If the perpetrators of Cologne attack had a different skin color…

25 02 2016

I am just wondering about the actions of German feminists handing out flowers to Arab migrants after the Cologne attack. If the perpetrators are secular Caucasian European men instead of brown skinned Muslims, will feminists react the same? Are the feminists acting this way because of the insane political correct culture of Europe, or is it because of the feminism is a shit test and they will act the same regardless?




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25 02 2016
P Ray

I would actually try to find out what is it about the way certain men interact with women, who manage to get sex … how those men are able to be left alone after spurning those women for any sort of commitment.

Remember the saying:
“How bad can those men be, if she gave them sex for free?”

And another reminder not to take females too seriously,
“Remember, Hitler had a girlfriend. How bad are you when even a mass-murderer gets more sex than you?”

If a woman isn’t attracted to the man, the only way to force a simulacra of that attraction is to deprive her of an essential need until she antes up. That, of course, is a transaction and not rape. Because if there is such a thing as “marital / relationship rape of a woman” … there should also be “marital / relationship rape of a man”.

Remember, most women don’t really love their husbands, but settled for them AND are terrified that those men will find out – because she needs him more than he needs her … that is of course, another reason why most women wind up with bluepill guys – they need a “mark” that is indoctrinated not to resist.

25 02 2016

They may be feminists, but they are still women, and women are attracted to violent, dominant men. It’s not that women like abuse — that’s a common misconception — but it’s that they are willing to put up with a lot of it from attractive men. They would never put up with those kinds of attacks from ordianry white German men…well, unless those men had a violent streak like the Muslim “migrants” do.

It is a lot like a shit-test, but it’s more unconscious I guess.

25 02 2016

So its the skin color of the perpetrators that cause the feminists to react this way

26 02 2016

In the sense that skin color signifies Muslim hostility to German feminists, yes.

25 02 2016
P Ray

Remember, Islam will save the world from feminism /sarcasm
Egyptian blogger to go on trial for ‘insulting the nation’s women’ because he suggested 30% of wives would cheat on their husbands if they had the chance
Taimour Subki runs a Facebook page called ‘Diary of a Crushed Husband’
But during a live appearance on TV, he said 30% of wives would cheat
He claimed the reason they did not was because they hadn’t had a chance
Subki has since been arrested and charged with disturbing public peace

15 04 2016

I think European women are trying to goad European men to act more aggressive. so the reaction will be the same if the perpetrators were european men

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