My view on abortion, why it is necessary for humanity’s survival

31 05 2017

In today’s sexually promiscuous culture that focus far more on hooking up, casual sex, players and pick up artists in a welfare state, it is normal now for children to be born out of wedlock. smart players use contraceptives, the stupid ones don’t. So, for a man to have successful reproduction he must be a stupid player. As statistics now show that stupid people have more children than smart ones. Smart people, especially the secular ones in Europe, are now viewing having children  as financial burden that to the next generation. Bottomline, genetics of smarter people are dying out.

As human society gets dummer, we must have to accept the realities on what kind of genetic stock the majority of the future children comes from: stupid, immoral people. Availability of abortion is the only way to keep the genetics of those people in check.




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1 06 2017

There are a couple of problems with that reasoning…

1). You aren’t going to force “smart” people to start reproducing – they are going to continue not having children.
2). You aren’t going to force “stupid” people to abort – the ones that are inclined to carry to term will continue to do so.
3). If any government had the power to implement coerced child birth or abortion, they are going to force the smart people to abort and the stupid/muscular people to reproduce, in order to maintain their elitist power structure, just like they always have throughout history.
4). Being secular and European has nothing to do with being smart; it has everything to do with telling yourself and your peers that you are smart, but not actually being smart. If it did, they would realize that Islam is waging a demographic war on them, but they clearly don’t realize it – particularly the feminists.

Bottom line: the future of mankind is bleak, and sadly, there is no going back.

1 06 2017

stupid people get more inconvenient pregnancies. inconvenient pregnancies leads to abortions. not allowing abortions brings more stupid people to the world.

lastly, secular europeans absolutely realize the demographic war. they just believe in white guilt that whites should die out.

7 06 2017
P Ray

Not just that, the “stupid people” who reproduce, may discover their kids cannot get jobs later in life.
Those kids will then turn to crime.
Who wants to bet the “smart people without kids” who by now are as old as the “stupid parents who reproduced”, are seen as easy pickings by the stupid people who need to live?

1 09 2017

the problem is the power structure, technologies are being developed and weaponized against the people, into hard kill and soft kill weaponry. It’s developed on a collective, socialist foundation to “advancement.” Which leaves us depending on the morality of a corrupt, immoral structure, to use their power for good which we know they will never do. This is WHY I am skeptical of the sexbot industry. It’s another avenue for the government to collect information and spy on people, particularly incels.

This is just fantasy… But **If** we could build a space ship, that the government has no idea even exists, and cannot pick up on their radar, and this ship carried with it enough resources for support a population of lets say, 500 men, with the means to become self sufficient, and this ship also carried Ai sexbots, with artificial womb technology callibrated to only reproduce male babies, and this ship could travel anywhere in space and time, you know what I would do?? I would gather 500 carefully selected MGTOWs and incels, no natural women at all, every guy would be issued a sexbot customized for his preferences, life extension tech too (never ending youth), men would not be raised on a world where they are programmed from cradle to grave to hate other men or compete against other men, or to feel this artificial scarcity around women and all the “survival of the fittest” bullshit prompting them to betray their own gender.

Theoretically, we’d have a world without wars, without gratuitous coercion, exploitation, and manipulation. Sure some guys might try that but, with females removed from the picture, there is no conformity bait for men, they will grow up far more critical and systems like we have now wouldn’t be possible. Or at the very least would be much much more difficult to keep going. Men would ask too many questions for such corruption to continue. And we could build technologies to free mankind, rather than to enslave it. Again this is all just fantasy.

3 10 2017

keep your hilarious delusions to yourself

3 06 2017

Abortion isn’t enough, but it helps.

12 07 2017

We must allow Jews running planned parenthood to buy Lamborghinis

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