Possible future scenario: armed conflict between radical feminists and radical muslims in the west

2 02 2015

If you guys can actually get past how humorous this sounds, and looking at the social climate of the west, you’d probably realize that this is actually quite believable. Radical feminist and Radical muslims have one very important characteristic in common: they get crazier by the generation. Their numbers are growing and its only a matter of time between the two complete opposite ideologies clash.

You never know what the next generation will be like. As the feminist get crazier, they might actually become domestic terrorists, armed by the far left as the only means to bring down their imaginary “oppressive patriarchy”. As for radical muslims, as many religious organizations do their own social policing(Amish, Quakers, Mormons), radical muslims are not as quiet and isolationist but expansionist. If the more violent sharia law started to put into practice, the mutilations, beatings, whipping and beheadings start to take full swing, the reactionary action from their opposition is also inevitable. In fact, radical Islam might actually DRIVE the newer generation feminists to be armed, taking inspiration from the Israelis.

Readers, do you think such scenario is possible? If you agree, what would it mean for non-muslim men in the west, and incels in the west?




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3 02 2015

Never going to happen. Feminist are women they cry and manipulate for what they want, it is what they did trought the 20th centry. What could happen is a war beteween the muslin and non muslin men for the control of the Europe and then women fucking the winner.

3 02 2015

I disagree. Feminists are advantage seekers that would gladly turn back on their ideals if its to their advantage. Once they realize radical islam will end their days forever they can easily manipulate the lonely desperate white knight chumps to die in teh front lines for them, and theres plenty where those come from

3 02 2015

I wasnt saying that feminists would never send men to die in war, just look at the white feather girls during WWI. What i was implying is that feminists by themselfs will never grab arms and fight for what they say they belive. I doubt that feminists would mind very much living under radical islam, feminism apears to be some kind of colective shit test failed and we continue to fail.

English is not my mother laguage so i may not been able to get point across.

3 02 2015

Why do you think western feminists would not mind living under radical Islam? Have you not heard of the Islamic feminist movement?

3 02 2015

also… Us Asian men already failed our massive shit test in about every single Asian country and it didn’t even require feminism

3 02 2015
P Ray

Radical Islam and feminism will never clash in an “obvious” way.
Both (and other abrahamic religions) are cuntservatives.

Get the regular man to die,
Top man gets lots of women.

Women don’t mind sharing the top guy.
Women don’t mind being abused by a top guy.
You think Karrueche Tran cares that Chris Brown gave Rihanna a hiding (eventhough she probably attacked him first?)

3 02 2015

Never heard of the islamic feminist movement, but it doesnt suprise me just women being women, after all they evolved to extrated the most number of resousers from a man. That, the control of male sexuality and the deregulation of female sexuality is the ensense of feminism.

Women only care for their acess to alpha seed and resourses to their children, they dont care for conceps such as liberty, rights or even civilization. Of curse they would moan and bitch during these sopused war and its aftermath but if radical islam would win they would happely serv with this men after they won, they are superior to western men.

Just to end i know feminist IRL i am “friends” with them, i know their mating habbits. And i am europian from the sunny sucky part of europe.

5 02 2015
P Ray

if radical islam would win they would happely serv with this men after they won, they are superior to western men.
I would agree with you, but ONLY IF THE GUYS LOOKED LIKE TAHAR RAHIM.

Otherwise, you get this:


Now, why would those women be complaining about the men that captured them fair and square?
Because …
those guys don’t look like male models. And,
are probably rank-and-file soldiers, not the main warlord in charge.

5 02 2015

Yes you are right, i forgot that “small” detail. If they are in the harem of the warlord or his lieutenants they would probably dont mind atleast the majority of them.

The woman in that article is in the possible worst circumstance, she isn’t even the woman of one those low value men she is the public proprety of a buch of them, in that case she perfers get kill by 1 ton jdam that continue living.

5 02 2015

so what do you think could be a believable scenario? western women spreading their legs as they encourage radical muslims to kill western men?

5 02 2015

Not exactly that scenario. Some women as individuals may do that, others the oposite. As a group they may do that if they would precive a group of men, be they western or muslin, low value. Remember that women use the alpha brutes to protect them agaist the men they find low value.

What i think what is more likely in such confrontation, is what i already saw many times in my life when a girl makes two men fight for her. As a group i believe they would encourage, by what means i have no idea, both groups of men to fight and stay with the best men of the winner group.

Either way incels and other types of low value men would expect to fight and die, with promises that will never materialize, for the collective.

20 03 2015

There already is a venue in the world today where militant feminism and violent Islam have come face-to-face: Sweden. Thanks to a completely liberalized immigration and “refugee” policy, Sweden is becoming overrun now with violent, assertive Muslims who are doing the usual things that their kind does when they get a significant demographic foothold: staging mass protests, setting up enclaves, burning down buildings, attacking non-Muslims (particularly the sexual-assault of “infidel” women), etc. The response from the feminist mafia in that country has been mostly to turn a blind eye to it all; they’re apparently more concerned about eradicating gender pronouns in preschool, outlawing the buying of sex while keeping the selling of sex, and banning the act of pissing while standing up than they are concerned about making their streets safe enough so that women don’t have to dye their blond hair black to keep from being raped by Muslim gangs.

In order to understand why this is, we have to understand female mating psychology. As it has been said before, you could think of feminism as one gigantic shit-test, and violent Islam passes, while the weak, placating manginas don’t. Feminists are still women, with which respect is a one-way street: they won’t respect men who take their abuse, but are naturally attracted and obedient to men who dish abuse out. That should tell you all you need to know about why Sweden is the way it is, and what will happen as the junction between feminism and Islam expands everywhere else.

21 03 2015

how would the swedish feminist react, if the violent muslims get organized and are singling out and beheading specifically feminists? still turn the blindeye and continue to attack western men?

24 04 2015

This is ridiculous. In the few matrilineal societies left, they are the most peaceful and egalitarian. People are matrilineal by nature. The ancient Spartans, Persians, Iroquois, Bedouin were all matrilineal. That all went out of style with the spread of Christianity, later Islam and eventually colonialism. Feminism is just a symptom of the way people are meant to live, where men spend theIr lives with their mothers and visit their wives/girlfriends at night and then return home in the morning. Mother’s, sisters, aunts all lived together and cared for each others children as their own and men are free to do as they please so long as they contribute labor or bring income to their mother’s clan. It works out great for the Minangkabau and Mosuo. Everybody’s happy.

24 04 2015

so you think next generation of feminists will pick up arms against muslims?

24 04 2015

those women in the matriarchal societies bare very little resemblance to the feminist, bad boy fucking sluts in western society

8 06 2015

On the other hand do you think that one day all the incels and men who were fucked over by women will rise up and riot or something?

10 06 2015

no, the dumb ones die off and the smart ones go abroad

30 07 2015

Feminists will do absolutely nothing to stop Islam. I’m not saying they like Islam, but they will not risk their lives to stop Islam. They may try to immigrate out, but they will do nothing to stop Islam.

Feminists are very violent against passive men. But very docile and timid if the man concerned is violent, like Radical Muslims. Remember, Feminism is merely a shit test. It is not an ideology.

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