an interesting video: Neomasculinity

29 07 2015




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8 08 2015
The Cockroach
26 03 2016
Take The Red Pill

I know that I’m being facetious and it’s only a comic, but “at least the guy learned to NOT marry nor father children”.

10 08 2015
P Ray

Another cool movie to look forward to:
Del Playa
(examines the motivations AND backstory of an “Elliot-Rodger-type” character).
It’s causing a lot of controversy, as people (read: neurotypical idiots) like to believe that “if a person has a good nature, years of abuse won’t make them retaliate”
“Sit down and eat your shit, taste it and be happy because that’s all you DESERVE”.

Best wishes for “Del Playa”, I KNOW I’ll be watching it and cheering on the underdog.

10 08 2015
P Ray

Forgot to add this:
Even from beyond the grave …
you #cantdodgetherodge

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