Future Dichotomy and conflict between full bloods and half bloods in the Asian community

4 06 2017

After studying Native American history an interesting event instance that stood out, is the conflict between the full bloods and half bloods of the Souix Indian community which eventually lead to the Siege of Wonded Knee in the 1970s. A similar dichotomy can now be seen in the Asian community due to extremely high out marriage rate of Asian women, giving birth to sons ashamed of their Asian heritage, which leads to incidents like that of Elliot Roger.

What is also interesting in this half blood dichotomy of Asian community, is that the clear distinction between the half blood of White Father vs. half bloods with Asian Father, in few interesting videos by Eurasian Tiger on youtube states that those children with Asian fathers, despite exponentially fewer in number, tend to be better adjusted and successful as most Asian Woman White Man pairing comes from fetishization thus relationship is not sincere.


In the Asian Woman White Man pairing, I also foresee future conflict between the half bloods with of dads of Jewish descent (many of whom controls Hollywood media which might caused the fetishization of Asian women) and the children of dads of Nazi/White Supremacist backgrounds(surprisingly high number of them are married to Asian Women, most of whom are just as racist if not more racist than they are). Now that is one ticking time bomb waiting to happen.




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7 06 2017
P Ray

Just wanted to drop this here:
Evolutionary Psychological Science
pp 1–10
The Importance of Physical Attractiveness to the Mate Choices of Women and Their Mothers
Authors and affiliations
Madeleine A. FugèreEmail authorCaitlynn ChabotKaitlyn DoucetteAlita J. Cousins
Research Article
First Online: 10 March 2017
DOI: 10.1007/s40806-017-0092-x
Cite this article as:
Fugère, M.A., Chabot, C., Doucette, K. et al. Evolutionary Psychological Science (2017). doi:10.1007/s40806-017-0092-x
Prior research investigating the mate preferences of women and their parents reveals two important findings with regard to physical attractiveness. First, daughters more strongly value mate characteristics connoting genetic quality (such as physical attractiveness) than their parents. Second, both daughters and their parents report valuing characteristics other than physical attractiveness most strongly (e.g., ambition/industriousness, friendliness/kindness). However, the prior research relies solely on self-report to assess daughters’ and parents’ preferences. We assessed mate preferences among 61 daughter-mother pairs using an experimental design varying target men’s physical attractiveness and trait profiles. We tested four hypotheses investigating whether a minimum level of physical attractiveness was a necessity to both women and their mothers and whether physical attractiveness was a more important determinant of dating desirability than trait profiles. These hypotheses were supported. Women and their mothers were strongly influenced by the physical attractiveness of the target men and preferred the attractive and moderately attractive targets.
Men with the most desirable personality profiles were rated more favorably than their counterparts only when they were at least moderately attractive.
Unattractive men were never rated as more desirable partners for daughters, even when they possessed the most desirable trait profiles.
We conclude that a minimum level of physical attractiveness is a necessity for both women and their mothers and that when women and their parents state that other traits are more important than physical attractiveness, they assume potential mates meet a minimally acceptable standard of physical attractiveness.


Parent-offspring conflict Physical attractiveness Necessities versus luxuries Mate choice Traits

Cliff’s Notes:
Your personality only counts AFTER you meet her looks threshold.
If you are under that, you could be Lei Feng but you still won’t get any play.

Of course, it is wise to remember that society asks average/incel guys to sacrifice … but how dare they expect any reciprocation.

8 06 2017
P Ray

Further elaboration on that study:
09th Apr 2017
Women Are Totally Lying When We Say Looks Don’t Matter, Says New Study
Nadia Bokody

dating, women, men, personality, research, study, mothers, attractiveness, desirable, boyfriend material

He might be dumb as a post, but hot damn, he’s pretty…

A new study published in the journal, Evolutionary Psychological Science, suggests guys with killer personalities don’t always get ahead in the dating world.

When researchers asked women between the ages of 15 and 29 to select potential dates from a series of photographs attached to personality profiles, then told their mothers to select a suitable partner on their behalf from the same group, both the women and their mothers opted for the most physically attractive male candidates.

In fact, even men whose dating profiles demonstrated highly attractive personal qualities like being respectful, honest and trustworthy, were rated as less desirable than their peers with less impressive personalities who were more conventionally physically appealing.

During the study, each woman was shown photographs of three men; one of whom was considered “attractive”, one “moderately attractive”, and one “unattractive”, based on data from previous research. Each photo came with one of three ‘trait’ profiles which included personality characteristics determined to be either “highly desirable,” “desirable” or only “moderately desirable” by women looking for potential romantic partners.

As long as a man was considered physically attractive, women took his personality traits into consideration. However, when a man was considered unattractive, his personality traits were generally disregarded, even if they fell into the most desirable profile category.

While women have long argued that a man’s personality is more important than his looks when it comes to being boyfriend material, the new research would seem to suggest we dramatically underestimate the power a Channing Tatum-type can have over our ovaries.

A person’s physical attractiveness, or more accurately – physical symmetry, has long been associated with general biological health and fertility, which may give an indication as to why it’s so important to us when looking for a long-term partner, even if we’re not willing to admit it.

Even so, there’s still hope for the less traditionally attractive of us out there, as the old adage that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ may still hold some weight, according to one of the study’s lead researchers, professor of social psychology at Eastern Connecticut State University, Madeleine Fugere.

“Different people have different perceptions of what they consider to be moderately attractive.”.

Still, it’s probably safe to say these shirtless men holding cute animals are beautiful by anyone’s standard.

Images via giphy.com and youtube.com.

Comment: Do you agree women care more about men’s looks than we let on?

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