Benjamin Wey…

6 07 2015

in my previous post I spoke of Rishi Bajaj and Liz Kranz. Here is the same story again concerning Benjamin Wey and Hanna Bouveng:

Like I said before, while the third world woman is hypergamous to money and status, the western feminist is hypergamous to looks and swagger. this chomp is trying to play the third world game in the feminist west.

if you want sex, go abroad. “free sex” in the west almost always turn out far more costly than paid sex in Latin America. Don’t be a fucking simp




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7 07 2015
P Ray

These “CEO”s must really be in a tight spot if they can’t get away for a quick bang, with a girl that won’t turn on them.

Maybe that’s why many women like prominent men (that are otherwise “socially disconnected and without lots of female attention”).

They’re easier to shake down, and she can effectively threaten him with corporate devastation if he doesn’t cater to her whims.

9 07 2015
P Ray

Oh whoops, forgot to add:
WHY THE HELL don’t these guys have recorders on them?
Women get away (or are grossly overpaid) … when they can make an accusation that goes to court … if there is no proof from his side that things differ from her account!
It seems also, that women are _very_ wary of guys who “know how the game is played”
Some people are definitely “playing a game” when the divorce rate is over 50% and women initiate it over 70% of the time.
NOTE: In some parts of Asia – there is a marriage breakdown every 10 minutes.

The women’s intuition we’ve all been told about, is either nonexistent or faulty …
or they make a decision and rationalise it after … until they can’t … and, of course, “it’s the man’s fault”.

8 07 2015
The Cockroach

Good point. Classic example of “overreach”. I’ve noticed your writing’s become a lot grittier in the past year.

11 07 2015

He coulda went back to china and gotten a non whore wife… now he lost 18 million bucks.

12 07 2015
P Ray

The thing is the “social backlash from where he makes his money”.
Women don’t like to be thought of as having a price tag, eventhough … all the things she demands a guy to have, translates to a price tag.

The picture under the words “A female applicant.” She looks decent, the girl in green. But then there’s the comment:

“By 25 most are in the double figures now of sex partners. With probably a couple of abortions behind them.”

Which is actually a good point: It seems that even in Asian societies NOW, asking a woman if she’s a virgin will earn you a slap: Since, “why are you entitled to a virgin woman?”
Of course, the correct reply to that is “buy your own house, fishwife”.

(The reality is that many women NEED a man to give her the money to get a house and sit on her ass).

13 07 2015

his “non whore” wife would marry him, get US citizenship, cheat on him, then divorce him and take half of his money

13 07 2015
P Ray

“Half”, reminds me of this:

16 07 2015

money is irrelevant now. “no romance without finance” is from traditional past. now you better be tall, good looking, square jaw and a 6 pack along with a criminal record

21 07 2015

Really? What is the divorce rate in China?
I know a ton of Arab men here that would never date an Arab-American women.. They just go overseas and get a wife. I see your point though. This country ruins the best of women often times.

22 07 2015

they often divorce the poor bastard after she gets citizenship

22 07 2015
P Ray

They blame it on “women’s rights”, it is actually, “bitchy women with supplicating men getting government support for her bad behaviour”.
Then again, maybe that is the problem with “women’s rights” … she has the right to a Chad Thundercock, you have the right to an STD ridden whale (only difference is in physical presentation with the slim one, attitude is the same)

23 07 2015

In that regard Arab women are the absolute worst of the worst.

10 08 2015
P Ray

This was an excellent post from
“study shows that women rate 80% of men online as ‘below average”

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Yesterday, 01:50 PM (This post was last modified: Yesterday, 01:56 PM by Dontel.)
(Yesterday, 10:56 AM)chadD24 Wrote:
(Yesterday, 10:53 AM)Weaselface Wrote: To be fair, except for the guitar-man the middle and below-men look fairly subhuman, and the top-men look normal. All of a sudden these ominous statistics seem less cruel.

there not even sub human. not a single one. they are all AVERAGE JOES. they are healthy, in shape, just with low dimorphism.

this right here is a SUB HUMAN, although after painting her face, she wouldnt settle for anything less then the 10% of top tier guys


There aren’t that many men who begrudge women for rejecting a looksmatched man or a man below her.

Nowadays women are faking age, skin, hair, height, body, tits, sexual fidelity, knowledge not to mention all these bogus “achievements”. The most egregious stuff is the “caring” bullshit flowery personality they all fraud, they act like they are superior beings who give a shit about social causes etc;most of these chicks wouldn’t give a pound to a starving homeless guy but whine about all these goofy social ill’s – it’s all bollocks and a mating strategy. Unless you’ve seen one of these witches actually do something or help someone in real life without throwing a hissy fit assume it’s all bullshit/fakery.

The average woman you meet is ugly without her makeup/filters/angles and is a bum.

Only a clown would walk around covering their face with that much makeup and fakery.

The problem today is men are being rejected by fraudsters and losers; instead of calling them out they are worshiping these clowns.

10 08 2015
P Ray

“Makeup is the root cause of hypergamy”

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08-08-2015, 08:17 AM (This post was last modified: 08-08-2015, 08:41 AM by TopTierLooksmaxer.)
(08-08-2015, 05:38 AM)The German Dream Wrote: LEGIT AS FUCK. i cannot stress this enough.
im the original founder of the “makeup is the root cause of inceldom”-theory on ***** and i believe in it more every day. unfortunatelly even redpilled people are like “meh makeup isnt so bad blablalblabla”…WRONG.
like you said, makeup is the root cause of inceldom and hypergamy.
it is so incredibly powerful in manipulating the sexual market that it should be regulated by the state. honestly, this shit NEEDS to be regulated…

makeup is heavily researched, its a huge market and its effectiveness improves every year. see the relation between the availability and the amount of makeup available on the market and the rise in female hypergamy? the more refined makeup gets, the more readily available and attainable, the more socially accepted, the higher female hypergamy.

makeup is capable of:
-making young women look older
-making old women look younger
-making women of all age look significantly better

due to this, the whole market shifts from a gaußian distribution of looks of women, to a distribution where a 6/10 or even higher is the new median (almost every girl with makeup is atleast cute). being a 5/10 woman is actually below average in a female population with makeup. this means that every woman feels entitled to a high quality man because they are actually able to attain him for casual sex.

you can have 18y old girls…with makeup they look like 25…and they get fucked by a stud off tinder. do you think she will want to go back to getting fucked by 18y old males who still look like they just came out of kindergarten?

same goes for old women…40 or 50y old women can still look really attractive by putting on makeup to cover up all that old as fuck wrinkly skin (if you want to see the true age of woman, look at her hands. older woman look like they are one step away from the grave on their hands, but look like they just finished college on their face…coincidence?)
now they are suddenly able to attract some milf-loving young stud who will fuck her good…do you think she will want to go back fucking the balding office-cuckcel from next door? you bet not…

all this wouldnt be attainable without makeup. old women would not be able to cheat nature, young women would not be able to cheat nature. the average woman would not be able to attract chads, even for one-night-stands. the below average woman would stick to its kinds and even the above average women would need to play within their league and not reach sky high.

if you see before/after makeup pictures like in OP, always ask yourself this:
would i be able to approach this woman before/after, would she be interested in me before/after, would i have a chance to fuck or ltr her before/after…you will see that 99% of the time you will feel like you would have a chance with her in the before picture, but you wouldnt even dare to approach her in the after.
thats why we are incel. because women are raising their looks-value by simply painting their face.

that right there is what most people dont understand.

most average joes who read this thread will be saying “hurr durr yall are a bunch of fags. makeup makes women sexy hurr durr” but what the MR average Joe isnt taking into consideration is just how much this skews the dating dynamics for him and just how much makeup inflates a womans ego. 4/10 with makeup feels like a 6/10 and a 6/10 with makeup feels like a 9/10. women base their reality on how they look WITH makeup and think they have the ability to not only attract Mr 6’0+ genetically-gifted bone structure Chad but delude themselves into thinking they can secure exclusivity with one as well. the truth is the average guy just isnt sexually dimorphic enough to induce attraction for most women so 80% of women will looksmax hard in hopes of securing the 20% of guys who are genetically gifted.

Like many other have mentioned, The average woman enjoys sex sure.. but she doesnt need ‘to release’ the same way men do. The average girl has no problem getting her fix of genetically superior cock once a month and staying celebate until there is new Chad for her to lust after. THe average plain Jane doesnt think she needs to settle for plain old average Joe when she looksmax hard with makeup,sexy hair, and clothes and possibly secure the Chad of her dreams in the meantime.

After playing the slut game though her mid 20s.. and consistently losing(which most women do) plain jane finally starts to realize her makeup isnt enough to secure commitment with a Chad(just as anyone would have expected) and as a result, is forced to lower her standards. remember the problem for 5/10 plain Jane is that tall successful dimorphic males are a rare bread and there just arent enough to go around.. trying to lock one down as a plain Jane is like playing musical chairs. Once Jane starts getting soar from riding the cock carouse throughout her mid 20s, and still hasnt been able to secure a Chad, the “where are all the loyal men??” statuses start pouring in on facebook and the cuckcels/beta providers start coming in to the picture. At the end of the day no amount of workceling will save a beta provider from getting cheated on just like no amount of makeup is gonna help poor old Jane secure a relationship with the 6’0+ nick bateman lookalike shes wanted since she was 14..

the world usually tends to have a way of unfolding as it should.

10 08 2015
P Ray

And the reply:
The German Dream
Senior Member

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08-08-2015, 08:51 AM (This post was last modified: 08-08-2015, 09:12 AM by The German Dream.)
yep those pro-makeup guys simply dont realize that they are not the one profiting from it…the opposite is the case. even if you are in a ltr and your girlfriends is wearing makeup 24/7…do you really think she wants YOU to have a nicer view or do you think she wants to be prepared for the chance that mr. right comes around the corner one day?
makeup is a real-life cheat and nothing less. and guess what, men are the ones that get cheated on (even the 8+ men, but atleast they are the ones profiting from it)

you just have to ask yourself: why are nearly 100% of western females wearing makeup? do you think its fun to plaster your face with paint every day? or do you think the benefits hugely outwage the downsides?
makeup is plain and simply making the average female population better looking than the average male population. and we all know women NEVER want to date down…neither in L nor in M nor in S. they would rather live alone with their cats and occasional hookups than date down to a man. but when the average man is a 5/10 and the average female with makeup is a 6/10 but woman dont want to date down, what does that mean for men?
it means exactly what we are seeing today: massive inceldom amongst generation y men.
you have to be atleast a 6/10 man to be considered average…and even then you are nothing special because women still wanna date UP and not equal. thats why only at being a 7/10 man things start to go in your favour because now you are in a position where the average paintfaced women actually wants to date you.

sure, sooner or later a sub7 man may find some luck with beta-provider game…but this shit happens mostly between 35 and 50 or so. before that you cant even run beta-provider game simply because the paintfaced plain jane still gets enough attention from pump&dump-chad (who would never have touched her without makeup)

we men are simply getting FUCKED OVER epicly when it comes to sexual market manipulation:

makeup = sexual dimorphism out of a tube. but only for females of course. men can rott in incel-hell…
Daily Reminder:
Looking like Nick Bateman is the MINIMUM looks-requirement for a chance at getting laid in 2015.

*** “Makeup is the root cause of Inceldom”-Theory Crew ***

10 08 2015
P Ray

There is a further dark side to “being with older women” (besides them having seen more pricks than a cactus farmer):
“BITTER as fuck AGEPILL DROPPED on Buzzfeed”
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Today, 03:35 AM (This post was last modified: Today, 03:36 AM by JB = PRIME.)
fucking bitter redpill on buzzfeed video








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11 hours ago
People lose dopamine receptors as they age, and NOTHING can regenerate dead dopamine receptors. This is why you feel things more intently as you are young. You can take drugs etc. to increase dopamine levels, but if your receptors are depleted you won’t feel as much.

Women complain about the “man that cheats on them AFTER THEY SETTLED DOWN with him”. Durr, it’s probably because he KNOWS you had plenty of dicks … thus doesn’t feel invested in you … since you chose him last! Eat your karma and accept being cheated on – since honest guys get the scraps … you shouldn’t expect them to be “honest since YOU are also the scraps”!

22 06 2018
P Ray

Hanna Bouveng has dropped the suit against Benjamin Wey

You have to drag it out for these types of women, it helps he had the money to do so.
Any other guy may have rolled over.

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