The inevitable post: Alek Minassian #notallincels

27 04 2018

This inevitable post is to address the recent Toronto van attack by Alek Minassian. I must say incels clearly do not have liberals up in arms in defending them unlike when Islamic extremists attack with the #notallmuslims. MGTOW and men’s rights groups are extremely quick to disassociate from incels/TFL. But to quote Sadiq Khan, “terrorism is just parts and parcels of living in a big city. “, I must also say in the wake of many other who came before Minassian, such as Cho Seung Hui, George Sodini, Elliot Roger, etc. violent attacks by incels will be inevitable in the increasingly liberal and promiscuous western society that selects the 80/20 rule

I predict in the future there will be more severe persecution on men of East Asian and Indian descent as people will make the connection of:

  1. violent attackers/mass shooters are incels
  2. incels are primarily East Asian and Indian men
  3. East Asian and Indian men will be violent mass shooters / attacker

But such label might give East Asian and Indian men the bad boy label will attract modern women to them.

Final thought: The religion of Islam might be a viable option to many incels, East Asian, and Indian men in the west because Incels and Muslims will soon suffer the same terrorist label. Incels can take shelter in a larger religious community.





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17 05 2018
P Ray

Ever notice the good-looking guy “threatening” to go psycho is seen as someone to be “understood” (read: given a good fucking), whereas the ugly guy “threatening” to go psycho is someone that needs to be punished by the police?

22 06 2018

I don’t think this guy is hideous though

1 06 2018
P Ray

Another example of “Asian woman goes vindictive against Asian guy to please her White master”
related article:
California Flight School Staffers Deny Kidnapping a Foreign Student
(REDDING, Calif.) — Lawyers for two Northern California flight school employees deny accusations that their clients kidnapped a Tianshu Shi, a student pilot and tried to send him back to his native China.

Police in Redding arrested (Causasian) flight instructor Jonathan McConkey and his (Asian) assistant, Kelsi Hoser, on suspicion of kidnapping and conspiracy.

1 06 2018
P Ray

Another longer article here:
Additionally, Shi, who goes by Chris, produced an audio recording Saturday of his Friday morning encounter with McConkey and Hoser when they showed up at his home on Trudie Trail in Redding.

Redding police Sgt. Todd Cogle confirmed Wednesday that investigators have the same audio recording.

In the profanity-laced tirade, the male voice in the recording claims to have taken Shi’s passport, demands he come with him immediately and threatens both physical violence and police backup if the student does not comply. A female voice is heard as well, reinforcing the demands and excoriating Shi for not speaking English.

I wonder how well that “noodle whore”(as braincels term her) speaks English, I hold a qualification from a UK university for that …
and of course, many White people have expressed disbelief. Guess coming 2nd is a tough thing for them to believe.

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