Recently ordered genetics test, colorism among Asians

27 11 2016

I recently ordered a genetics test online. I have been very curious about my own ancestry, as I read the reddit entry in my previous post. I noticed that colorism is prevelant among the Chinese(my own background) community as well. In China, dark skinned people are persecuted. I inherited my dark skin from my birth mother, and obviously having dark skin is NOT a common characteristic among the Chinese. I don’t look Chinese, and many Chinese people are surprised I can speak mandarin(might actually be that lighter skinned Asian women tend to systematically reject me). Chinese people often ask me “are you from Tibet?” or “Are you from Mongolia?” Let the test answer those questions




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2 12 2016

Read “The Rational Male” by Rollo Tomassi

It’s a great book, saved many men from incel.

8 12 2016

you redpillers and gamers, like feminism, are the inevitable products of modern culture

8 12 2016

Whatever man, I was just trying to help. I have a beautiful family, and yes I use just about every trick in the book to “game” my wife, from our first encounter and to this day. Women want a man, not a little boy that cries about his incel then practically has a stroke when he’s told it’s not going to be that easy. You want a mother’s love you sissy.

Teasing, flirting, spanking. They want a man, not a boy. Read the damn book, and see why literally thousands of men are thanking him from near suicide.

Grow a pair, kid.

9 12 2016

you realize the whole game concept is modern creation. You seriously don’t see the problem that you have to “game” your own wife using concepts from a book? The issue here is that you and I clearly have a different view on what the real issue is

9 12 2016

Game is not a modern creation, . egalitarianism and media is. I’m not here to debate with you when you won’t even take time to read it. Enjoy you life of incel.

11 12 2016

I already spent enough time on the redpill forums to realize what the red pill is about. You are just incapable of civil discussion

11 12 2016

Good luck finding happiness and goodbye.

23 12 2016
P Ray

Whatever man, I was just trying to help. I have a beautiful family, and yes I use just about every trick in the book to “game” my wife, from our first encounter and to this day.

From your actions it sounds as if your wife is not really attracted to you.
If you lose your job or she finds a hotter guy interested in her (to a (stupid) woman, getting sex from a hot guy = a relationship) … enjoy the divorce drama.

P.S. Check the paternity of your kids. And I hope your “beautiful” wife does not look like Ignobilid’s wife.

You have good luck finding happiness…

23 12 2016
P Ray

Realise I didn’t post what Ignobilid’s “beautiful” wife looked like:

23 12 2016
P Ray

P.S. Survivingincel – keep fighting the good fight by accumulating money and knowledge, then leverage into property.
Since many interactions between men and women are “economically motivated relationships”, make sure you get something for your money … or do it like $500 rent per month … or $1+sex.

It’s only prostitution when sex is the only thing exchanged. If money also changes hands, it’s “rent discounted due to mitigating factors”.

1 02 2017

Sounds like full of shit to me.
I never come across much shit on the skin colour among Chinese or Orientals much. Only issues that concerns them are money, politics or something else, not skin colour: least concern.
As for the Chinese ladies, I do have some friends, but I don’t actively go out with them or target them; so I can’t say much.

Congratulations on the recent test kit. However, I feel sorry for the men and boys situated in America and Canada.

2 02 2017

my experience is different, however.

5 02 2017

From my understanding asians in general worship white people (I’ve had several asian friends complain that their women seek out white men over them) while any brown-skinned races are frowned upon.

Its common knowledge that a white individual that expats to any Asian country will find procuring a spouse, mate or even random laws a laughably easy endeavor.

Reading through the various experiences in r/Hapas lately has compounded this view as well.

5 02 2017

Typo, I intended ‘lays’ not ‘laws’.

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