Should Asian business owners in the ghetto enlist aid of armed white supremacists for protection?

12 04 2017

The racial tension between the “darker” minorities in America and East Asian immigrants had been apparent for a while now. From the Rodney King riots, to incidents of Peter Liang, to the instances of brutal bullying of Asian students in South Philly High schools, Asian Americans are prefered victims of black and Hispanic criminals. According to the writings of Dylan Roof, he mentioned that Asians are preferred allies of white supremacists as they are productive minorities in western society as opposed to Blacks and Browns who would live off of the state as dead weight. On other online forums many white supremacists feel that Asians and whites should be allied in the upcoming racial conflict. Similarly in Latin American countries the Chinese immigrants are often the first targets of persecution during revolutions due to their economic accomplishments. Knowing the realities of the racial tensions in this country, is it more of a realistic option for Asian business owners who are usually not armed, to enlist armed protection from white supremacists?




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30 04 2017

First of all, I doubt that actual *white supremacists* are applying for the job of protecting anyone but themselves, which is probably a big enough job these days, or other whites. The course of action for Asian minorities, or African minorities, or anyone else, minority or otherwise, should be to arm and protect themselves. Relying on other people to protect you always is just not practical, even if it is the preference of zeroes who think that government is the answer for everything.

Secondly, and most importantly…

“According to the writings of Dylan Roof, he mentioned that Asians are preferred allies of white supremacists”

Please don’t let a psychotic loser like that have a seat at the table of the race discussion in this country. According to the *behavior* of Dylan Roof, no one should judge anyone or anything – and probably not even Roof himself – according to any of his demented writings. It’s like Charles Manson’s unhinged philosophical word salad about whatever – should we ponder it, and try to decipher its deep reflections on the world and society, or should we stuff it in the trash bin where it belongs and deny that lunatic attention whore our time? Answer: we should do the latter.

By the way… I’m not a fan of the Confederate flag, or Northern Virginia battle flag, or whatever the hell it really is, nor have I ever flown it – same goes for the flag of Rhodesia, for that matter. That said, I really have to laugh in disgust at people’s immediate reaction to it’s existence, after Dylan Roof’s shooting. As soon as the shooting happens, suddenly everyone jumps on the bandwagon and directs their trendy, superficial indignation more at the flag itself than at Roof or the atrocity he committed, as if that flag is the culprit puppet master that made him do it, and expunging it from retail and the public square now is going to put a stop to such things. Anyone who menstruates about the Confederate flag after that shooting doesn’t really care, unless they were having a cow over it flying over a state house or being sold on Amazon the day before the shooting. It’s just an easy scapegoat for trendy liberal snobs who are too lazy to examine what Dylan Roof’s major malfunction really was. I guarantee that many people marching against the flag were either the same people, or the offspring of people, who wore the same flag on a button pin reading “Clinton-Gore 1992” (I would hope you’ve seen that, as much as you talk about racial politics) and fought Republicans to preserve the flag in the Southern public square, not long before the shooting. How shameless the Democrats are to do a 180 and try to project the flag onto the Republicans, who were the force of opposition against it up until that point. How could I ever respect people like that?

7 05 2017

those from confucianized cultures are clearly not capable of standing up for themselves. they are told to be submissive to authority, where as gun owning white supremacists are not

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