this shit just cracks me up

24 07 2014




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24 07 2014
P Ray

Haha, yup.
Reminds me of that GIF I saw of this girl thanking a guy … she obviously friendzoned him instantly, by twisting her neck violently to one side so that she’d only allow him to get a platonic hug.
Women make their displeasure of having to thank, interacting in a social manner, and even asking for favours/help towards regular/incel guys, quite plain.
May more men wake up and stop being useful to these women without payback.

24 07 2014

well I mean both of these individuals are trash in a trash culture. just shows the depravity of the west…

26 07 2014
P Ray

When a woman can be depraved with a guy in that way in public …
she obviously cares more about him and her public expression of affection to him, than what others think.
I get the idea that all this “shy, modest courtship” that “so-called” “traditional” girls want,
is just a smokescreen for
her thinking “I’m not attracted to this guy, so he has to invest in me, so that I call the shots in this relationship”(Many regular guys, with a girlfriend they think they can finally trust (if you’re not the first guy she’s with, she’s not too invested in you) have this “sunk-cost/Concorde fallacy” … it makes them stupid, and out-of-pocket)

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