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28 09 2014

This is a reference back to one of my previous posts


On the choosing criteria of Asian vs. Western women, it just seems that both criteria is toxic and screws over the average working man. The western woman’s choosing criteria, as she can have relation with whoever she please under feminism, she will be part of the harem of an “Alpha” male that is tall, muscular, square jaw, etc. She does not mind sharing the “sexy man” with 99 other women as long as she has a piece of him. This is the where why body building, aesthetics movement of being “shredded” is becoming mainstream in the west. Outside of the west, men are not so obsessed with muscle building(you still need height and face to back it up).


consequently in East Asia, most women could hardly care less what you look like as long as you have money. She will look for me without any resolve, and control him and his money by withholding sex and nagging. If she can have access to your money without sex, you are more desirable. Its not as much as she is into you, its the access to your money thats more desirable, then spending it all then move on. They are less interested in sex, more interested in (Your) money.


In both cases, the average working man gets fucked over. The western woman will down right ignore the working man as she has access to money via the welfare state and her “independence” of working. On the other hand, the Asian woman will bleed the working man dry, then move on. My message to my fellow incels who decides to go abroad, be sure to also avoid East Asia.


More on infidelity…

23 09 2014


Though as involuntary celibates, adultery of course don’t apply to us, but many incels online are also vocal about speaking against adultery. Is is because former incels would most likely be victims of adultery? If you are reading this and you are incel, please leave a comment about your attitude towards adultery. In the poll, when I ask if you are against adultery I mean either should there be laws against adultery and/or society should shame it.

I have asked people in real life about the actions of Mr. J  from the previous post and some individuals viewed it negatively but others changed the opinions to “no comment”. My roommate whom I work with says its more the fault of the woman than the man’s actions (despite knowing full well the woman’s married). He even goes as far as to say hypothetically he would fuck my wife if my wife wants to fuck him, and he would expect me to fuck his wife if his wife want to fuck me, even though he’s not okay with it. He goes farther to claim that Mr. J has done nothing wrong it is the fault of the people in the marriage, the same exact answer I would get from the commenter Mongo/Alberto.

It kind of made me sick to my stomach and want to physically vomit after knowing how people in general are okay or even neutral towards what Mr.J does. I am curious about what readers of the blog feel about adultery and what is your sexual background(noncel, incel, or former incel)

How do you see Mr. J.

20 09 2014

about a former roommate I had, lets call him Mr. J. He is of Indian descent who used to own a Bollywood movie store. His is a notorious adulterer who would have sex with his female customers in the back room, many of whom are married, have boyfriends, and have kids. In turn because he is so good at sex he gains his reputation, those women he fucked would go and tell their friends and they come and fuck him and his influence grows. I know what he said is true as he has his encounters recorded on video. He would tell me about it and brag about his sexual performance, and show me the sex tapes he made. He is the guy who cheated with just about every single customer that came to his store. I am wondering, do you view Mr. J positively or negatively?

Question about dry spell and adult male virginity

16 09 2014

I read about an incident on reddit where a man and his date were about to have sex at the end of their date. Suddenly the woman asks him when was the last time he had sex. He replied,”7 month ago”. She then reacted with a look of disgust and left. Now, if the average western woman would react like this to a normal man with 7 month dry spell, what do you think how will they react to life long incels? We have to work on our cover story to mask our past. the western woman like men OTHER women like, thus, making us adult life long incels comparable to inedible rotting food with mold and maggots. While female virginity and chastity are valued and charished deeply in almost every culture, from the Zulus in south Africa to the Souix Indians in the USA. However; adult male virgins/incels are the simply the untouchables, and we must accomplish something else greater either with money or mail order brides to make up for what we missed out on.

Ladies, you are welcome to chime in and give you honest opinion.

Qualities and lack of …

14 09 2014

If you have a lot of qualities from this list

1. extremely shy and introverted
2. socially awkward
3. bad fashion sense
4. ugly/deformed
5. out of shape, not athletic, skinny or fat, short
6. nerdy, obscure interests like Dnd, magic the gathering, start wars geek, star trek geek etc.
7. videogamer
8. weak, wimpy, cannot stand their ground in a confrontation, gets “blocked” and “shut down” in social situations
9. not a bad boy, too sensitive, lack masculine qualities, just don’t fit into the handsome badboy stereotype
10. affinity for math, science, and engineering
11. dead beat, poor, dead end job, going nowhere in life
12. too long of dry spell, did not have sex in a long time and now women don’t want to have anything to do with you. damaged goods
13. looking too ethnic, being east asian or indian in a western country.

and none of the qualities in this list

1. irresponsibility
2. tall, athletic, square jaw, muscular
3. have a criminal record (other than traffic violation)
4. prone to violence
5. insecure and goes out of his way to dominate and be assertive
6. extremely high confidence and self esteem (violent criminals have high self esteem)
7. ballin’ with money and expensive drugs (Cocaine)
8. interest in sports, follows the game
9. tend to start shit and prey on those who they deem weaker
10. have a good fashion sense, knows how to dress
11. smooth with lines, silver tongue, always knows what to say.
12. have a presence, first thing people notice when they enter the room

things should become very apparent.


Need to cut off a lot of negative people in my life…

14 09 2014

This post is not about incel but its a general attitude and thought I am having for a while now. Its been bugging me now that I associate with too many negative people with nothing but negativity, either in life events , bad life decisions, or just general self destructive life style. Advice to all who read this, know that you are the average of the people in your life, negative individuals will drag you down. Cut them off.

which of the following do you think is the most likely to happen

2 09 2014

I am wondering about the next generation of feminism and sexual harassment laws (I don’t think most women realize the power they have, as they can make a guy lose his job and go to jail only on the basis of her word), aggressive promotion of homosexuality in the media,  demonization of heterosexuality particularly of physically unattractive men, will there be mandatory “turn gay” camps for those men like the “turn straight” camps that conservative Christians have? Further more, will there be public lynching of incels and “creeps” in fear of rape as women claim they feel uncomfortable around these men? Swedish feminists are already chanting “hang all men”, I fear these days are not that far ahead.


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