Advice to ISIS recruiters on the web

25 04 2015

As we know there are many recruiters on the web that works for ISIS, as there are fresh foreign recruits all over the world, where individuals with non-Arabic and non- Islamic backgrounds traveling to Syria to join the cause of ISIS. They include men who recently that passed the bar, and believe a life fighting for ISIS is better than being a successful lawyer. As there are also ISIS recruiters on social media telling individuals of various backgrounds to join their cause.

My advice to ISIS recruiters, if you are using social media, I suggest using online dating sites and personals. Target East Asian and Indian men. No doubt many of them will have engineering and science background you need to build infrastructure and military. I also have no doubt many of those men are also the typical violin playing math nerds with aspergers that never get laid in their lives. Promise them the most beautiful women you capture if they convert to Islam and join your cause. for each East Asian/ Indian Engineer and scientists you recruit, promise then 4 beautiful wives each. This will further your cause more intelligent men will come and fight for you guys. Think about it




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26 04 2015
P Ray

I actually pointed that out to the US State Department when they were asking about “why young men join ISIS”.
I said … ISIS is offering them YOUNG UNTOUCHED females, what do you offer?

I got no response. Typical idiot CONservatives.

Schopenhauer, a famous (white) philosopher of the past, had the same idea too:
With our knowledge of the complete unalterability both of character and of mental faculties, we are led to the view that a real and thorough improvement of the human race might be reached not so much from outside as from within, not so much by theory and instruction as rather by the path of generation. Plato had something of the kind in mind when, in the fifth book of his Republic, he explained his plan for increasing and improving his warrior caste. If we could castrate all scoundrels and stick all stupid geese in a convent, and give men of noble character a whole harem, and procure men, and indeed thorough men, for all girls of intellect and understanding, then a generation would soon arise which would produce a better age than that of Pericles.

I guess the US loves both Chad Thundercock and Julia Sucksalot.

15 05 2015
P Ray

Interesting. Explains why most women with average guys hate the average guy.
Of course, everybody knows that every woman actually has the genius of einstein and the beauty of Skye Ronelle Ferkinstad Stracke. /sarcasm
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Being rejected by an attractive man makes women cruel to other men
Researchers found that being rejected by an attractive man actually makes a woman more likely to turn down an unattractive one
It is as if distancing herself from the unattractive man helps her retain the idea that she is high status, cushioning the blow of the rejection

By Sophie Freeman For Mailonline

Published: 11:44 GMT, 14 May 2015 | Updated: 12:52 GMT, 14 May 2015

It’s the plotline of many a cheesy rom-com: Woman rejected by a good-looking lothario is scooped up by the Average Joe who’s been waiting in the wings all along.

But in real life it may be a very different story, according to a study.

Researchers found that, rather than being grateful for the fall-back option, being rejected by an attractive man actually makes a woman more likely to turn down an unattractive one, and to describe him harshly.

Not interested: Scientist say that women who have been rejected distancing themselves from an unattractive man to help her retain the idea that she is high status, cushioning the blow of the rejection

It is as if distancing herself from the unattractive man helps her retain the idea that she is high status, cushioning the blow of the rejection.

‘Participants rejected by the attractive man also derogated the unattractive man even when the unattractive man offered acceptance,’ said the psychologists from the University of Toronto.

‘Social psychologists theorise that individuals seek connection following rejection.

‘However, accepting connection from a low status other may imply that one is of similarly low status, which may call into question one’s prospects for future acceptance.’

As usual, if a woman “discovers” you past her fertile age,
you are being settled for, and will, after marriage, be treated like a dray beast.

30 07 2015

Don’t give them ideas, mate! Destroy feminism all you wish, but helping ISIS? ISIS of all things? Dangerous!

31 07 2015

this post is meant to be satirical

2 08 2015

It may be satirical but what is dangerous is that the advice you are giving them is spot on.

11 08 2015
P Ray

A man is, in the twisted ways of thinking of CONservatives, “helping ISIS”,
when he won’t lay down his life, labour and lucre to defend women who don’t give a damn about him.

In short “you are either with us or against us” moronic thinking.

The people offering the gash, if you want to defeat them … you have to match or exceed their offer. I believe that is called a “competitive offer”.

After all, if someone told you,
“here, come and eat animal droppings”
and someone else told you,
“no, come here and eat a burger”.

Which would you choose?

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