scenario: conquest of the far east in the future by white man’s Islam

14 05 2017

I recently have been thinking about the formula of Islamic conquests by take the women of non-Islamic nations:

  1. Conquest by mass immigration or military invasion
  2. take sex slaves or 4 wives of the conquered people, leaving the conquered men bitter
  3. convince the men of the conquered people to join Islam, joining the military ranks to conquer and take the women of non-Islamic neighbor
  4. rinse and repeat

Then I started to think of the parallel dating dynamics of Asian Female White Male vs. European Female Arab Male, as the average Caucasian European woman prefers Arab men the same way Asian woman prefers white men over men of their own race.

The typical race of the average Muslim today is either South East Asian(Malaysia, Indonesia), South Asian(Bengali, Pakistani), Central Asian, African or Middle Eastern. Muslim men cannot conquer the far east today by going after the women like they do in Europe because most Asian women are openly racist. They like white men, not dark skinned men. However, with the conquest of Europe today by the mass immigration from Africa and Middle East, eventually Europe and perhaps America/Canada will be Muslim in 50-60 years.

In that time, the typical white man will be Muslim. When that time comes, the conquest of the far east can begin, as Asian women display the behavior of conquered women. The typical Asian woman would be gladly be 1 of the white man’s 4 wives. The typical pairing today of the WMAF, one would see 1 White man and his 4 Asian wives.

Readers, do you think such scenario believable?




7 responses

14 10 2017

Absolutely genius method of conquest when you think about it. I am a european, christian man, and Islam is quickly becoming the biggest religion on this continent (I do not agree with Islam or its views on god, but being a fellow beliver in an abrahamic religion, I respect it, and dont hate it either). Last time i visited a church, it was nearly empty. A few weeks later, I took a shortcut past the local mosque after the friday prayer and the place was literarly packed with thousands of muslims with most of the men sporting long beards and the women fully veiled. It made me think about how the future looks for us. Will they accept to live in a secular society even when they become a majority (and trust me, I dont expect it to take even 20 years for that to happen)?

The view towards polygamy is also quickly becoming more and more accepted (what a coincidence). Especially among white women for some reason. We got a party in my country (I dont want to say what it is) who have started to try and promote it with ridiculous arguments such as “if a woman want several husbands, she should be allowed to it”. This party is particulary popular among women, and it has been steadily gaining in the recent polls, so I expect it to gain a lot of influence in the next election.

Its a bit strange to me that a woman would just want to be one wife among several, but maybe it is just me … Im still quite young, so I guess I will live to see a muslim majority europe and all that it may bring. I can only wonder what awaits us in the future …

20 10 2017

I have visited Mosques here in America. To be honest after listening to the Imam’s Khattuba(Sermon) compared to sermons of Christian churches, I can tell why Muslims are winning.

27 11 2017

This scenario is infeasible.

Northeast Asia is impossible to either militarily conquer or exterminate without a global apocalypse due to nukes.

Sexual invasion will also be infeasible regardless of whether NE Asia surrenders to the Savanna.

According to contemporary NE Asian standards women pursue nothing but rich men who don’t happen to be very unattractive. Hence the richer NE Asia is the harder it is to take a NE Asian woman.

On the other hand the racism you are talking about is about perceived economic power, not actually race itself. In a global Savanna white men are probably only a bit more competitive than Austronesian men (why do Australian women go to Indonesia for sexual tourism?) and certainly lose to South Asians, Arabs, mestizos and blacks. A pure global Savanna will lead to Jim Crow 2.0 among not just whites but also at least Koreans and Japanese if not the Chinese because China (just like Russia and Spain) was historically fairly tolerant of intermarriage.

27 11 2017

I disagree. have you heard about the daughter of the chinese millionaire killed by her white waiter boyfriend? its not economic power NE Asian women are after, its the race

30 11 2017

I disagree. Instead I think they are after status. Currently whites are indeed stronger than us on average. In the future we will be equal to them. If they mess up we will be stronger than them.

30 11 2017

If you think it is after race/libido why don’t most NE Asian women marry black guys?

3 12 2017

because they are openly racist. they hate men of every single race color and creed except for the white man

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