High times in Mexico

15 06 2015

Here in the USA validation from women has become one of the most prized treasure as men, because validation from women allows men to obtain something that is rarely obtained by the average man: sex.

My experiences in the red light district of a mexican city, in a country where prostitution is readily available and legal, sex is a commodity that can be bought and sold like anything else, not a priceless treasure as many Americans tend to believe. I do not need validation from women to get sex. Advice to those American men who are looking for sex outside of marriage, seek out legal prostitutes in Mexico is a far better option, as they are cheaper and physically more attractive than Americans.




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15 06 2015
P Ray

Also don’t forget that “paying upfront, is better than the “free” where you pay forever”.
To help harden your heart further:
“Feminist arguments against prostitution debunked”

It’s a lovely read, so captivating and delightful.

16 06 2015

Where in mexico were you.. I have been meaning to go there myself.. did you go with a group, or by youself? What city? How did you find the best girls?

16 06 2015

It should be pretty obvious where I went. I am not giving out too much information. you can figure this out yourself

27 06 2015
16 08 2015

You and a bunch of friends can rent a ferrari for a day. It costs about $1200/day. Split it among the 4 of you and do what the guys here are doing

There are several similar videos where girls are going into the car even when the guys says they will have sex later. Try it! It could be cheaper than going out the country and paying for professional hookers.

16 08 2015

Try what these guys are doing.

Ferrari costs $1200/day to rent. Split it among the four of you. Might be cheaper than going out the country and doing foreign hookers, flights, hotel rooms and all that. There are other videos where girls get in even when the guy explicitly suggests sex.

18 08 2015

I am not asshole enough to do this… but going to developing countries you actually DO get cheaper prices and more attractive girls

26 08 2015

You might be happier in a society like India where marriages are arranged by parents.

30 08 2015

I am not Indian so my parents cannot arrange my marriage

30 08 2015

What I meant to say was that living in such a society might have made you happier.

30 08 2015

this blog in general is a critique against modern culture that is influenced by radical feminism which only favors sluts and players.

India is not the only traditional culture that frowns upon “game” culture.

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