If ISIS is already in the USA…

21 09 2016

After watching the recent bombings, as well as police shootings and black riots happening throughout America, I am wondering if Black Lives Matter can potentially be used to defeat ISIS by causing them to riot and destroy Muslim/Middle Eastern neighborhoods so liberals would not know who to blame?





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3 11 2016
P Ray

The only fly in the ointment is … there is no “uniform Muslim person”.
Also the reality that many “liberals” are only “liberal when things don’t concern them”.

For example, since Asian guys are normally told by Westerners “you are so responsible and hardworking, girls should be flocking to you”
just reply with a question:
“What would you say if I wanted to marry your daughter?”
anything other than a “Yes” (unless they don’t have a daughter, or she’s already married) … is a racist, or “sexually racist” justification about why you should be excluded from their society DESPITE contributing to it (either by not being part of the crime problem … or by paying your taxes – which keeps them (marginally) protected against the criminal element).

24 11 2017

Racism here won’t even matter once the Great Aliyah happen after Northeast Asia becomes very developed. Then we will help civilized peoples around the world free themselves from the Savanna. In a civilized society women should flock to Northeast Asian guys. Only in a Savanna are Northeast Asians overrepresented among incels. So the problem will solve itself once we get rid of the Savanna.

26 11 2017

Free from the “Savannah” ha thats so funny… until the reset button is pushed we are not going anywhere. shit will hit the fan and millions with die. Northeast Asian most of all

26 11 2017

@survivingincel For NE Asians to continue to exist we need good relations with both whites including Ashkenazis and Indians. We also need to get along with Arabs and Iranians. The world ia entering an age of AI and I don’t want to be genocided by anyone who is actually capable of using nukes or ethnic biological weapons to destroy most of humanity.

Of course others will also try to get along with us because they can’t survive a sudden genocidal attack by us either. Eventually I believe we will have MAD. It doesn’t matter whether those nations and races with the ability to kill each other like each other. We still have to coexist.

As for the diaspora leaving the West is necessary once it finally becomes insane.

Racial problems will never end until the last tribe in Africa is freed from the Savanna. The “black problem” is really just an particularly serious case of the Savanna problem. Again as I said it is time to burn the Savanna and free its prisoners.

27 11 2017

The west is already insane. Also I don’t think humans, with the current level of intelligence and conscientiousness is capable of building a good AI. I honestly don’t buy into your “Savannah” theory but we can correspond via email at a different time

30 11 2017

The West is insane due to the Savanna. The longer the West remains in it the worse the West is. When the West is sufficiently awful the possibility of a Western variant of Boxer Rebellion will be pretty high especially since whites are more impulsive than NE Asians on average and mestizos and blacks are even more impulsive. We have to get out before that happens.

The Savanna theory is a more charitable alternative to full-fledged HBD. Unfortunately blacks still see that as something racist when it should have been something that should wake them up. That means they won’t wake up and leave the Savanna anytime soon. So our job is really just to prevent the Savanna from getting into NE Asia. Black ideas, Western liberal ideas and Austronesian ideas have to be examined. Those that promote the Savanna are evil and hence have no place in NE Asia.

Whether humans can build a moral AI is irrelevant. What matters is that humans will probably be able to build a fairly strong one which can be an existential risk.

24 11 2017

ISIS is a serious problem. However we must not unleash the Forces of the Savanna against it. ISIS is really evil in the same sense Khmer Rouge really was, namely it is a group of misguided zealots who could cause serious damage. On the other hand, the Forces of the Savanna is even harder to rehabilitate despite the fact that it is less evil because it is simply absolute chaos.

Blacks are human. As fellow humans we should eventually help them break out of the Savanna. Not right now but after the rest of the world is securely Savanna-free. We can not destroy the Savanna and prevent it from haunting us until the world is Savanna-free. Hence even if some people (that do not include me) don’t like them it is still within the self-interest of everyone who is of civilizations to free them from the Savanna so that the Savanna can be declared burnt down.

26 11 2017

I think ISIS is more reasonable than the Khmer Rouge as their ethics are guided by a working religion. The Islamic tribalism few makes them behave ethically to each other.

27 11 2017

Sure. However they are both awful.

Note that an extremely deadly and effective ideology usually indicates a high culture going amok. It is very different from pure Savanna chaos. This is something Arab-bashers failed to understand. ISIS is what happens when a civilization goes amok. Detroit is what happens when the Savanna problem goes amok.

Prisoners of the Savanna need to be freed, not persecuted. However I doubt that people will be that patient in the future after the failure of affirmative action. AA does not work because nothing works without rooting out the real problem, namely the Savanna.

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