us Asian men failed our collective shit-test a hundred years ago…

2 03 2015

It is said in the comments from my previous posts that feminism in the west is essentially a massive collective shit test from women. Its a shit test that western men fail but militant, uneducated, barbaric, irrational, and violent muslim immigrant men pass. In the land of Vikings like Sweden and Norway are now the most feminized countries on the planet. A Pakistani man on welfare has a better chance with a Norwegian girl than a working Norwegian man.

recently, I read a blog:, a suicidal half-asian male blogger writing about the inter-racial dating disparity. The common theme in his writing is that Asian women hate asian men, they worship white men on the basis of them being white. They view white men as superior on the basis of race. They hate Asian men with the reason of the “oppressive asian patriarchy”, using the same vocabulary as the feminists use, despite the white men those women are fucking are just as controlling and violent.

If we put the 2 and 2 together it does not take a genius to figure out: Asian men fail the collective shit test of the Asian women while western men pass. Now the question here is: what was the collective shit test?

My theory is also in the previous posts of my blog. Asian and Asian Americans have a similar attribute of insecurity: We are paranoid of what western people think of us. Even in America, the Asian America community puts up a desperate front to look liberal. Think about it. Guilty white liberals are now paranoid of the opinions of blacks, latins, and native american. When it comes to Asians, its the complete opposite, where we are the model minority. Despite the fact that many asian countries also have history of colonialism just like Africa, the middle east and the Americas. Do Arab terrorists care for the opinions of Europeans they bomb? Do militant black panthers care about the opinions of white skin heads?

Of course the women of our community will be white worshiping, as we are paranoid about how western people view us. Its the same reason western men fail the shit test of the western women, as guilty white liberals are paranoid of the opinions of “immigrants”…

Now the better question here is: why are we asians are so paranoid of how western people view us, when its the complete opposite when it comes to other racial minorities?




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3 03 2015
P Ray

Asians “are paranoid about what western people think” because they figure that by pandering to western people, they will get ahead.
– they only want you for what you can do for them,
– when there is 0 male representation of sex symbols of your gender in mainstream media that is “of average looks” and are frequent … you are being asked to live up to an unbelievable ideal: the asian guy who’s “white enough”, but down with his culture.
– of course, western people decide whether you are either that, or some “uncivilised savage” that must be brought around to their way of thinking.
– money makes the world go round, don’t let anyone tell you different.
– they want the asian people to go to the west to pay for their pensions, as more western males are “dropping out” because they don’t want to play “Alpha fux beta bucks” … so you are paying for the lifestyle of western people that previously were probably racist towards Asians (makes no g-damn sense)
– exploiting hope is how people take everything you have. Loss of hope is freedom, as when you expect the worst – you NEVER get more than you can handle!

5 03 2015

Isnt all of this just a race being submissive to another that is perceived to have more dominant or masculine men?

6 03 2015


6 03 2015

Can you elaborate on that?

7 03 2015

if that is the case, then Asian women would pick Pakistani, Arab, Black and Latin men the same rate as they pick white men but they don’t. A scrawny white nerd has better chance with the Asian ladies than the tall, athletic, tough Asian kickboxer

6 03 2015
P Ray

I still get the niggling feeling your last paragraph should read:

Now the better question here is: why are we asian MEN are so paranoid of how western people view us, when its the complete opposite when it comes to other racial minorities?

Because, Asian women don’t mind a white slavemaster.

The Asian women looking for Chad Thundercock will reject guys in non-obvious ways like “wait for sex” and “pay for me” under the guise of “I’m after a gentleman”.

Like this one:
She is not a “software engineer”, she is a “digital marketer” like Adria Richards.
In short, dead without an employer. Kind of funny she wants a self-made man, probably to sponge off 🙂

Westernised Asian women are the ABSOLUTE F*CKING WORST.

6 03 2015

I feel sorry for the guy that marries this woman

10 03 2015
P Ray

Asian men can pass their shit test,
the moment they ask for payment from women.
It’s easy, simply imagine that until a woman pays you for a favour,
she is getting something for free that YOU had to work for.

Good news:

Only 20% of under 35s will have their own home in the UK, for example.
Divide by 2 for women alone, that means …
only 1 in 10 women will have their own home.
Open season on the other 9, by men who “want women to return the favour”.

If there’s no female affection, there will be no male protection.
Any woman will eventually run out of people she can con in her social cirlces.
That is why women have gift lists on Amazon or gofundme begging sprees – however, the more women over there … the less women in the real world can get from regular guys.

Always leverage money to get compliance – because women don’t mind limiting your opportunities if they can cheat you from being paid back!

11 03 2015
P Ray

For every other guy who is not a male model,
unless you are holding something over her,
these are the hoops you will be going through to be paid in sex:
(Would ladies be angry if Sean O’ Pry said this? Or it’s just anger-inducing because a regular guy points it out, lol 🙂 )

Scoured from the Internet archives, Cost of Sex with a Girlfriend AND Cost of Sex with a Wife: (the website at and its interactive Javascript calculator are now offline)
Cost of Sex with a Girlfriend:
Time you waste on your GF
How many hours do you spend having stupid conversations with your GF (per week):
How many hours do you spend watching TV shows with her you would rather not watch (per week):
How many hours do you spend doing other stupid things with her you would rather not do (per week):
How many hours do you spend commuting to/from your GF per week:
Money you spend on your GF
How much do you spend on taking her out to dinners/drinks per week:
How much do you spend on other entertainment and buying things for your GF per week:
How much you spend on everything else for her – vacations, shopping, gifts, etc…(per year):
How much do you earn per hour:
How often do you have sex with your GF per week (on average):

Hours you waste on your GF per week:
Money you spend on your GF per week:
Financial cost of sex (one time), not including the cost of time you waste:
Real cost of having sex (one time) with your GF (your time + money):

Cost of Sex with a Wife:
Emotional cost
How many hours do you spend having pointless conversations with your wife per week (conversations you would rather not have):
How many hours does your wife spend either nagging at you, or being upset with you (per week, only include hours you are in the same location):
How many hours do you spend watching TV shows with your wife you don’t really want to watch (per week):
How many hours do you spend doing other things with your wife you would rather not do (per week):
Money you spend on your wife
How much do you spend on housing per month:
How much would you spend on housing if you were single (per month – make your best guess):
How much do you spend on your wife (besides housing) per month:
Big ticket items (not included above), such as a car, vacations, etc you buy your wife – per year:
How many times do you have sex with your wife per year:

Hours of your time your wife sucks out of you per week:
Money you spend on your wife per week:
Emotional cost of sex – hours of your free time you waste to have sex (one time) with your wife:
Financial cost of having sex (one time) with your wife:

30 03 2015

If you consider your time “wasted” with your girlfriend, you should just break up. Your girlfriend must be someone whose company you enjoy, not a ballast in your life.

The same applies for your wife. If you are stupid enough to marry someone you don’t really like just to have occasional unsatisfactory sex, of course you think your time and money is “wasted”. In fact, you’re wasting your life. And probably hers.

And if you can’t see that, then you should not even try to engage in any relationship.

7 04 2015
P Ray

If you consider your time “wasted” with your girlfriend, you should just break up. Your girlfriend must be someone whose company you enjoy, not a ballast in your life.

The same applies for your wife. If you are stupid enough to marry someone you don’t really like just to have occasional unsatisfactory sex, of course you think your time and money is “wasted”. In fact, you’re wasting your life. And probably hers.

And if you can’t see that, then you should not even try to engage in any relationship.

The funny thing is,
most women waste the life of regular guys,
as they come (pun intended) into their life …
after they come (pun intended again) out of their life with Chad Thundercock (he doesn’t want them anymore).

The thing is that regular guys have been brainwashed,
into thinking they have to “work for woman’s appreciation”,
she gives it freely to Chad Thundercock,
but expects regular guys to pay dearly for it.

12 03 2015
The Cockroach

I’ll just leave this here:

19 03 2015

This article is very accurate. Some of mine and Advaned’s worst rejections came from Asian women. Also norweigen men are being cuckholded to death

19 03 2015
The Cockroach

Hm, where’s my comment?

23 03 2015
The Cockroach

Again from sluthate:

Jesus Christ

25 03 2015
Eurasian Virgin

White fathers and Asian mothers have bred an entire race of incel virgins. There has never been a more miserable race in history.

26 03 2015

though you tell me nothing I don’t already know, this is an interesting sub-reddit

5 02 2017

Hm, I was beat to the punch.

I didn’t realize someone had posted that link ahead of me, heh.

28 03 2015
P Ray

How Asian men can start passing the collective shit-test (credit: sluthate)

Fuck anyone who is benefitting from you living paycheque to paycheque, hand to mouth. Do not work that hard at your job. You should only be working flat-out for your own ventures, business, and goals. If you can sneakily do work for yourself at your job, do it.

Look good but be far from it. Get to work early and look punctual. Play the game and beat them at it. If there are calls you need to make, medication you need to take, grooming you need to do, do it at work in the bathroom. Your focus should be on arriving early and being seen to be busy. In the morning, at home, if you feel you are going to be late, fucking leave, throw on a hat and coat, get to work and freshen up in the bathroom. Fuck what you look like on the street, you have employers to FOOL.

Don’t kill yourself working flat-out. Break for lunch early. Return from lunch late. Go toilet for no reason. Bring your smartphone with you when you go for a shit. Listen to podcasts that will help you in life if you are allowed to have headphones on at your desk. Take off days in a row sick if it won’t fuck you up. If you are really sick for a day, take off 2-3 extra. Install GoToMyPC and work on your home projects in your lunch hour and any spare moment you get. If you have to be a slave for now, be a bad slave. Be an awared slave. Be a calculating slave.

Your employers don’t give a fuck about you. Give less of a fuck about them and their business. If they needed to get rid of you to save their business, you’d be gone. They are your powerful enemies. Recognize that and treat them accordingly. You are incel and owe no one nothing. You don’t get nothing in this life for being good, helpful and thoughtful. You go the same grave as the axemurderer or the fraudster. Fuck the world. Be on the offensive. Fuck everyone except you.

Live by this:
When life gives you lemons, fuck it in the ass and give it lemon-AIDS.

also, this:
A star programmer at Verizon fired for outsourcing his own job has learned a harsh lesson: exploitation is a job for employers, not staff

31 03 2015
The Cockroach
2 04 2015

you don’t tell me anything I don’t already know

6 04 2015
Asian Male

“We are paranoid of what western people think of us.”

To be honest, I’m not really sure what you mean. I’m an Asian-American male, and I try to conduct myself like a civilized, decent human being. I’m not a trouble-maker, I don’t break the law, and I don’t try to be an asshole or a jerk to others.

So in that sense, yes, I do care how I appear to western people. But then, I care how I appear to non-western people too. More important, I care about trying to be a good person, regardless what other people think.

So what exactly would you have Asians do?

7 04 2015

there is a reason why the model minority stereotype exists. opinions of western people matter to them. Asians hate each other and they don’t care. but we do seem to walk on egg shells when it comes to offending western people…for reasons unknown…

7 04 2015
Asian Male

So what is an example of what an Asian (male) should do?

22 04 2015

The only way to break the stereotype is to brutally inform and teach all asian men out there to act non stereotypically. To break the attuide passed by our parents of being meek and weak, we gotta do make our own path.

23 04 2015

so you choose to do what? lift weights, act macho, and reject the 5000 years of Daoist spiritualism, Confucian courtesy, and Buddhist ethics?

24 04 2015

neonfuzion (06:38:49) wrote:

“The only way to break the stereotype is to brutally inform and teach all asian men out there to act non stereotypically. To break the attuide passed by our parents of being meek and weak, we gotta do make our own path.”

This advice is too vague. What are some specific examples of how to “break the stereotype”?

25 04 2015

good advice would be to leave the country, stop building the system why build a system that screws us over and has an inevitable demise. find wife in non feminist countries. For more angrier more bitter asian men i would actually tell them to convert to Islam and join ISIS. The west is too decadent to be salvageable.

8 04 2015

stop being a model minority, stop building this society that doesn’t value us, expatriate abroad to non-feminsit countries

24 11 2017

I would suggest that we wait for China and North Korea to be democratic. Then let’s run. Meanwhile we must remain the model minority because it is good for our global reputation as a civilized people, not a people locked up in the Savanna.

The West was a light to us and the rest of the world when we were stuck in isolation. Even though we used to be miserable we are doing way better due to both IQ and hard work. Right now the West is getting old like China right before Opium Wars and its light dims. It is time for us to be the other light to humanity so that the world can see.

26 11 2017

if you want to rescue humanity, humanity must be worth saving first. being the model minority is just prolonging the inevitable collapse. A lot of our people are weakened by civilization. Aren’t the fierce Khitans and Jurchens domesticated by confucianism?

26 11 2017

@Surviving Incel
If we remain firm in our commitment to civilization and rejection of the Savanna many European, Middle-Eastern and Indian people will join us when they find that the Savanna is against them. We just need to be the light.

27 11 2017

People will laugh at the East Asians for their passivity and continue to slave away for a system that fucks them in the ass

30 11 2017

And they will be proven wrong. Regardless of the Savanna degeneracy in the West NE Asia will be awesome.

Those who laugh are of the Savanna. The Savanna is dysgenic. So eventually we know who will be laughing in the long run.

3 12 2017

I think you are completely delusional… slaving away under the bamboo ceiling if your definition of defiance?

3 12 2017

You know that China and North Korea are insane governments. However they are unstable. We just need 10-40 years to make sute that NE Asian governments actually care about their people. Then we need to evacuate.

The bamboo ceiling only exists in the diaspora. So only those who left a crazy government profit from enduring it. When it is no longer profitable and the grass is greener somewhere else it is time to leave.

3 12 2017

yeah, good luck with that shit. Asian countries are part of the same system

3 12 2017

Which system? NWO?

6 04 2015
James Ca

Asian men should go to Asia to find a wife! The women over there aren’t as self-hating as Westernized Asian women.

7 04 2015

oh but they are catching on…

8 04 2015

amen. our friend over in China was telling me that a few weeks ago

7 04 2015
P Ray

Given the choice between a white guy in Asia, and an Asian guy in Asia,
women in Asia …
pick the white guy.

What they don’t seem to realise is,
they’re picking a guy that can also … find another Asian girl easily.

In short, many shoot themselves in the foot,
Men, but especially Asian men,
need to beware of the “mature 30+ Asian woman looking for a reliable guy”,
as such women are looking for a donkey and tool …
after they have had their fun for free …
with a white guy.

P.S. Try reading up on the terms “sajiao” / “burikko” / “manja” / “aegyo”

24 11 2017

Ignore the “shit test” for it belongs to the Savanna. Even Prisoners of the Savanna can be saved if they are properly integrated into a civilization in the north where snow falls and free mangoes don’t exist. In fact this is why all who are alienated from the Savanna exist.

We Northeast Asians don’t belong to the evil savanna from which our ancestors escaped from. Instead we belong to the civilized world. White folks don’t belong to it either which is why there are so many angry and intelligent white men. It’s not a coincidence that the most angry white folks are on 4chan, a website modelled after a Northeast Asian one, containing a lot of Northeast Asian art (anime) and owned by a Northeast Asian dude. The white guys who are most similar to us are those who are most likely to support the far-right for Prisoners of the Savanna are stealing white women. Indian guys and Arab guys haven’t been affected by Savanna Incel a lot but they won’t be spared either for the Savanna if not stopped can devour the world.

Let what belongs to civilizations return to civilizations and then let’s rescue those stuck in the Savanna by dragging them out. Eventually we will liberate all humans from it and then shut the Savanna down once and for all. Freeing prisoners from the Savanna is a noble act. However we must take care of our own lawn first before helping others taking care of theirs.

26 11 2017

I disagree with your whole “Savanah” shit but theres some merits to what you say

26 11 2017

What I meant is that we must never bow down before the Savanna. We don’t genetically belong to it. Instead we have transcended it.

Dating is of the Savanna.

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