Critique of Asian culture, parenting, and upbringing, why our men are incel and our women sellout

20 10 2013

As some of you already know the central focus of this blog is mainly on the topics of race and sexuality. I can only speak from the Asian American perspective, adopt a self critical view on why we are the LEAST desired men on the planet, and why, even though here in America we are the model minority of highest education and lowest crime rate, we as a people absolutely get no respect.

Insecurity: Paranoid about how western people/Caucasians view us

Many of us from the East Asian upbringing would agree with this. We are raised with the idea that in order to gain acceptance into western society we must appease the Caucasian majority for them to like us, what ever we do or how we conduct ourselves we always have to factor in what THEY think of us. This also includes pimping their daughters out to foreign men to gain approval of western people. This type of insecurity and eagerness to please and appease will not gain us respect but view us with disdain. If every action we take, we are considering the approval of western people, it is very obvious why our women sell out. If they don’t view us as “sick men of asia”, they view us as the “yellow peril”. If they don’t like us, why are we so paranoid/insecure we have to appease them to make them like us?

Confucian upbringing: Respect for authority

It doesn’t particularly surprise me that asian kids are the most bullied in the american schools. The kids are often told that it is wrong to fight even to defend themselves, and have to rely on supervising adults for protection. Because of our confucian upbringing of obeying teachers and parents without question, this makes Asian kids the favorite target for bullies, as submissive victims that doesn’t fight back are obvious easy targets. Later the same kids will feel fearful in interaction with their peers without a supervising adult present, leading to insecurity in social situations. Who is more likely to get a date, the bully or his victim? You rely on teachers, parents, and supervising adults. Then you rely on the system for protection. but If you get bullied in school, obviously adults DON’T protect you. If you think of a man who protects his family and property, would you think of an Asian male?

Autistic drive for academic and financial success above all else

as it should be common knowledge, the typical asian guy in school is the math nerd with the violin, not the athletic jock with the 6-pack abs. Asian parents push their children to focus ONLY on academic success, allowing minimal time for them to spend time with friends. The children grow up knowing calculus and astrophysics, but lacking the basic social skill to communicate. They foolishly  believe academic success will gain them high paying corporate jobs, then they will attract women naturally. However; even with affirmative action working AGAINST us, Asians fill the ranks of Ivy League schools. However, even as Asians succeed academically,  many of them DO NOT go far in the corporate world or even get into managerial position. As for the dating scene, as discussed before today in the age of radical feminism, where women no longer depend on men to provide, it is a time of arm candy and trophy boyfriends, having money is over rated, while having looks is under rated. As studies have shown before, better looking people are more likely to succeed in the corporate world!

Consequently, Asian and East Indian men are the favorite target the PUA frauds to peddle their products to. Asian Americans take up about 7% of US population, but 30% of PUAs have Asian/Indian ethnic background. They know that Asian men struggle the most on the dating scene. The answer lies within ourselves as a community, NOT with PUA!


Resolving two conflicting philosophies

8 09 2013

Those of you who read this blog will probably notice there are two individuals I would often listen to: NewHope and Franklin. Both of them agree on some, such as the destructive nature of modern culture and feminism, but they disagree more.

According to Franklin, both personality AND looks matter. However; in modern dating, he leans more towards personality. He believes that women by nature are attracted to badboy personalities, so her son would also be badboys and spread her genes more. He said that modern dating often find psychotic behavior desirable, and those who possess it are successful on the sexual market. However; the more intelligent of the bad boys uses contraceptives, where as the stupid ones don’t. Thus, many of the future generation are offsprings of “stupid bad-boys” , since they have the highest chances of reproduction.

NewHope, on the other hand, claimed,”oh man oh man I have never believed the saying assholes get the girl. Nice guys don’t finish last, most nice guys have aesthetics issues that CAUSES them to finish last. Handsome nice guy beats the ugly bad boy nine times out of ten any given day of the week, hand down.” He also claims,”when good looking men have options like women do, they start to act like women, but get to be called ‘asshole’ for it”. I.e.  the reason why women don’t like the nice guys, because they are just ugly and try to over compensate their lack of looks by being overly accommodating. Bad boy behavior is simply a result of being attractive physically. Hence the saying, “nice guys are ugly, hot guys are jerks, hot nice guys are gay”

oh my readers from PUAHate, which philosophy do you agree with more? why? comments?

end of summer update… news and more rants

3 09 2013

end of summer 2013

Much has happened over the course of the summer, living now in a new place. Just less than a year ago I struggled to run just 1 mile, now I ran 3 5ks and a half marathon over last few months. When I eased into the cardio I felt like I can run forever, leaving behind the troubles of the world and life. I had to put a new hole in my belt as my waist size went down. Similarly, my luck has changed slightly in the realm of online dating, as I am getting replies now from girls, and scored a few dates which almost never happened before. Improvement in my chances with women has a direct relationship with my change in looks, anyone that says anything else is in denial.

Recently I came back in contact with an old acquaintance from college, who is an ethnic(Bengali). Needless to say, he struggles in the realm of dating himself. His problem, however, lies with his shyness. As he says to me,”I have had one night stands before, but its always the women who approached me,  not when I am being forward.” Little does he know that in the realm of modern dating, it is always the women that chooses, not men. The very fact he obtain one night stands, I realized that his problem is far easier to solve than my own, as I can’t get one night stands.

Multiple times we had our conversation drift to the pick up artist culture, and he tried to convince me in joining local PUA groups. I don’t believe in PUA for most PUAs will deny the obvious truth: looks matter. However; after some careful thinking I had to admit that PUA might actually work for him, since he can pass the look test due to his one night stands, where I can’t. He simply needs to overcome his shyness, a step I already done.

My friend here reminded me of myself few years ago as I actually looked into PUA for guidance, but I saw the flaw in it right away. As stated before, PUAs perpetuates that common knowledge tells us that MEN are the shallower of the sexes, women are not as visual. However; common knowledge is almost always 180 degrees out of phase with reality. We receive 90% of all our information through our eyes, thus we, as a species, are EVOLVED to be visual. Though women SAY physically attractiveness matter less to them, their ACTIONS are no more different than that of men. In fact, women are far more intuitive and have social smarts. THEY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO, YOU DUMB ASS! Its either she feels that way about you or she doesn’t. PUAs tries to break this interaction into an objective formula, telling you that you just need to say this, then say that, and TRICK the girl into liking you/going to bed with you by some magic words, is complete ludicrous

may update, more rants, random thoughts

30 05 2013
may 29 2013

may 29 2013


It has been a while since my last update, this semester of school has recently ended and I can now have more time to write. I have not weighed myself yet but I have been running a lot. A year ago I struggled with just 1 mile, but I recently completed a 5k and a half marathon. I will continue to train more during the summer, longer distance running and try to do more boxing/muay thai pad work. The other day I pushed my body to the limits by running 13 miles nonstop on a state park trail, the most I ever ran in my life.

On another note, a commenter in my previous post by the handle of “abe” left a very interesting reply , where he made an interesting point in conservative traditional societies in the past there was a form of “socialism” on the sexual market, people paired off more evenly and divorce was rare. But due to the 60s feminism and the sexual revolution, the sexual market became “capitalist”, along with hypergamous nature of women and polygamous nature of men, our culture has created a scene where only a few men gets all the women, and the rest of the men get none, until the woman realize she’s too old to get a “Brad Pitt” in her life and tries to trap an engineering nerd in a sexless marriage. Throughout our lives, most women would have too many partners, and men have too few. Teen pregnancy is very common now and a typical high school girl has TWICE as much sexual experience as her male peer, the girls who got pregnant in school often are all knocked up by the same guy. capitalism in the sexual market gives rise to the superficial bitch-and-cad culture.

One individual comes to mind who’s been a product of this culture (and one of my inspirations), has to be Aziz Shavershian . He was the typical skinny nerd and a video game addict who had no one in his life. But he did not wallow in self pity, instead he sold his World of Warcraft account for a gym membership. He kept lifting and lifting. His youtube channel tracked his progress, and haters mocked him calling him a “skinny faggot”, but he kept going. After he got into shape and gained muscle, he transformed from geek to player.

It wasn’t his looks that made him famous, it was his philosophy. He said, ”

At the end of the day, I have respect for anyone who wants to make a change for themselves and start training and improving their body and health. In my opinion, the gym/training/dieting lifestyle is by far the most fun and rewarding way to live your life.

The people that laugh at the overweight/obese people in the gym are a disgrace. I applaud them for having the courage and determination to train and wan to make a change for themselves despite the obvious hardships they would face. At the end of the day, it’s all up to how much you want it yourself. Some people don’t care that much and are happy with their bodies and its not a big issue for them. Good for them. But anyone who takes the piss out of and ridicules anyone trying their best to lose weight/gain muscle and make a change for themselves—especially if they are finding it hard due to their genetics—makes me sick.

If you want it, you will get it, and you will eventually prove the haters wrong. And that is one of the best feelings a human being can experience.

Haters do what haters do: they hate. As this blog has been criticized/trolled by BOTH PuaHate forum AND Manboobz(a feminist blog site), it can only mean one thing: I must be doing something right.

a disturbing question: does personality actually matter?

22 02 2013

I just have to ask this disturbing question here. Often times in the media and common knowledge we often discuss “do looks matter”, knowing full well is does. Why, then, not many people ask the opposite question, “Does personality actually matter”? According to a frequent commenter on this blog, Franklin, stated that BOTH looks and personality matters in the realm of modern dating. However, the successful men in the dating game are the narcissistic, Machiavellian, and aggressive bad boys.

However, on the love-shy forums, NewHope stated that he personally  know upstanding respectable guys who does very well with women, because they are good looking as well.

In my previous post, NewHope stated that people who scores high on physical attractiveness has great power, and power corrupts. Which is why attractive people tend to be “jerks”. As many women complain,”nice guys are ugly, hot guys are jerks, hot nice guys are gay” is very true indeed.

So what exactly is the cause and effect here? Is being an asshole make you attractive to women OR hot guys can AFFORD to be asshole because they are good looking (bad boy behavior is the result of being physically attractive)

That bring me to the disturbing question on the blog:”does your personality matter in the end?”

January update, changes, and more

30 01 2013

IMG_0204 - Version 2

Weight: 192 lb

My workout routine has changed and set back due to me moving back to my old home state and getting ready to start school again. In late December and much of early January I was suffering from an injured tendon on my left foot, thus I did not make as much progress as I would like.

I remembered the exercise routine from the gym, keep doing them even after returning to school. I am also running now, which I haven’t done outside of the gym times. There is a house I will be moving to off campus, and my roommates are undergrads. They are very much interested being kickboxing/muay thai training partners.

Living an athletic life style can help my academic performance no doubt. I left graduate school the first time partially due to depression and falling into limerence. This new lifestyle hopefully can make this time different.  I am very grateful to my father and my professors for giving me another chance.

love-shy vs. pure incel, the effects of feminism on both groups, message to my fellow Asians and Asian Americans

29 12 2012

Love-shyness, is a term coined by psychologist Dr. Brian G Gilmartin as a type of severe, chronic shyness affecting mostly heterosexual men where they cannot initiate or move forward when it comes to obtaining romantic relationship with the opposite sex. This is also called the male lesbian syndrome, or being the passive male, where the man simply desires to take the woman’s/passive role in a relationship. Such example of a love shyness is the school boy who doesn’t have the courage to ask the girl to the school dance, or even say hi to the girl he really likes.

Dr. Gilmartin’s works are one of the first and source I stumbled upon when I realized after leaving college that I am an incel and researched this condition.

Indeed, love-shyness can cause involuntary celibacy, but not all incels are love shy. Some incels can be quite bold and hit on every attractive girl he sees, but due to his lack of physical attractiveness he will always be rejected. The Loveshy Forum is a gathering place for many love-shy and incels alike. Once a homosexual forum member once wrote, “I see a lot of anti feminist attitude here on this forum, feminism encourages women to take the aggressive role in relationships and in life. Shouldn’t feminism have POSITIVE effects for love-shy men finding a romantic partner?

What he said is absolutely right, if and only if the man is GOOD LOOKING enough for women to aggressively pursue him. If you are a short, chubby, Asian love shy like myself, that would NOT work, and as I stated on my first post, shyness is NOT my problem. Indeed, those on the forum who found success, are good looking loveshys, not pure incels.

According to my traditional Asian upbringing, I was often told that when I obtain a higher degree in education and make a lot of money in a high paying stable job I would naturally attract women (those who are tired of banging hot bad boys and ready to settle with a provider to care for her bad boy spawns from different fathers). Indeed, due to radical feminism and sex revolution, where women are no longer economically rely on men, the tables are turned differently. I refuse to throw the hotdog down the Grand Canyon. Little do my parents know in today’s game-and-hook-up culture, to be successful with women is neither about attitude or how much money you make, its about how you look and nothing else. Physical attractiveness in males of the species is essential to survival, shown in nature as roosters with his comb and wattles, peacock and his colorful tail, lion and his mane. Yet we turn around to say looks don’t matter as women are not as visual, who are you trying to cheat and lie to?

It pains me very much that I see so many Asian kids in school buys into the BS the media and their parents tells them. They actually believe that just because you study like machines and get some As, you will have a good job and find a good wife, which is completely false. Diaboli once said, “It’s amazing to me that Asians’ autistic drive for educational degrees and money surpasses their most inherent desires”. I blame it completely on their upbringing.

According to Dr. Brian G Gilmartin, kids who has successful relationships have better emotional state, less stress, and improved performance in both academically and professionally. Most Asian parents would fight this to the death, but the truth is the truth no matter what your feelings are. My message to my fellow Asians and Asian Americans: If there is one thing I fully regret to this day, is that I took what my step mother told me to do very seriously, where I ignored girls and avoided relationships and studied in hard in school then got bad grades. If you are young enough to be in school, start dieting NOW, get into sports NOW, get into shape NOW, get a better sense of fashion via new clothes to fit your body after you get into shape. Don’t be shy, TALK to girls in your school, observe how they act. DON’T put them on the pedestal. As a girl you like out for tea or coffee and don’t be afraid to be rejected. Talking to girls,  getting and keeping relationships, and social skills takes a LIFETIME of training and experience. GET THEM NOW before you are my age. 

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