which of the following do you think is the most likely to happen

2 09 2014

I am wondering about the next generation of feminism and sexual harassment laws (I don’t think most women realize the power they have, as they can make a guy lose his job and go to jail only on the basis of her word), aggressive promotion of homosexuality in the media,  demonization of heterosexuality particularly of physically unattractive men, will there be mandatory “turn gay” camps for those men like the “turn straight” camps that conservative Christians have? Further more, will there be public lynching of incels and “creeps” in fear of rape as women claim they feel uncomfortable around these men? Swedish feminists are already chanting “hang all men”, I fear these days are not that far ahead.





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3 09 2014
The Cockroach

1) Maybe, though social marginalization is enough. I guess banning it would mean making it illegal for ugly men to ask women out? As you noted, an ugly male already risks torpedoing his career by doing that in the workplace. Kinda ties into #3.

2) The same camp recognizes being gay isn’t really a choice, so that wouldn’t make sense

3) If there’s a wave of ER type events (hope not) then you might see something related to this. Extensive profiling with certain people being taken into custody no-questions-asked if a woman says she’s uncomfortable..

4) Not really.

4 09 2014

you forget there are a lot of FALSE sexual harassment accusation, taken by word WITHOUT any investigation…

3 09 2014

tom brady skit from snl lol

3 09 2014

thats on this blog actually

10 09 2014

You forget there are ugly women as well and their suffering is comparable to what you have been going through. I understand that you are speaking from a man’s POV, but still, let’s not forget about the other side of the coin.

11 09 2014

ugly women can get average men due to men’s lack of choice and desperation. ugly men cannot. see the post before, male incel is below a 6, female incel is below a 3

10 09 2014

5) Chemical castration is easier.

Anti-depressants and related drugs turn off your sexual desire. They are used sometimes in serial rapists, etc.

Why not use them in other men?Just take your (red) pills huehuehue.

11 09 2014

government monetary cost…for 80% of the male population

14 09 2014

Cheaper than concentration turn gay camps, though.

Maybe it can be put into the water supply, or by skin contact in shaving foams or something like that.
There’s a lot of research to be done here.

14 09 2014

killing the sex drive of the 20% handsome badboys using the water supply? Feminists will come after you with pitchforks…

17 09 2014

There’s this disturbing side effect of your blog: everytime I read “badboys” the Duran Duran song starts playing in my head.

The drugged drinking water problem can be solved by just getting sure the watrer supply in the gyms is not polluted. This way only pumped up heteros and muscle mary gays would have libido.

17 09 2014


14 09 2014

some trolls make me laugh

18 09 2014

With the hysteria around “campus rape” and “rape culture” – the most likely result is that men who are average or under-average in the looks department will be even more hesitant to ask out girls. If there is to be a whole HR checklist to ensure you have iron-clad consent, men will just beat one out to online porn, and go to sleep.

Regret is not rape. If two dumb college kids drink too much, smoke too much, and pair off with someone they would never talk to sober – that is not rape.

18 09 2014

thats what most rape accusations are… and dreaded PUAs are already talking about day game and geeks are approaching in droves…

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