The focus points of this blog are that of the culture, sex, and racial identity from my perspective as an Asian American incel.

  • what society tells you and reality are often 180 degrees out of phase. Society says women are less visual and men are shallow. Reality is of the exact opposite. Looks, fitness, height, and fashion are absolutely vital to sexual success. Looks is the most underrated factor to sexual success the same way money is overrated.  Originally this blog was meant to document my weight loss progress, but its has evolved to something far more complex.
  • This blog also focus on that of Asian cultures and eastern values that was brought over by the early generation immigrants. In a society where men are no longer evaluated by their ability to provide, Eastern values obviously does not work in the west. Are the eastern values wrong, or is western society at fault? Asian/Indians have the highest education and lowest crime rate, where in higher education even with affirmative action working AGAINST them, they saturate the fields of math, science and engineering. yet men from those communities have the lowest sexual success. Coincidence?
  • Last focus of this blog is to encourage expatriation of decent men who are incel to non-feminist countries to find sexual success. In a society where productive members of society are not valued, you should not hesitate to leave and find a place where you are valued.

13 responses

10 12 2012

Do you have pictures?

10 12 2012

they are in the blog

11 12 2012

Oh, great! Keep up your hard work!

11 12 2012

thank you

21 12 2012

hey master do you know PUAHATE forum?

26 12 2012

yes, I lurk there sometimes

6 12 2013

Dude you need help. Your weight loss is NOT I repeat, NOT essential. It’s all about how much effort you put into approaching. Seriously. Yes if you look better you will have a higher conversion rate, but over time you CAN develop pickup skills and learn to Attract and then Seduce them. If I sound like an infomercial – lol – it’s because I know it works.

Once you have an abundance of women you by default give off non needy vibes, and also have a different worldview perspective. And that is attractive to women and people in general.

Approach a woman and eventually you will start getting numbers. And dates. And eventually start seeing doors for quick lays, etc.

But you gotta start at step 1, approaching, and analyze what works and what doesn’t.

Feel me?

6 12 2013

“behind every cynic, is a disappointed idealist” — George Carlin

31 01 2014

Uh no… No one wants to make out with a fat slob.

9 02 2017

Soo… how do you define “non-feminist countries”?
What are they?

14 02 2017

in countries where the women are less likely to do the “Women’s March” with “pussy hats” would be very good start.

14 09 2017

Hey bro we appear to be into investigating a lot of the same shit, I’m into studying incel, gender-dynamics, eugenics, globalist agenda, etc etc. I’ve got a shit ton of info I’d like to share with you, but it’s too much to dive into here. Do you have somewhere else I can write to you at?

3 10 2017

you got your own blog? we can correspond that way

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