I hope leftists and rightists kill each other in Trump’s inauguration

20 01 2017

Now that Trump is being inaugurated the leftists are finally joining the tea party i.e. not paying taxes and arming themselves. I hope that Hell’s Angels and feminists erupt into a fight during the inauguration… better yet maybe the feminists can manipulate BLM people to kill Hell’s Angels. That would be far more entertaining






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1 02 2017

What do you think of the Women’s March lately?
Trump has made many women “five times larger than average” to take a walk for a single day than Michelle Obama ever did for 8 years. That’s the biggest achievement Trump has done for the world.

I fucking hate these walks that took place, such as Leanne Wood and Charlotte Church banding up together in Cardiff. Hate these two. Fucking hate this country. In Wales, they seem to take Trump so seriously, even though he has nothing to do with them.
On the same city, thousands among thousands rally and staged a protest against Roosh V last year in February. Fucking amazing.

2 02 2017

what bad people do to each other is none of my concern

9 02 2017

Okay… how do you define “good people”?

14 02 2017

not fucking each other’s wife behind their backs is a good start. capable of civil discussion without resorting to ad-hominem attacks is a good start…and those are quite rare…

4 03 2017

So if you want the “Leftists” and “Rightists” kill eachother, what is your political belief?

1 09 2017

hell’s angels would fuck up BLM, they are far more organized. Not that I am sticking up for them, I am equally against the left and the right. And republicans are just as gynocentric as liberals, liberal feminism vs traditional conservatism. They even have their own feminist movement (it’s called the Traditionalist Women’s Rights Movement). I do think it’s a bit hypocritical for right wingers to appraise the hell’s angels, a criminal gang, while constantly pointing out the crime rates of black and brown gangs. Although it is a far smaller percentage of whites who join gangs.

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