a repost from another forum:”Human existence is a truth tragedy”

9 10 2014

Many posters on this forum see that females can get sex easily, so it is a natural assumption that they have all the power because they hold all the cards, i.e. females have a huge number of sexual options… But in my experience, that is actually not the case at all: the more attractive a female is, the more exclusive her social circle — her expectations and “requirements” for a mate increase dramatically, even astronomically… It is Hypergamy taken to the extreme. This kind of Hypergamy among highly attractive females means very few men actually make the cut: since this beautiful girl would only consider fucking the most desirable 5% or 10% of males, an individual male within this 5% or 10% is very valuable because he is very rare.

Men in who find themselves among the most desirable 5% are less particular and “exclusive” than their female counterparts. Unlike most men, they might not fuck “anybody,” who is willing, instead restricting themselves to the top 30% of females, but 30% is still much larger than the 5% of males a beautiful girl will be willing to fuck…

This is the only way I am able to explain situations where a beautiful girl continues following around, forgiving, and remaining faithful to a highly desirable male, even though the male sometimes cheats or otherwise disrespects the girl. And I have seen this kind of situation in real life MANY TIMES… I have known many beautiful girls, and they are not always treated as princesses by their boyfriends: often the boyfriend is clearly in the driver’s seat, and seems to have the advantaged position in the relationship, even though the girl is incredibly beautiful… Again, this is because highly desirable males (by hypergamous beautiful girl standards) are exceptionally rare and cannot be easily replaced by a partner of equal “value.”

Sometimes, during particularly harsh episodes of depression, I DID wish that all girls were insatiable, disloyal whores, because that would mean that highly desirable men could fuck them BUT never really win their hearts… and if I never found a supermodel as a wife, at least I would not be missing out because true loyalty is not really possible from women. The idea that all women are whores may be a comforting thought sometimes, but this is planet Earth, and the truth is often the most depressing of all possibilities… In this case, the truth is that only the top 10% most desirable men are considered “worthy” of love and monogamy by many females.

To men within this 10%, women appear loving, loyal, monogamous, and obsessively possessive.

To men outside of this 10%,, women seem like evil, disloyal whores who will never truly love anybody but themselves…

Human existence is truly a tragedy: Not because love and loyalty don’t exist, but because love and loyalty DO EXIST, but many humans will never encounter them… Only the fortunate, beautiful few…




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9 10 2014
P Ray

Women treat men differently depending on how they view them AND their views can be changed when they’re around that guy for the long term.
Women know this, which is why they are careful not to be around ugly guys … until the good looking ones refuse them. Or a really “good catch” ugly guy is available for them to interact with.
Example follows:
While recently in hospital a nurse told me “Don’t you need a medical certificate for being absent from work?”
I replied “Not when you own the business”.
Then she asked “Do you have a girlfriend?”
Keep in mind, she was about 20. Chinese, page-boy haircut, flat chest (not a problem, they grow when she’s pregnant), bubble butt, decent face.
I replied “Nope. Videogames are better.”
I hope she does well, but, I’m not holding out any hope for girls out of their teens.
Redpill really makes you aware of what you bring to the table … and what others want from you.

12 10 2014

” the more attractive a female is, the more exclusive her social circle — her expectations and “requirements” for a mate increase dramatically, even astronomically… It is Hypergamy taken to the extreme. This kind of Hypergamy among highly attractive females means very few men actually make the cut: since this beautiful girl would only consider fucking the most desirable 5% or 10% of males, an individual male within this 5% or 10% is very valuable because he is very rare.”

Most attractive females don’t need to engage in an extra-pair mating because it more likely that beautiful women can find male long term partners whom they fell are highly desirable and more likely that a attractive woman would secure a back-up potential mate.

Since that contexts most likely to promote an extra-pair mating include feeling that she wants to find someone with whom she is more compatible than her current LTR partner, meeting someone who is willing to spend a lot of time with her and meeting someone who is better looking than her current partner who seems interested in her. So mate switching may be a key function of short-term mating for average or less attractive women.

“This kind of Hypergamy among highly attractive females means very few men actually make the cut: since this beautiful girl would only consider fucking the most desirable 5% or 10% of males, an individual male within this 5% or 10% is very valuable because he is very rare.”

Hypergamy affects all women, not only attractive ones, since mating studies show that people (both males and females) pursue attractive mates irrespective of their own attractiveness. But female choices are more skewed than are those of males. In addition, other population-level features may influence mate choice dynamics (i.e. high population density, male biased sex ratio, social networks, space and mobility, etc). All this influences mating-related behaviours making females choosier.

12 10 2014

you realize that since all of them compete for the 10% handsome badboys, finding REPLACEMENT for those SPECIFIC 10% is indeed difficult. this is exact why those women put up with emotional and physical abuse from handsome badboy but will tell the ugly nice to fuck off for the slightest transgression

15 10 2014
P Ray

@every bluepill guy out there: this is what women put up with, for men they are really attracted to.
Would you let your man sleep with other women to stop him leaving you? Divorcee Maria-Louise does – and says at 57 she has no choice
Maria-Louise has been married twice, to men who refused to have sex
She met her current boyfriend Tim while married to second husband Carol
Six months after they first had sex, she found out he’d indulged in a fling
According to Tim, 55, he had the ‘right’ to have sex with who he liked
Likened choosing women to sleep with to browsing at a supermarket
At 57, Maria-Louise feels she can no longer afford to be choosy
She ignored the guys interested in her previously, and now gets treated badly by the guy she’s attracted to.
To reverse the genders in the stupid question women ask towards men …
“I wonder what she did to deserve being treated like that?” 🙂

14 10 2014

All the top 5% men I’ve met say their very attractive woman is a b***h, nags all the time, stops having sex, and makes them miserable. Some play one man off another man in an attempt to bid up their “price.” One top guy i know had to get rid of his very attractive wife in a divorce after 10 months of marriage. She became awful. Sometimes the sex is even bad with a very attractive woman and I mean bad, bad bad awful bad.

The very attractive women I’ve met come in all personality types, I’ve seen a wide range. But the women still see their top 5% guy as disposable. They may chase him desperately, but that does not mean they “love” him. They just see him, through hypergamy, as their best option and they want what they want when they don’t have it and they have nothing to do all day but chase these top guys because that’s what they want, not because they “love” him.

These very attractive women don’t get distracted by non-fiction reading or a career or by hobbies. They build their life around chasing these top guys to the exclusion of anything else. But that does not mean they “love” him.

Only a few women develop the empathy to love their male partner, these empathy women, in my opinion, are very rare. Those men that meet one, well I do wish them the best.

OK all of that was anecdotal evidence and I must defer to Sir Lanister’s excellent science. But having said that my anecdotes point towards too many to count exceptions to what you propose in this post. I merely suggest a more balanced view until more science is done.

In conclusion, it is very, very sad, initially, to realize that women do not fall into “love” with men (only rarely) and can be manipulative and duplicitous. But, facts are facts, and I for one, get a rather nice sense of calm from seeing the facts as clearly as possible.

As always, best.

19 10 2014
P Ray

2 more comments to kick off a sh*tstorm of denial:
“Women LOVE violent men.

If MOST women wanted kind, non-violent men, then that’s what MOST men would become – OVERNIGHT.

The ‘friendzone’ is just another expression of women’s hatred of decent, kind, caring men. I would say that at least 80%, and probably 90%, of the attractive women I see with men, are with violent, miserable scumbags.

Women are terrified of intimacy, contrary to what you’ve been told all your life, and this is why they are terrified of a loving relationship.

To most women, ‘love’ means ‘he doesn’t love me, so I keep having to get him to love me’. That is a sick, masochistic vision of what ‘love’ means.

To put it even more bluntly: MOST women have got something deeply and disturbingly wrong with them. Otherwise the world wouldn’t be full of endless wars, crime, and the murder of 80 BILLION animals every year.

WOMEN are dating and marrying the millions of men who torture and kill animals every day – are those women looking for love? Of course not.

In ONE generation, women can genocide out of existence ALL of the kind and caring men in their society – just look at Afghanistan, for example. How do you think it came about that an entire country’s women are not allowed to leave the house without a man? Are all those men in Afghanistan really nice, caring men? Of course not – the nice, caring men were GENOCIDED out of existence by the stupid women who lived and then rejected those nice men for the violent men, when the nice, caring men were still alive.”


Another great comment sums up why women leading on men is so harmful

“So according to the author, (who seems like a white-knight feminazi sympathizer) men are obligated to stay friends with women they have genuine feelings for and stay in a creepy, awkward, 1-sided friendship while their bottled-up emotions and feelings tear them apart from the inside out.

It’s the nice thing to do, right? He also thinks that men who use the term “friend zone” to simply describe the situation should have their dicks cut off. “

19 10 2014

well, many will argue the handsome kind man would be prefered over the violent evil ugly man any day. If guys like me become assholes, women would be repulsed by me even more.

Handsome men have power, and power corrupts. A poster from PUAHate once wrote here that “badboys are just good looking guys who take their options”

see the poll in my previous post. Many agree that handsome nice guys and ugly bad boys are few in number and far in between

20 10 2014
P Ray

Yup. And a fantastic good current example is Thiago Rocha.
Want to bet he’ll receive lots of love letters in prison?

20 10 2014

how did you think he got the chance to kill those women in the first place?
If he is in America he would drown in lover letters. Don’t know if its like that in Brazil

23 10 2014
P Ray

I would say that women are women everywhere:
e.g. Joran van der Sloot managed to convince a woman to carry his baby to term in Peru while he is still jailed there.
I wonder how that daughter will turn out …

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