can feminism protect women from rape?

2 04 2015

After seeing bunch of I-need-feminism tumblr about how they need feminism to protect women from rape. Then I ask, why is it in Feminist capitals of the world like Sweden and Norway, the feminist mafia does little to stop the rape epidemic brought by Muslim immigrants? Is it because it would be too “racist” to speak out against it?The land of vikings are now the land of castrated manginas. why do the passive castrated emasculated native western men continue to bare the front of feminist scorn, muslim rapists run rampant.




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2 04 2015
Matthew Chiglinsky

Girls are pretty stupid to think the government can protect them from rape. If they were smart, they’d be carrying pepper spray and learning martial arts.

Apparently, what they don’t realize is that the reason men don’t attack other men is not because it’s illegal. It’s because men (unlike women) fight back when they get attacked. Women are more likely to just lie there like a limp fish and then call the police letter crying about it. Feminism is for masochistic victims who weren’t able to find a good boyfriend and need the government to take his place.

3 04 2015

a potential, logical “good boyfriend” is the man they will 100% reject

7 04 2015
P Ray

If a hot guy threatens to rape them, that’s courtship:

Clever idea: add a lol at the end, if she gets butthurt you know she’s a woman who can’t take a joke.
(Until someone has committed a crime … they have NOT committed a crime)

2 04 2015
The Cockroach


Check this out:

3 04 2015

They need a tazer to stop rape not feminism. What’s feminism gonna do? Pay the rapist a visit? Does anyone even know what the number of feminism is?
What a bunch of ball-breaking-bitches! What they are saying is that they don’t want to have fear in their lives and they want men to tow the line and guarantee them a safe passage in whatever they do or go. Guess what, fear’s a good thing. It’s a part of life… and there are no guarantees. I’d like masculism to guarantee me a win in the fucking million dollar lottery so it can rid me of the fear of not being able to pay the bills BUT ITS NOT GONNA FUCKING HAPPEN NOW IS IT!!!
If you ask me, they should send feminism to the vet and have it put down. It’s usefulness is over. Is costing humanity too much to keep it alive.

7 04 2015
P Ray

What women mean when they are campaigning against rape:
(thanks to


This study evaluated the rape fantasies of female undergraduates (N = 355) using a fantasy checklist that reflected the legal definition of rape and a sexual fantasy log that included systematic prompts and self-ratings.

Results indicated that 62% of women have had a rape fantasy, which is somewhat higher than previous estimates

05-02-2014, 11:43 AM

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If u have not yet realised women are extremely primitive, there is no hope for you.

How about this one, eh?

Over 90% of female rape victims experience orgasm during the attack

BOSTON – A new study to be published in next month’s Journal of Clinical Psychiatry is causing controversy in the psychiatric community for some of its unexpected findings. The study, titled “Shame and Guilt in the Aftermath of Sexual Attack”, verifies much of what we know about the mental health of rape victims. However, one observation in particular is raising eyebrows. After analyzing the anonymous transcripts of over 5,000 post-rape counseling sessions, the authors point out that almost all female rape victims experience orgasm during the attack.

Asked for comment, Dr. Herschel Liebowitz, one of the authors of the study, said, “Millions of years of evolution has hard-wired women to be attracted to strong, dominant, and aggressive men. Unfortunately, rapists exhibit an extreme form of these characteristics, even if only temporarily, and this causes an unexpected and involuntary physiological response in the victim.”

Researchers focused on the psychiatric impact of this involuntary response. “Rape victims in general tend to experience an overwhelming sense of shame and guilt”, noted Dr. Liebowitz. “This study finds that the guilt is not a result of the attack necessarily, but rather her own response to the attack. Intellectually, she is disgusted at being violated by an anonymous attacker. But physically, her body seems to have welcomed the attack in the form of sexual climax or orgasm. We believe this contradiction in feelings is the primary source of their shame and guilt.”
So here you have thousands of “sexual experts” who try to help women in couples achieve orgasm with their beta husband, years after years with different tricks and techniques without suceeding.

.. Then when bitches gets raped, 90% (!!!!!!!) gets an orgasm?!



Remember, Chad Thundercock does nothing wrong!
Women seem to agree too! 🙂

8 04 2015
The Cockroach

Stop this planet, I want to get off, lol.

I quoted “hv” in the sluthate thread:

No, there’s 2 different incidents she’s talking about.. first about that alleged “sexual assault” where she got pushed against the wall and another incident, which was the rape .. which she doesn’t really delve into or talk about.
The “sexual assault” incident was probably some ugly, dorky beta schmuck trying to be bold and make a move on her by pushing her against the wall and trying to kiss her. If the guy was “hawt” and sexy, and she was sexually interested in him, she and most women would be saying how sexy it was for a guy to take charge and make a move on her and show sexual interest. What a fucking joke. That’s feminism for you: a mechanism for women to police the male socio-sexual hierarchy and decide which males get to make a move on a woman and display sexual interest and which ones don’t. In a world ruled by feminism, don’t be an unattractive, dorky, beta male and try to make a move on a woman or you’ll get charged with “sexual assault.” Only “hawt” sexy, attractive, alpha men get to be bold and show sexual interest in a woman by making a move.

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