Some thoughts on the Cinderella Effect

7 03 2019

I recently watched an interesting video:

which brought back the bad memories of the politics played in fragmented families which I grew up in. In the fairy tales we often read about wicked stepmothers due to historical circumstances where high mortality rate of women giving child births where the men often remarries which create stepmothers.

In the modern era, due to the rampant promiscuity and gynocentric laws where women often initiate divorce and get custody of children then move on to exciting badboys we often see its the stepfathers now that are committing infanticide.

Just something worth thinking about…




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19 04 2019
P Ray

If a woman loves an exciting bad boy that will kill their kids …
that tells you that “women are NOT the nurturing gender” …
how many other foundation myths are out there …
Which get regular/ugly men to commit to worn-out sluts?

23 05 2019
P Ray

Good observation from this guy, always watch what women DO, don’t trust what they SAY:
At 5’4″ I know that no matter how fit, intelligent, confident, funny, and romantic I am … I will never end up with a girl that I am attracted to because I am essentially a 1/10 in a woman’s eyes.
I met one girl in my life that I was attracted to despite the fact that my friends and family said she was ugly, flat chested, and trailer trash.
I tried my hardest and did everything I thought I could to make her happy but after only 2 months she said she wasn’t happy with my height and a few weeks later was with a loser who was nothing like what she said she wanted in a man, however, being over 6 feet tall seemed to make him suitable to bring her happiness.
They were together 4 times longer than we were, and when he dumped her she was distraught for 6 damn months.
The only thing to get her over her sadness was a guy who was basically his clone, including the trucker cap and the trailer trash personality.
But since he was over 6 feet tall too, she recovered her happiness.
I guess all it takes is height and girls will just fill in the rest with their hormones-induced imagination.
Can’t read? If you’re six feet tall she will say you are smart.
Fat? If you’re tall she will call you snuggly.
Unemployed? If you’re tall she will say you are in between jobs.
Drug addicted alcoholic? She will say you are just so sensitive to all the pain in the world, but she will be there to guide you through those dark times into her loving arms.
God loves tall men, which is why they are the only ones who get to pass on their DNA.

26 05 2019
P Ray

And the corroboration of this observation – i.e. refutation of the idea “women don’t approach men”:
“Some men, especially those who remain single into their late twenties and beyond, recognize the favorable market conditions and turn them to their advantage.
“The goal for guys is to get as much ass as possible and then boast about it,” says Jim Leveque,* a 31-year-old former college and minor league baseball player who now runs a personal training business in New York City.
A good-looking guy with an engaging personality, Leveque’s bar-crawling days are behind him: He is now happily married.
But back in his single days, the women Leveque met at bars in Chelsea or the Meatpacking District would routinely text him nude or partially nude selfies -completely unsolicited- within hours of their encounters.
“My friends and I would compare photos,” he admitted somewhat sheepishly.
Whenever Leveque wanted to get together with a girl, he’d scroll through his photo library and decide which one to call.
Given what was already on his iPhone, Leveque wasn’t terribly worried about a girl saying no.
And replenishing his call list was easy.
If Leveque walked into a bar with a couple of buddies -and his friends are not ex-jocks, for whatever it’s worth- it would not be long before five or six women descended on their table.”
– Jon Birger “Date Onomics – How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game” page 11/146
BONUS: The nuclear blackpill:

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