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20 02 2016




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22 02 2016
P Ray

Speaking on the related idea that Muslim guys are all aggressive:
“In ONE generation, women can genocide out of existence ALL of the kind and caring men in their society – just look at Afghanistan, for example. How do you think it came about that an entire country’s women are not allowed to leave the house without a man? Are all those men in Afghanistan really nice, caring men? Of course not – the nice, caring men were GENOCIDED out of existence by the stupid women who lived and then rejected those nice men for the violent men, when the nice, caring men were still alive.”

One should always remember that women like to blame men … for women’s own decisions. That blame-shifting is what blue-pill men and manginas … allow women to get away with.

7 03 2016
P Ray

BTW, even fschmidt’s idea of
“May 19, 2012 at 2:48 pm Reply
The question wasn’t what is material, the question was who will dominate the future. In the contest to knock up women, those with Game will beat MGTOW. The future belongs to those with natural Game, basically immoral jerks, and to the religious who have many kids.
As hans so well demonstrates, MGTOW are part of modern culture with all the incivility of any liberal. MGTOW is really a part of liberalism and will disappear as liberalism collapses. Gays have never been a significant percentage of the population. There have been cultures with a lot of bisexuals, but that works evolutionarily.”

is a bit suspect, because:
Why are young Iranians losing interest in marriage?
Despite Iranian leaders’ desire to increase the marriage rate and population, the latest statistics published by the National Organization for Civil Registration and the Ministry of Youth and Sports indicate that men and women have less interest in getting married while the divorce rate has risen.

Women, no matter where they are, really want Chad Thundercock.
Only severe sanctions or resource control, keep them well-behaved.
It’s also interesting, that Franklin didn’t build a lasting relationship with any person from the groups he considers traditional.

14 04 2016
P Ray

Ooh, lookit this one, a woman from a “traditional” culture tries to mate with a white guy.
Remember: If you are an attractive man – women will GIVE sex to you. Regardless of how “demure” and “reserved” they are to the public (ugly guys).
PUBLISHED: 16:29 GMT, 14 April 2016 | UPDATED: 16:42 GMT, 14 April 2016

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This is the troubling moment a half naked Chinese woman was filmed begging a white man for sex in the street.
Wearing just a thong and high black boots – her other clothes scattered on the floor – she presses herself against the tourist, her arms around his body.
Allegedly she had stripped in the busy Shanghai road and was begging the man for sex promising him an ‘exotic experience’ if he agreed.

15 05 2016

stereotypical shanghai trash

22 05 2016

It’s a stark reality that I have seen for some time. The correlation between the feminist-wrought civilizational vacuum and Islam that abhors it has been obvious to anyone with a brain for some time, but I’ve also had this feeling that the 80/20 rule reinstated would manifest itself in more than just serial monogamy…I think that we may soon see the rise of casual bigamy in America as a newly accepted lifestyle. Better that than any entitled wimmyn men end up with weak men, eh?

17 07 2016

HI, man. After lots of search on mgtow I came to your blog.
The reason I write to you, is not only as a thank you note as of the things you posted; but with few questions in mind and with me in mind as a person; a fearful spot in the big cosmic universe trying to find some meaning in this abandoned world.

I am a 27 year old man.I started suffering from a condition they call “sensorimotor old” 8 years ago and it never left me. I basically became aware of my swallowing the last year of school. I just couldn’t forget about it. My mind would keep track of how much I swallow and the more I try to divert my mind, the more it persisted. 8 years later and I am still constantly aware of myself. It broke me. I couldn’t participate in sport anymore. I have a hyper self awareness, not all the time obviously, but it does limit me. I don’t care about this stuff anymore as I know life is short and it won’t matter.
About 8 years ago, I was in year 13( last year of high school for new zealand). It was a year after my immigration and I started to develop very high anxiety. It was unexplainable. I could not get into a building full of people I would get extremely aware of myself and get a panic attack. It got so bad that I had to skip leadership meetings because of this. I sometimes dissapeared when these hall meetings occurred( With hall meetings, all the year 13s would assemble in the hall and sit tightly packed.) I would become so aware that my neck got cramps and I start seeing colors.

Long story short, my anxiety morphed into something more depressing. I started to notice my breathing, blinking, swallowing. I was unable to forget about it.

Unlike my social anxiety, these anxieties never left me. Till today, I am so aware of myself when working that I lost 2 jobs.
I sometimes become so conscious that everything turns around me and I am unable to focus. I just dont want to lose out in life because of this.

I honestly don’t know how I will be able to survive anymore like this, I do not want to go on disability benefits as it is too hard to get. I am in a crossroad right now and don’t know what Im going to do. Suicide seems to be the best option.

I also felt I missed out. I never got into fights and had crazy parties like most other guys. I am left with a big regret at age 26.

I am scared of death. I feel like a failure and considered suicide but can’t seem to follow through.

What advice do you have for someone like me? I am fed up and frustrated. I have trouble completing my 3rd year if engineering as I have difficulties concentrating too.

I always had trouble with women. The girls I liked never seemed to like me back. No matter what I did.

Here are my questions:

2) what is your advice to ugly men? Men with bad teeth for instance and have trouble accepting themselves.

3) what are your views on fighting and physical confrontation?

I just feel like a failure in life. I am skinny, thin bone structure, and just don’t think I look like an ordinary guy . No matter how hard I worked out.

I also Think you should talk about anxiety and depression more. You are a great inspiration. Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon!

6 08 2016

I don’t know if you are for real or not but here are my 2 cents. for anxiety there is nothing one person can say but you have to conquer it yourself. get out of your comfort zone until you adjust to your discomfort. This is not done in a day and you have to make an effort yourself to try. If you got bad teeth issues you should make effort to fix it. I don’t know the details of it but dental health and hygene affects your other health aspects so you should looking into that.

I am not a confrontational person in real life but I do find that fighting sports like kickboxing and mma where you have rough and tumble with other tougher guys can do wonders for your confidence. Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.

If you are an engineer, I assume you have money? are you working currently? I would advise you to go abroad for women. Latin America, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia are the best choices. Travel, see the world and let the west die in its decadence

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