Account from an Arab American Incel (Sharia Law makes sense now)

24 07 2015

What do you picture when you hear the words “Arab women”. This?


I think this picture here is far more accurate


I am an Arab American( 3rd generation) Incel. I live in a predominantly Arab city located in Michigan.

I have lived in this cursed city for more than 5 years. When I was younger, I subscribed to the rosy notion that Arab women were the pinnacle of modesty, chastity and innocence. I often approached women here, believing that my rather gentle personality, fairly stable job and my early independence from my family would make me desirable to the Arab women here. Hundreds of rejections later I learned just how wrong I was.

I want to clear up misconceptions many people may have about Arabs, specifically Arab women. First and foremost Arab women are far from the angelic, and non westernized devout Muslims as they are often portrayed to be. In fact my experiences have left me with an extremely negative view of Arab women. Note that I typed Arab women, not Arab American women. From what I have often seen Arab women are the same whether here or in the Middle East. The only difference is that Arab women in middle east are kept in line by a strict patriarchy. Arab women in America are absolutely loathsome, insufferable whores. Most of my 170+ rejections came from Arab women. To get into a relationship with one of these degenerate scum, A man must be handsome, or wealthy or in many cases have high social status. One unique aspect of being rejected Arab women is being told:” Im a God fearing Innocent virgin. My parents would disown me if I dated”… Yea right. In my younger and more naive days I actually believed this crap. One girl whom I was pining after told me that line and I bought it hook, line and sinker. A few days later my coworker, a thuggish tattoo’d bad boy with a rap sheet a mile long called me over. He looked at me and smiled ” Hey you see that girl that you really like; I fucked her last night”. “No way”, I replied. ” She’s an innocent virgin from a strict family”. Then he proceeded to show me a video he had taken of the encounter, in which he has anal sex with her, while she screams out his name loudly. This is what a typical Arab women is like. A deceitful, manipulative, evil whore.

There dozens more examples I can give. The hijab wearing coworker of mine who was fired from her job after she was caught giving her boyfriend oral sex in the bathroom while at work, the lovely Muslim girl who had several abortions, or the numerous conversations I’ve overheard Arab women describing how some “creepy” (ugly) guy had dared to ask her out.

I learned that there is a reason why Arab women in the Middle East are “oppressed”. They must be kept under control lest they turn into their western counterparts. I personally don’t approve of stoning to death. I am mostly agnostic in my beliefs. But if it takes stoning to keep them in line ,then so be it. I swallowed the red pill years ago regarding Arab women. I learned that if you dont have the biggest muscles, the best looking face, the most expensive car. the longest rap sheet or the fattest wallet you’re out of the game before it even commences. My only remaining option is to look for a wife in Latin America or possibly eastern Europe, far away from the degeneracy of western culture and Middle Eastern hypocrisy.

In parting I would like to share this YouTube video , made by a local rapper which highlights my points about the Arab women here. Look closely after 1:15–




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24 07 2015
The Cockroach

Well, there you have it. Was this from Vegeta2? Thanks for sharing. Women are women.

She’s an innocent virgin from a strict family”. Then he proceeded to show me a video he had taken of the encounter, in which he has anal sex with her, while she screams out his name loudly.

Just lol. Is this a common thing with Arab-American women to preserve “virginity”?

numerous conversations I’ve overheard Arab women describing how some “creepy” (ugly) guy had dared to ask her out.

Sounds about right.

BTW, the first two pictures don’t work.

25 07 2015
P Ray

Women from “not western” cultures talk a lot of crap about “being pure”,
then when you ask to test their virginity “you are not a real man”.
LOL at their hypocrisy, 16 and under or death.
Marrying a former slut, you might as well kill yourself because she’ll take all you have, then blame you for “making me do this”.

25 07 2015

Yup it’s vegeta2. There is also a product called virgin-again. it basically provides an artificial hymen complete with substitute blood which often fools the groom on the wedding night. Arab women are by and large detestable. probably even more so then western women. At lest those women will say “Im a free women. I do as I please”. An Arab women will pretend to be pure and innocent to Incels like me while banging the good looking, rich bad boys. They are hypocrisy incarnate.

25 07 2015
P Ray

That is the “easy mode”.
What they have now is laser vaginal rejuvenation, plus hymenoplasty.

In short, working women can afford this (and do so), the family will probably feel shameful paying for it.
Therefore, you HAVE to go younger.

You say they are hypocrisy incarnate, I am sure there is also a lot of false paternity going on.

To survivingincel,
My only remaining option is to look for a wife in Latin America or possibly eastern Europe, far away from the degeneracy of western culture and Middle Eastern hypocrisy.
Yup, same here too, Asian women are shocking hypocrites and fishwives …
they only treat regular guys that way.
Sex In Tehran – My First Iranian Orgy
June 21, 2011
By Roxana Shirazi

27 11 2017

@Vegeta2 Nice to see you again after…3 years! Do you still remember me? I’m Habakkuk.

As I said in other threads it is time civilizations ally with each other and start a global anti-Savanna campaign.

27 11 2017

I have not heard from him for a long time…

25 07 2015

P Ray.. it is me vegeta2 who penned the article and asked survivingIncel to post it. this article is a reflection of my experiences with Arab women and possibly to have a reader think twice before regarding Arab womee
(by and large) as anything other then shallow whores. I am not surprised at all when I hear of the Iran orgy story

25 07 2015
P Ray

I figure every regular guy of every ethnicity, is discovering “being regular means you get disrespected”.
And why not? Because … regular women are put on the pedestal – the disrespect has to go somewhere … so regular men unfairly cop it.
One of the things to look out for in that hymenoplasty or vagina retuning,
is (the SmartXide V2LR Vulvo-Vaginal Laser Reshaping). That should cost some 000s of credit units. The other thing to look out for, again, is a checklist of her achievements or possessions:
– mental meds in the bathroom cabinet
– unpaid student loans
– relatives of hers congratulating you how “her previous boyfriends were losers” (that makes YOU … the BIGGEST loser! 😡 )
– penchant for high-end bags or accessories
– old car that keeps crapping out (previous boyfriends fixed it in exchange for sex)
– lots of money left over from her salary (previous boyfriends paid for everything of hers)
– ANY feminist literature or alpha-male-seekingness (i.e. 50 Shades of Gray, The Vagina Monologues, participation in feminist causes on their Linkedin profile or past history via googling them).

Not sure if I covered everything, but this is off the top of my head.

Oh, don’t forget: “Traditional” women, i.e.
“It is a man’s job to earn all the money I’ll spend, but I am under no obligation to respect him or tell him about my past because I am a strong, independent woman who doesn’t believe in gender roles or control of my sexuality”.

25 07 2015
P Ray

Forgot to add that women fear carrying around large amounts of cash (since they’re easy to maim to relieve of it) …
so the transaction for the vaginal reshaping WILL be in her chequebook or online account.

26 07 2015
P Ray

Of course, there will be some “maroon” who says
“How dare you check out a woman’s finances?”

To which I reply,
“Where do you live?”
“What kind of car do you drive?”
“Are you renting?”

Those questions from her, deserve the intrusive slapback
“Are you a virgin, since you ask me those questions?”

26 07 2015
The Cockroach

Check this out:

At some point the incel has to ask the question: Is it worth it? Even if it means an end to celibacy, is that worth being put up with just because of your STEM job? To inevitably be divorced and ruined financially 10 years later?

26 07 2015
P Ray

Incels need to:
1) get skills
2) buy AND OWN money-making assets that are non-perishable
3) earn money being their own boss
4) put women over a barrel and give them a deep dicking (by having a specialised skill or service that those women would pay 3-4x outside)
5) wire up their house or dwelling for sound and audio to record any interactions with women
6) e-mail backup of their stuff to different providers.

Think to yourself “Most women and some men, think I am an enemy they must crush underfoot, even if I haven’t done anything against them. What should I do to make myself a hard target, and how do I get paid?”

Remember, many families are now having “retirement problems” and many women are having “employment problems”.

Get your poon by exploitation, after all, women don’t mind exploiting incels … so turnabout is fair play.

26 07 2015
The Cockroach

I totally agree on the financial empowerment aspect regardless of its implications for interacting with women. It just makes things easier. Certainly is the case for me. Also unattractive men may have to pursue unorthodox strategies to advance career-wise (self-employed, smaller companies, etc.) as they get older.

27 07 2015
P Ray

“Men should stop objectifying women”
So, let me get this straight, you want men, not to see you as an object, when you have a checklist for them to live up to, which can be translated into a monetary value … which is effectively, a “price tag”.
The only things that have “price tags” are objects.

27 07 2015
P Ray

The BIGGEST reason to be self-employed, is because …
as soon as women know you have preferences of your own,
and opinions about women that are damage their ability to cheat or mislead you, they will try to sabotage your life and career: Remember, you are not the top 10 – 20% man that is in demand, therefore your role is to cater to banged-out whores who need a man to leech off of.
Alternatively, they will try to smear you socially if they can’t damage you professionally.
The real insane ones, will fabricate charges against you or even physically attack you. I was slapped by a woman once, by replying “Most women don’t meet my standards” when she asked why I was single. Too bad I didn’t have a camera on me that time, would have made good money on an assault charge against her or publicising her on YouTube.
Social media must be used as an ultimate levelling weapon by incels: women hate publicity of their bad behaviour, this is how you tame those harpies.

27 07 2015

I have a borderline personality. If a women slaps me I’d do something that’ll give me life in prison.

27 07 2015
P Ray

Women count on men to “have pride” and “react without thinking”.
That’s how they get guys to do favours for them for free, e.g.
“I bet you’re not strong enough to carry this up the stairs to my room”,
“I bet you can’t fix this problem any quicker than the shop”,
“I bet your qualification didn’t prepare you for this situation”,

the reply is,
“If you’re good at something, never do it for free”.

So many of their actions, especially the older they get, are very carefully calculated – you can see it in hindsight. So just take your time to react.
That’s one of the ways you keep your freedom.

2 03 2016
P Ray

I’ve heard that polystyrene containers, properly made fragile, can be used to contain decent amounts of dihydrogen monoxide at high temperature.
What you do with these frangible, hand-deployed projectiles … is your own business (I am pretty sure it is not illegal to walk around with a hot beverage in your hands) 🙂

28 08 2017

Signs of hoe-jabis:

1. Hang out in Birmingham, Canton and Ann arbor; pretty much anywhere were there isn’t arab men. In summertime its easy to spot them part-time hijabis; look for the tan line from the scarf unless they use that foundation shit then they are impossible to spot.
2. Cannot eat lamb meat — it’s their kryptonite
3. Wont move outside of Michigan, they plan on cheating before the marriage starts!
4. You say, “man these hijabis are really shameful” — watch her reaction and she will say “To each his own”
5. Claims to be VERY PRIVATE, wont tell you anything about what she did.
6. Would LIE and LIE to cover her slut ways
7. Herpes
8. HPV black spots on hands and face, visible warts for the trained eye
9. Drink alcohol
10. Would NEVER let you through her phone!
11. If she lives alone — her dad and brothers are cuckolds!
12. Uses knowledge from Deen to perfect her hypocracy
13. With Arab men, she’s The Virgin Mary, with non-arabs you will see her true colors!
14. Check medical records and birth records for any children she has.
15. Doesn’t keep up with her prayers
16. Doesn’t Fast
17. If you confront her with evidence (Pix, videos, recordings)…you are dead, she will take out a contract on you and have you shot. and if you are an angel like me, you say “May God forgive us all, lets open a new page in halal” = FUTILE
18. Shes loves Johnny she no love Habib
19. Too comfortable around guys
20. Looks mean everything to her

Finally my advice:

Zena is a debit, we (Arab guys) fucked American girls…We pay for that by watching our women getting fucked by American guys: SOLUTION = TAWBA

3 10 2017

i fucken laughed reading this

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