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31 01 2015




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31 01 2015
P Ray

dissention makes a good point of always understanding that the scales are tilted against you as an Asian, no one will try to “make it right” unless they see you as “an easy mark”:

August 23, 2010
The “advice” in a recent post by Assanova titled “What Can Asian Guys Do?” is a good example of why I prefer escorts over “unpaid” sex.

The gist of that post can be summed up as- “your life sucks, eat the scraps”.

My three-step answer to this issue is based on a cost-benefit analysis:

1] Use your earning power to buy good-quality sex with hot and compliant girls.

2] Treat any woman who rejects your advances as a non-entity, but don’t waste too much of your mental capacity on dissing cunts- because that is what they really are.

3] Since you are not treated fairly, you have no reason to treat people fairly.

If your sense of fairness and basic human decency is not reciprocated, you have every right to screw and fuck over anybody who fits the profile of such non-reciprocators and their progeny. Feel free to abuse, scam, mock, insult and con them, preferably in a manner that is profitable to you (more money= more escorts).

One bad turn deserves many, in a manner that is satisfying and profitable to you.

You cannot make others treat you as an equal, but you fuck them (and their progeny) over. What do you really have to lose? Their respect? Another chance at decent treatment? Any opportunity? Their friendship?

You cannot lose what you never had! Show NO mercy, release your inner scheming sadist.

31 01 2015
The Cockroach
3 02 2015
P Ray

If a woman wants you to “wait for sex” to “get to know her better”,
the question to ask is:
“How can I be more like the guy you sucked off after knowing him for 15 minutes at a party?”

You will probably get a slap, but NOT a denial.
That tells you everything you need to know about her.

Pain from a slap beats the pain as you are castrated and robbed by divorce-theft.
Stop female criminals before they start stealing from you.

3 02 2015
P Ray

More Asian doctors waking up.
I am very certain they can excuse not being with the current generation of 30-something women, with the phrase “right now my work is more interesting(than subsidising a former cockhopper)”.
Of course, I wish for them lots of luck in finding a girl in her teens to marry, women are going to cockblock “men they don’t find attractive” to OTHER women.
So much for “women make relationships happen” – usually, they DON’T.

4 02 2015
P Ray

Chad Thundercock male model experiments.
Women don’t care if you are semi-retarded, or a criminal or mentally unsound as long as you are hot (and white, mostly).
If you were ugly and ethnic, forget it.

Don’t listen to “relationship advice” from women, as it applies to make her more attracted to Chad Thundercock, not to Joe Average.

4 02 2015
P Ray

The Golden Comment:
Re: Chad Thundercock on Tinder (Sluthate edition)

by Niggardofspeech » Thu Jan 08, 2015 3:58 am
Yeah. There is zero denying looks theory after these experimemts. You would have to be the biggest coping buffoon with a skull thicker than cinderblock to ever believe a cunt (or anyone for that matter) who says looks don’t matter.

It would be like going to a third world country, seeing the profound poverty people live in first hand and then going back to your first world country, prancing around saying “money doesn’t matter”. You would have to be a verified sub85 IQ

4 02 2015
P Ray

Re: Chad Thundercock on Tinder (Sluthate edition)

by PuaKiller » Fri Jan 09, 2015 8:53 pm
CB-03-01 wrote:
just lol @ “making a contribution to this world”

modern day reality is just a fuck fest between good looking males and females

there isn’t even SCRAPS left

Such fucking shit. We know that cunt is more likely to cheat because she’s slutted it up so much and “enjoyed the single life” (studies have proven this). The guy she’s marrying didn’t enjoy the single life though. He studied and stayed in at college while the Chads of the world fucked the girls. Then he workcelled away for a decade just to marry a glorified prostitute.

Women are fucking COLD CALCULATING CUNTS when they come to this. They know they won’t marry Chad, they know they’ll marry some beta who they never would have considered during their best years and know he’ll still stay around and put up with the bullshit. All the while they do this under the guise that they “don’t know any better” and just keep falling for players and bad boys. It’s all a crock. Marriage rates are plummeting for a reason. If you get married these days, just fucking LOL at you.

4 02 2015
The Cockroach

Honestly, it would be better to remain incel than to engage with something like this.

5 02 2015
P Ray

Virginity tests are still legal in some parts of Europe
Always get a 2nd test done to confirm.

If women think virginity is worthless, why do they try to sell it?
And if they are after nice guys and say they appreciate them … why were they previously with bad boys if those guys didn’t appreciate them?
Which is it, are they insane or stupid?

5 02 2015
P Ray

P.S. I posted up that article to wikipedia some time back, it seems the page on “virginity testing” gets edited to make the impression that “only backwards Asian people test for virginity, us Westerners demand that all men have only sluts to choose from”

A man marrying a slut is a pitiable idiot, but also dangerous because they are the backbone of the bluepill brigade.

31 01 2015

Sharia Law makes sense to me now

10 02 2015
The Cockroach

It’s becoming untenable:

News article:

Blog post:

12 02 2015
P Ray
“Tragedy of the Car Lady of Chiswick: Celebrated concert pianist who for decades lived in a Ford Consul and makeshift shelter after a man ‘broke her heart’ is killed by a lorry”

My takeaway from that tragedy,
is to learn how to be like that guy.

If a woman can move on from you,
She had no feelings for you anyway.

(I think it’s also time for men to adopt the idea that he should be her last great romance, and if not – never reconnect again.
Too many bluepills have created the relationship wasteland we now live in.)

12 02 2015
The Cockroach

Hm, my comment isn’t showing up.

1 03 2015
P Ray

Women have very “selective vision”,
they only “see” men if they are “Chad Thundercock” or they need a tool.
even in a crowded world, the lack of that is called “man drought”.

Talk about a drug trip, LeeByungHun has summed it up well in this picture:

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