Stephen Paddock was a serial Asian woman dater

5 10 2017

This is a time bomb waiting to happen… as the next generation of half asians will be raised by either Jewish fathers or white supremacist fathers that go on mass shooting sprees. Interesting to note Dylan Roof and the Montreal Mosque shooter both have admiration for Asian culture, particularly Asian women.  Many white supremacists see Asians as potential allies in racial conflict.




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8 10 2017

He had an Asian girlfriend they never said he always dated Asian woman I’m married to an Asian woman and have been for 45 years does that mean I have some kind of fetish for Asian women you need some mental health care please see a doctor

10 10 2017

I am repeating what the guy posted and no I am not saying white men has asian fetish I am saying asian women has white man fetish

20 10 2017

Hi caving an ex wife that is Asian and a girl friend that is Asian make him a serial Asian dater?What would he be if he dated 2 or 3 white women.I think you are just jealous of white with an asianwoman.I have been married to an Asian woman 45 years and we have many friends that have been married many none of us have ever killed anyone

29 10 2017

I am saying your asian wife will not fuck with your ass if you were black or latino

29 10 2017

I think the jealousy is the other way around, my man. I have know Asian guys dating white girls. You know from what demographic they receive the most racist hostility from? White guys with asian girlfriends and Asian girls with white boyfriends.

29 10 2017

23 10 2017

Dating 2 Asian women don’t make you a serial Asian woman dater.Did he date them because they were Asian or did he date them because he liked them as who they were or what they we’re? You assume a lot without knowing the whole story

29 10 2017

most of the Asian women white supremecists date are often resentful of their partner. They can’t get laid and they can only go for Asian women because those Asian women have no standard and will fuck anyone white. You have no idea how many stories I hear of Asian dudes dating half Asian girls that receive extreme racist hostility from the girl’s white father

29 10 2017

I know how you mofoz love your China Dolls, lol

29 10 2017

Again you failed to comprehend what I am saying here. I am NOT saying he chose them because they are Asian. I AM saying they chose him cuz he’s white. Very different context here.

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