sexual revolution is a regression to caveman mentality

3 11 2015

Modern culture encourage lifestyle that leaves people unhappy and depressed




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4 11 2015
P Ray

I’m not falling into the fschmidt trap of
“Go back to the old culture, have a better life”.
The ONLY way you are going to have a stable married life, is
1) If you have a source of income THAT DOESN’T RELY ON OTHER PEOPLE.
2) If you got your woman BEFORE SHE COULD RIDE THE COCK CAROUSEL. Meaning, she’s young, and probably not fantastically educated.
3) If she KNOWS she’ll be up shit creek and can be deported or starve without you. The family MUST get that into her thick skull.
In short, what I’m aiming for: foreign white, to an Asian guy in a country where … “women have to work too” and “welfare only exists for a select people … not white and unqualified”

5 11 2015
P Ray

And of course, to the jokers who say “why not fantastically educated?”

Med school girls are so full of themselves

by metalman9x » Mon Aug 17, 2015 10:52 pm
Any 7/10 in med school thinks she’s a god. 8s barely exist (maybe 1 per class). Pretty much any chick in med school dates way up… if they go for a guy in the class (usually doesn’t happen) then it’ll be the best or second best looking guy in the class.

Moral of the story? Girls with higher intelligence care way more about looks than average intelligent girls. Just overhearing the convos in our class or talking directly to them, they bluntly said that’s all they care about. Initially I found it weird cause you’d think ambitious girls would value other things as much too, but nope.
If you’re a 5-6 avoid intelligent girls. You’ll be wasting your time.

by NiggerBasher » Mon Aug 17, 2015 11:21 pm
legit..higher iq girls care more about looks
Lower IQ go for money and status more

5 11 2015

Normally I don’t comment or write about this stuff, but your blog is quite insightful, and I feel the need to share my experience.

My background is I was a complete incel/loner until I was 23, life consisted of going to work from when I was 18 and going straight home and staying in until the day etc, etc. I dabbled with bars and trying to socialise but with absolutely zero sucess, women were a non-starter and trying to get to know imen and make friends (in the hope of meeting a woman through them) was hopeless. Then one day out of the blue, on a gaming forum I was on, the ONE girl on there, among the many 100’s of blokes, began to chat to me. I initiated nothing, totally from her, but I ended up grasping the nettle and moving from Ireland to England to be with her, luckily been an incel with no life whatsoever meant I saved alot of money. It lasted 3 years and we had a daughter, then out of the blue she left me for another man, I was devasted but dusted myself off.

Then, not really knowing anyone in England, I went to bars to make friends, and I succeded in fitting in somehow! 6 months after splitting I had relationship/affair (as she was married) with another woman and it resulted in another daughter. After this, a month later I met another woman (all 3 were absolutely stunning and way out of my league by the way) and had a 3 year relationship and another daughter, then the inevitable leaving me for another man happened.

That was a year a half ago, single ever since, rarely see my daughters as two of the mums hate me (and blame ME for the end of the relationships, like it’s my fault they ran off with other men!) and the other mum sadly died. My question is, am I just an incel who got incredibly lucky breaks? Or have I jumped off the incel plane forever, or was it just a 3 time lucky thing? I have a feeling my relationships fizzled partly because I was incel for so long I was set in my ways and perhaps quite selfish.

6 11 2015
P Ray

^ Women have a problem with their responsibility in a relationship, especially when they don’t want to see a guy again – it protects their ego.
What your relationships demonstrate is that “women see you as a safe choice”(or the “last resort”) … were those women one of the following:
1) Older than you
2) In debt
3) Recently dumped by Chad Thundercock
4) Chad Thundercock wouldn’t commit – so she commits to you instead
5) Pregnant with Chad’s kid, he knows it and you don’t, but she needs someone to pay for the kid (Hope you got a paternity test)?

5 11 2015

So says the typical modern ignoramus who knows nothing but modern culture. But other cultures know better.

6 11 2015
P Ray

Reminds me of this article:
“Single Jewish Female Seeks Stress Relief”
(Also, don’t forget … that the vast majority of women who began the shrill feminist movement … were Jewish).

6 11 2015
P Ray

This is a knock on your idea, but what women do to “get out of this trap” (anything requiring this generations’ women to take responsibility, usually gets called a trap – with 0 calls by society to “woman up”) …
is to rope in wider society and tell men “don’t be so demanding”, “we are modern women”, “women are equal to men”, “I’ll marry a guy outside this culture”, “expecting me to be thin and young is abuse of women, while when I expect you to be rich I am “thinking of the family”

6 11 2015
P Ray

Oh whoops … forgot to add … we haven’t even talked about virginity testing either. Don’t forget women start the sex from 11 years onwards (schools are thoughtfully providing birth control pills so that Chad Thundercock and Julia Sucksalot aren’t stuck with each other)

11 11 2015
P Ray

Interesting, this other thread:

Topics 1
Replies 5
Total 6

I felt obliged to put it to the test. After all, I have been banned from every MGTOW forum on the internet. This shouldn’t be surprising because MGTOW is part of modern culture and modern culture is pure evil and totally intolerant. Modern culture is also totally dishonest, so forums typically claim tolerance, which is a lie, and then ban those who disagree with them. This is also standard MGTOW procedure. So let’s how long it takes for me to get banned here.

I dunno, fschmidt. Player culture is wrong, MGTOW culture is wrong – to you.
So, basically, you want men to keep taking it up the cooch, while women get to slut around with 0 repercussions?
Are you traditional (only towards men) and religious (only towards men)?
Because … that’s what “return to past culture” sounds to me.

12 11 2015

Thanks for linking to that thread. The thread proves my point, right? That MGTOW are intolerant liars, typical of modern culture. Do you honestly want to defend such people?

Traditional culture manages both men and women. See Mennonites, the Amish, and Hasidic Jews for current examples. The women in these culture do not slut around.

12 11 2015
P Ray

You married a Mexican, and have been married for 24 years.
That is not one of the cultures you have named above as “traditional”.
Do you want to defend the traditional lifestyle that has become perverted by feminism?
Because you still haven’t pointed out where in Mennonite, Amish and Hasidic cultures – where does virginity testing take place?
and don’t forget – the Amish have Rumschpringa – where the young “let loose” … what else have you left out about “traditional” ways?

13 11 2015

In the traditional cultures I mentioned, marriages are stable and women seem responsible. I am sure the women are much less slutty than in modern culture, even with Rumspringa.

Your question about “traditional lifestyle that has become perverted by feminism” makes no sense. I don’t support any feminist influence on anything. The goal should be a sound culture.

If one isn’t part of a traditional culture, the best approach is to marry a woman from outside the mainstream feminist countries and then take precautions like having no TV at home. One should aim for as traditional a lifestyle as possible in one’s own home. Joining a reasonably conservative religion like Orthodox Christianity also helps.

P Ray’s first comment in this thread is completely wrong because it fails to recognize that culture is the key component to women’s behavior. Women can’t be controlled just by economic pressure. I have been married for 25 years. Show me a guy with as long a marriage who used your strategy.

13 11 2015
P Ray

Remember what blog you’re on.
The author is Asian. I am Asian.
You’re trying to assert – that these traditional cultures – which are WHITE and along with their traditionalism – are also RACIST,
are the cure for incels, but even Asian incels?
I LOL at your simplistic solution.

Sorry NAH, I’ll go with economic dominance AND the reality that where I’m from – foreigners – but especially foreign women – take a VERY long time to get permanent residency – and get booted out within the year if there is a divorce (head home honey) and … get no spousal support.

I have been married for 25 years. Show me a guy with as long a marriage who used your strategy.
My granddad did just that. Lasted until his death.

so yeah … again, lots of talk. No concrete solution. Traditional white culture – is extremely hostile towards Asians.

13 11 2015

I assume your grandfather lived in an Asian country with a considerably less feminist culture than the West. So he supports my point. But Asian countries don’t seem to have much resistance to feminism, so they will suffer the same fate as the West.

Most old cultures were racist simply because they didn’t interact with other races much. I assume the same holds for old Asian cultures. But there is no fundamental reason why a traditional culture should be racist. The Old Testament, for example, is a very anti-racist book.

I think the use of “LOL” is a sign of cultural decay.

14 11 2015
P Ray

The Old Testament, for example, is a very anti-racist book.
So, where are Asians mentioned in the Old Testament?

and again … where in the Mennonite, Hasidic or Amish tradition is the virginity testing?

Again, if it can’t be backed up – it’s all … traditional gender views, with a mind to having men bear the heaviest loads – women do as they please. In short – the current status quo.

No thanks, please let me know where the virginity testing takes place. And also – the sanctions against the women/girls discovered to be non-virgins.

14 11 2015
P Ray

Most old cultures were racist simply because they didn’t interact with other races much. I assume the same holds for old Asian cultures.
Asian countries didn’t have a “head tax” on White people.
White countries … had a “head tax” on Asian people.

So … who do you think was being racist?

14 11 2015
P Ray

And also, about “old cultures are better”:
Old cultures had stories about “Chad Thundercock’s Ghost” …
so men better have both a physical and an ethereal penis to compensate:

Her story sounds implausible, but over many centuries there are legends of spirits having sex with humans in Christian, Greek, Jewish and Celtic folklore dating back to 2400 BC.

Indeed, in some cases, women claim they enjoy sex with spirits so much, they’ve given up on real men.
Sian, a writer, artist and spiritualist, says her paranormal paramour began visiting her not long after she moved into a cottage in a remote part of Wales. She had split up from her boyfriend and was lonely, but insists the experience was not imaginary or stress-induced.

14 12 2015
P Ray

Also, beware the “Chad Thundercock of her dreams, that appears and ravishes her while she sleeps”:
“Have YOU had a ‘sleep orgasm’? 37% of women have climaxed while dreaming – while only half regularly do during marital sex”
Interesting how … half of 37% is 18.5 … like how 80% of women, are serviced by 20% of men (Chad Thundercock)

19 11 2015
P Ray

W00t, turns out women “were like that” even 2 generations+ ago.
Carly Simon has revealed she was involved in sexual encounters at age seven with a boy in his teens.
The 70-year-old singer told her older sisters at the time, but they refused to believe her, the singer told People in an article on Wednesday.
The Oscar and Grammy winner said of the encounter: ‘It was heinous. It changed my view about sex for a long time.’

The Nobody Does It Better singer said she was ‘devastated’ because she believed she was in a romance.
‘Your libido overpowers everything! You’re so libidinous even at the age of nine and ten. And sometimes there’s an outlet there. I bet in many more cases than we know about there is,’ she said.
Simon said she kept quiet about the incidents even with her child psychologist in hopes of keeping it going.

Looks like Chad Thundercock gets women … even before they’re in their teens … AND THEY LOVE HIM!

There’s nothing like young romance. /sarcasm

19 11 2015
P Ray

And, for the “Islam will cure feminism” brand of idiots:

A few weeks earlier, a 20-year-old Saudi woman filed for divorce from her husband-of-seven-months because he is shorter than her.
In legal documents she claimed that towering over her husband during their brief seven month union had made her feel ‘painfully uneasy’ and ‘distressingly uncomfortable.’

30 12 2015
P Ray

Ah, eugenics.
Women don’t have a problem going after “Chad Thundercock” and men are scared to comment on their predilection as that would mean “losing sex from shallow women”
Speaking of “genetic bottleneck”:
“Britain’s largest sperm bank bans men with dyslexia, autism and ADHD from donating, triggering outrage over ‘eugenics’

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority has launched an investigation into the London Sperm Bank due to claims it screens men for ‘neurological conditions’ like dyslexia and autism.”

When most men passively “accept” women only being attracted to men over 6ft, they are participating in eugenics.
When most men help women who previously didn’t want to know them until Chad Thundercock beat/cheat them, they are participating in eugenics.
And when most men say other men are “insecure” or “compensating” when complaining about treatment from other men or women … they are participating in eugenics.

Let people get away with bad behaviour long enough, and it fulfils nasty tendencies.

“He who does not condemn evil, commands it to be done”

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