, as I can’t get one night stands.

Multiple times we had our conversation drift to the pick up artist culture, and he tried to convince me in joining local PUA groups. I don’t believe in PUA for most PUAs will deny the obvious truth: looks matter. However; after some careful thinking I had to admit that PUA might actually work for him, since he can pass the look test due to his one night stands, where I can’t. He simply needs to overcome his shyness, a step I already done.

My friend here reminded me of myself few years ago as I actually looked into PUA for guidance, but I saw the flaw in it right away. As stated before, PUAs perpetuates that common knowledge tells us that MEN are the shallower of the sexes, women are not as visual. However; common knowledge is almost always 180 degrees out of phase with reality. We receive 90% of all our information through our eyes, thus we, as a species, are EVOLVED to be visual. Though women SAY physically attractiveness matter less to them, their ACTIONS are no more different than that of men. In fact, women are far more intuitive and have social smarts. THEY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO, YOU DUMB ASS! Its either she feels that way about you or she doesn’t. PUAs tries to break this interaction into an objective formula, telling you that you just need to say this, then say that, and TRICK the girl into liking you/going to bed with you by some magic words, is complete ludicrous


may update, more rants, random thoughts

30 05 2013
may 29 2013

may 29 2013


It has been a while since my last update, this semester of school has recently ended and I can now have more time to write. I have not weighed myself yet but I have been running a lot. A year ago I struggled with just 1 mile, but I recently completed a 5k and a half marathon. I will continue to train more during the summer, longer distance running and try to do more boxing/muay thai pad work. The other day I pushed my body to the limits by running 13 miles nonstop on a state park trail, the most I ever ran in my life.

On another note, a commenter in my previous post by the handle of “abe” left a very interesting reply , where he made an interesting point in conservative traditional societies in the past there was a form of “socialism” on the sexual market, people paired off more evenly and divorce was rare. But due to the 60s feminism and the sexual revolution, the sexual market became “capitalist”, along with hypergamous nature of women and polygamous nature of men, our culture has created a scene where only a few men gets all the women, and the rest of the men get none, until the woman realize she’s too old to get a “Brad Pitt” in her life and tries to trap an engineering nerd in a sexless marriage. Throughout our lives, most women would have too many partners, and men have too few. Teen pregnancy is very common now and a typical high school girl has TWICE as much sexual experience as her male peer, the girls who got pregnant in school often are all knocked up by the same guy. capitalism in the sexual market gives rise to the superficial bitch-and-cad culture.

One individual comes to mind who’s been a product of this culture (and one of my inspirations), has to be Aziz Shavershian . He was the typical skinny nerd and a video game addict who had no one in his life. But he did not wallow in self pity, instead he sold his World of Warcraft account for a gym membership. He kept lifting and lifting. His youtube channel tracked his progress, and haters mocked him calling him a “skinny faggot”, but he kept going. After he got into shape and gained muscle, he transformed from geek to player.

It wasn’t his looks that made him famous, it was his philosophy. He said, ”

At the end of the day, I have respect for anyone who wants to make a change for themselves and start training and improving their body and health. In my opinion, the gym/training/dieting lifestyle is by far the most fun and rewarding way to live your life.

The people that laugh at the overweight/obese people in the gym are a disgrace. I applaud them for having the courage and determination to train and wan to make a change for themselves despite the obvious hardships they would face. At the end of the day, it’s all up to how much you want it yourself. Some people don’t care that much and are happy with their bodies and its not a big issue for them. Good for them. But anyone who takes the piss out of and ridicules anyone trying their best to lose weight/gain muscle and make a change for themselves—especially if they are finding it hard due to their genetics—makes me sick.

If you want it, you will get it, and you will eventually prove the haters wrong. And that is one of the best feelings a human being can experience.

Haters do what haters do: they hate. As this blog has been criticized/trolled by BOTH PuaHate forum AND Manboobz(a feminist blog site), it can only mean one thing: I must be doing something right.

March update, a case for Franklin

27 03 2013















Its been a while since my last update. I have recently returned to graduate school and the work has been rather busy. For the last 2 weeks I couldn’t keep up with my work out routine of long term cardio up. When I went running this morning I noticed my body couldn’t keep up as it had before

If you read some of my previous posts, you will notice Franklin as a frequent commenter here. Despite the fact he disagrees with what I write I actually agree with him more than before, especially on the topic of feminism.

The first generation of feminism is actually quite justified, as in most traditional  conservative societies, women are trained by society and her parents to be a good wife to her husband. They are the decent women who are the product of society at that time. Of course the evil people in the society are the men who take advantage and abuse her.

However, today women in our society are completely different, thinking that the crack between their legs make them invincible and bitchy. They are now trained by society to be materialistic, superficial, shallow, and self absorbed. They are always cunning and calculating, which is why the handsome bad-boy types are the most successful in the sexual market, since these good looking badboys can out play women in their own game. meanwhile brainy scientist or engineer are targets to be trapped by women into a sexless marriage or result in some type of alimony

The Devil’s Advocate claimed that people who contribute the most to society and civilization, are the less successful sexually. The feminist west is no place for decent men

January update, changes, and more

30 01 2013

IMG_0204 - Version 2

Weight: 192 lb

My workout routine has changed and set back due to me moving back to my old home state and getting ready to start school again. In late December and much of early January I was suffering from an injured tendon on my left foot, thus I did not make as much progress as I would like.

I remembered the exercise routine from the gym, keep doing them even after returning to school. I am also running now, which I haven’t done outside of the gym times. There is a house I will be moving to off campus, and my roommates are undergrads. They are very much interested being kickboxing/muay thai training partners.

Living an athletic life style can help my academic performance no doubt. I left graduate school the first time partially due to depression and falling into limerence. This new lifestyle hopefully can make this time different.  I am very grateful to my father and my professors for giving me another chance.

weight loss update, personal update, second chance, more rants

7 12 2012







Dec Photo

this is me as of 12/07/20012

my weight is now 196 lb, I have experienced drastic improvement in cardio, and I have physically more powerful than before as shown in my pad work and bag work. my waist size have drastically decreased as now I can fit well into medium size shirts and fleece pants. I did not measure myself but before (4 years ago) I would struggle to fit even in large size clothing.

Bad news now is that the start up company I am working for has laid me off due to finance issues. I am out of work, but in the upcoming spring I have been accepted to graduate school in my alma mater(my undergraduate school) and I will be continuing my graduate studies next year. Unfortunately, the school is all the way across the country and I have to move again. Even though graduate school will be very busy and brutal, I will not stop working out and I have taken up running daily.

When I graduated college, I originally planned to go for a PhD degree right away, hoping to find someone in graduate school. But due to my weakness, lack of experience, lack of finances, and some unrequited lust I left graduate school for the industry, using the money I earned to frequent high class legal brothels. This is my second chance to maybe achieve both.

I am surprise, though, at how a lot of people seemed to be against the idea of changing myself. Look at the discussion which I posted on reddit about this blog. I only hope TheSpooneh takes my advice and hit the gym. He claims to have caucasian women chasing after him, and yet she is in a situation where she cannot see him often. If he really read my posts and took NewHope’s advice, he should realized that if a woman is really into you, she will NOT miss her chances with you. She would rearrange her schedule just to see him. If she is not attracted to him physically, then she must be using him for money or “hidden advantages”, nothing more. I suspect the woman is actually banging someone else behind as back and wise up. As for shakeDown, lets just say the best attitude, will NEVER be as sexy as 6-pack abs. All the little things you have you watch out for what you lack in physical attractiveness, is simply NOT worth it.

Similarly, a while ago I had a conversation with a Christian pastor who is also opposed to the idea of changing myself. “Don’t will so hard to become an extrovert as it is not the way God made you”. Ooookay, so explain to me, how is going back to being a shy, reclusive, chubby, introvert going to help me?

Can you believe the type of counter productive advice they give? They  claim that I was wrong to work out so hard because its not about looks. So what? I should continue being fat? I tried to believe its your confidence and attitude that would give me the success. I really did, because I know looks is something I don’t have. But I did in fact observed the real world, I realized the clear reason why the pretty girl is holding the fit and handsome guy’s hand, and not mine. I probably had the ability to provide for her better than the guy she’s with, but I did NOT have the looks to attract.

God did not make me an extrovert so I should continue being reclusive. Willing to make changes in my life is apparently wrong and want me to continue being as I was. BEING THE WAY I WAS, IS THE REASON WHY I AM INCEL! They want me to sit and wait and wait for a miracle, but I am wise enough to realize I have to take action.

My first report, physical attractiveness is not subjective!

7 11 2012

It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, much scientific studies has shown that beauty is actually quite mathematical. What men find attractive in women can be subjective, but what women find attractive in men is not. A lot of men love busty blonde bombshells, but some men also like nerdy plane janes. Some men even have have fetish for morbidly obese fat women, with number significant enough to have a genre of pornography that caters to these men. However, are there women that have similar fetish for obese men? not so much.

I began to notice that almost all the players and guys who are successful with women all have the classic “look”, i.e. tall, fit, head full of hair, muscular arms, strong jaw line, broad shoulders, narrow waist, six pack abs, etc. I began to realize many “lookists” on the web forum are correct. Sure, being an “interesting guy” and a great personality can help you talk to a girl, being a platonic friend, but if you want dating, relationship or sex and do not match her “league” in terms of looks, forget it.

One thing that annoys the hell out of young women today, is that ugly guys have the audacity to hit on them.

Physical attractiveness somewhat varies with culture. Here in the west we find masculine men attractive. Where are in East Asia, androgynous men are considered attractive. However, they are only different superficially, but their “foundation” is the same:

Chris Hemsworth


Both of these guys are considered sex icons in two different cultures, one is “masculine” and the other “androgynous” but, what do they have in common? Their facial attractiveness have the strong foundation of symmetry. As the ancient Greek defined the “golden” ratio where your eyes are halfway between the top of head and bottom of chin. you nose half way between your eyes and chin, and your mouth half way between nose and chin. Two sides of your face must also mirror the same. Hollywood movie stars and super models have the proportions spot on. Others with the misfortune of lacking in facial attractiveness have proportions way off.

Myself, I was fortunate to have strong symmetry in the face. Despite my obesity, many tell me I just need to get in shape to escape incel. Others with misfortune of bad face, with the possibility of plastic surgery, I don’t know what could help. Being obese can drastically effect the face as well, as fat can distort your jaw line in the face. getting in shape can help your facial features be refined.

Myself right now:

This is me as of Nov 7, 2012

Reporting as of today, my status:

weight: 200 lb.

Body Fat: 24.4 %

chest: 40

waist: 39

BMI: 31.6

Testing NewHope

6 11 2012

I am an involuntary celibate. On the internet some might also call us TFL(True forced loneliness), or forever alone. In layman’s terms, I am a loser who cannot get laid. At the age of 27, the same age my father had me, I have never kissed a girl. I lost my v-card to a professional in a brothel in Nevada at the age of 25. I post on a web forum full of dateless men like myself, in the sex crazed culture of the west.

Each one of us on the forum has a different story as to how did we became the way we are. As for myself, I have always been a shy and reclusive individual who lacked social graces. Conventional wisdom tells us that women are the less shallow of the sex, to get a girl you just need the confidence and the right personality for a girl fall in love with you. Unfortunately, a lot of times conventional wisdom is often 180 degrees out of sync with reality.

As I tried to conquer my shyness, participate in various social activities, getting out of my reclusive shell and meet people, all these attempts made no different. 2 years gone by, I am still incel (abbreviation for involuntary celibacy) and made no difference at all. I simply turned from a reclusive incel to a more social incel.

One day on the forum, another poster wrote his own story, which is similar to mine:

“I don’t understand why people tell me I should keep trying to find a
woman because I’m young (age 22) and it will happen. Oh really? I
didn’t know that people were psychic. I discovered the concepts of
love-shy and incel in 2005, when I first started college. Up to that
point I was super shy and drew no interest from any woman. Then I made
a point to try and change this, going out to clubs/bars, socializing
more, trying every combination I thought would help me break the
cycle. No matter what I have done, NOTHING HAS CHANGED! I’ve literally
tried everything, I reexamined the way I associate with women and
learned to read their signals of attraction, gotten advice from women
(big mistake) and men as to what I’m doing wrong, and the guys don’t
see what it is about me, and I know they’ve genuinely tried to help.
I’ve asked out women, I can’t even get a first date. I’ve never been
kissed or held a girls hand and I’m lucky if I can get a pity hug.
I’ve even stopped doing anything, in hopes that they would be
attracted to me by seeing my indifference, and I truly let myself not
bother with it at all, and that didn’t do anything either. Five years
of effort and nothing to show for it, so for those who say not to just
give up, why on earth should men in my position listen to you? It’s
only going to get harder as I get older and am around less women and
the stigma builds up even more. I don’t care what women say, most
don’t want 30 year old virgins, end of story. I want to teach so I’m
not going to be rich, so that option for attraction is out too. I also
refuse to pay for sex, too much money and hassle and I’d feel like a
complete loser if I did it (no offense to anyone here who pays for it,
that’s just my personal feeling). Plus, if all of a sudden women show
interest in me, years of failure have made me become love shy and I
wouldn’t even be able to advance the relationship, and any
relationship I were to have would suck and end quickly and I’d be
right back where I started.


Incel + love shy = hopeless

There seems to be this belief that you can quit at a certain point,
say at age 35 or whatever arbitrary point someone picks. Some may
believe you should never give up. Where are people coming up with
this? Why are they not examining the individual’s situation before
making statements like that? I must admit though, I am a natural
introvert who doesn’t want kids so I can actually be single and not
suffer, and I’ve been described as nice person by everyone who knows
me (major turnoff most of the time). Basically what I’m saying is that
if someone here is in my position or is likely going to be in my
position, just know that I understand where you’re coming from and
that you’re not alone. Accepting our fate is probably the best thing
for us. It is mathematically impossible for every consenting person on
earth to have sex. Some of us are just regular people who won’t
experience it and we should just deal with it, no matter what our age

You may ask then, why the hell am I even here? Well its been
comforting to know that I’m not the only one in this situation, and I
like the discussions (the board seems to have more high intelligent
people than most other boards, with some exceptions of course) and as
long as I’m welcome here I feel that I can contribute.”

the reply to that post came very surprising. It was made by a former incel, by the handle of NewHope who was successful in conquering his problem. He wrote:

“I think at this point you should seriously wonder if your looks might be a factor. I haven’t seen a picture of you, but by reading what you wrote, I’m assuming it is. This was my EXACT SAME STORY prior to looking back and realizing that I’ve done everything but fix my looks. Get a complete aesthetic overhaul, dude. Hit the gym hard, change your
diet and don’t stop until you have the body of a male model. Belive me, your luck WILL change!

Dating is almost ALL about looks, dude. When I was 22, I had never been kissed or held hands with a girl, either. I had ONE girlfriend when I was 25, and she wasn’t even that into me. She wouldn’t fuck me, but she sure was fucking guys better looking than I was…and then I found out about it and dumped her lol. After waking the fuck up and realizing that my problem was my looks, I lifted weights and dieted like my life depended on it, and it did, because I planned to kill myself if THIS didn’t work. Well, after a year of very hard work and very, very strict dedication, I went from being InCel and not attractive enough to even be worthy of being considered a human being by women, to fucking the hottest ones every
weekend. I only changed ONE god damn fucking thing, man. ONE THING made the difference between a total incel to being able to go out clubbing and fuck one new woman on Friday and another on Saturday, then booty calls during the week, no exaggeration (hell fucking yeah
I’m making up for what’s been denied to me for 30 goddamn years…call me a “man slut” if you want, but it’s a step up from before.) Women are NOT deep creatures AT ALL. Don’t believe the bullshit women tell you about why you’re not wanted…they just don’t want to admit they’re shallow as all fuck, not even to themselves.

In dating, the good looking guys get the girls and those that aren’t are left to suffer alone or spend their lives spitefully used by blood sucking, lying prostitutes-by-design who pretend to love you for your “inner beauty”. Love is an exclusive club for beautiful people only. No one else is worthy of it. An ugly couple is just mutual settling. Love is only for the beautiful in today’s shitty world.
Fortunately, beauty is made, not given. The male models you see in magazines are NOT born that way at all!! That’s the dirty little secret about that industry. Get in the gym and lift your way to a love life. Buff up and rip up (goal should be 190 lbs and 5 % bodyfat). Being a guy that women ACTUALLY WANT is neither about attitude or how much money you make, it’s how you look and nothing elses, no matter how much they swear up and down otherwise (it’s self-deluded
bullshit…women lie even to themseves).

Sorry to ramble on like this lol…I was in your exact same situation and the ONLY thing that helped was bodybuilding…not education, not therapy, not advice from friends, not getting a better social life (made friends with girls, but never girlfriends) or anything else I ever tried. Overhauling my looks was the ONLY thing in those 30 shitty
years that ever worked. the key to getting women is bodybuilding, plastic surgery and a good fashion sense.”

What he wrote struck a cord. It is the one thing that I am afraid of that is NOT the usual politically correct nonsense. The idea that maybe my involuntary celibacy has to do with my looks is way to inconvenient and even painful for me to accept. NewHope’s post might even come across as misogynist, but a lot of times, when the truth is spoken, personal feelings WILL get hurt.

Look at the photo of myself below

This is my graduation photo. I went to a 60% female college for 5 years, and left it a kissless virgin. I was never athletic, big apetite for greasy food and a sweet tooth left me very chubby with 32% body fat. I realized, looks are my problem.

The purpose of this blog, is that I will follow NewHope’s advice, on weight loss. I will update it monthly as I might will try the same, putting his theory to the test.

I am currently training in a MMA and Muay Thai gym that emphasize on intense cardio. I will work out 6 days a week and follow a strict diet of intermittent fasting. I will eat meals that involve fruits, veggies, nuts, beans, fish, and lean meats.

Because of my race as Asian in America, I might not break out of involuntary celibacy, but I will at least achieve weight loss

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