A little thought on Cologne

15 01 2016

“Armed feminists protect women from hordes of Muslim rape gang” – says no news line ever. Where are the femnazis on New Years Eve in Cologne? Feminists did not protect German girls from mob of Muslim rapists, Ivan Jurcevic did.




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17 01 2016

The debate here even turns in the direction that sexism has always been here and that the “poor refugees” need more help to integrate here. it’s sheer madness. those who can should flee the country because soon it won’t be safe here any longer as a. merkel is determined to destroy the country.

18 01 2016

Not destroying fast enough

22 01 2016
P Ray

I see it as more of “poor women vs. rich women”.
Because I am sure that rich women will do what it takes to keep poor women out, even if it means making sure their husbands or boyfriends cannot get jobs or only get poorly paying ones:

I suppose that is another reason how men are demonised:
The (poor) single ones are locked out of the job market,
The (poor) attached ones are only allowed to take menial tasks.

The best jobs go to Chad Thundercock and Julia Sucksalot …
but how can you have a middle class when only 10% of people earn to that level?

On the flip side, Germany accepting those refugees is an indication that they are culpable in the creation of those refugees, by supporting, condoning or not acting against attempts to change a legitimate regime, that previously made sure those refugees had a place to stay.

Imagine if Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan had not been meddled with: you wouldn’t have this refugee problem.

17 01 2016

The article says “The former kick-boxer, who has won five world championships, was arrested when he joined a vigilante patrol who took to the city centre on Sunday night” so he may not be available to protect women in the future. But other Western men are taking a more politically correct approach:


I am looking forward to the demise of Western culture.

17 01 2016


22 01 2016
P Ray

I think the strong and independent women should protect each other.
On the other hand, any woman putting their hands on a man should be prepared for the consequences – women are the equal of men.

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