I feel like asking this age old question again for the hell of it

15 07 2014

It has already agreed that handsome badboys swim in pussy while ugly nice guys are automatically incel. However, in many arguments seen on PUAHate and Loveshy.com, is that amongst the inbetweeners, the handsome nice guy or ugly badboy, who has the edge in modern dating. The remnants of PUAHate would argue that those are both hard to find as bad boys are just good looking guys who take their options while nice guys are just ugly guys who try to overcompensate their lack of looks by being nice and accomodating




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15 07 2014
The Cockroach

It goes without saying.

15 07 2014

well, which one did you pick?

16 07 2014
The Cockroach

The first option. The idea that good men who are also handsome don’t have an edge over ugly anything or that they don’t exist (lol) is a coping strategy.

You’re also in STEM, are you not? I’m sure you see *some* guys who are physically attractive, not bad boys, and don’t seem to have any trouble with relationships/marriage/etc.

16 07 2014

younger, nice guys in STEM, regardless of physical attractiveness, struggle in relationships/dating/marriage. I live in the USA, after all

18 07 2014

The difference is not between east and west. Rather it is between a welfare state and a non welfare state. In a welfare state, the government takes care of a woman’s survival needs. She no longer needs a man to protect and take care of her. Thus she is free to choose the bad boys. In a country like philippines, choosing a bad boy could mean a life of grinding poverty. Abolish the western welfare state and women in the west will behave exactly like women in the east.

19 07 2014

you failed to take into account of culture as well. Western women preferes masculine men and muscular jocks for short term sex. Women in east Asia prefers men WITHOUT masculine qualities but has money so they can control his money using sex in a long term sense. This is an issue of what they seek, not an issue of welfare state.

I know an individual that is of the text book beta, weak, skinny lazy, eats like a horse, sleeps like a rock, unathlettic, irresponsible, and does not possess a shred of masculine quality. However, Asian girls on campus tend to chase after this guy but not so much into me, as he is easier to control and he has money. I am the complete opposite.

21 07 2014

Modern western culture has been shaped by the welfare state to a large extent. Before welfare state became a prominent part of their lives, western women used to choose men exactly the way Asian women do today. Once the welfare state comes to Asia, Asian women will start choosing exactly the way western women do today.

When people are looked after by the government regardless of what sort of decisions they make, then they start making increasingly poor and self-indulgent decisions. This is exactly what western women are doing today.

21 07 2014

Choosing a responsible man is like going to the gym everyday. Boring and hard work. Choosing a handsome bad boy is like eating cake. Lots of fun and easy.

Now suppose you did not get fat and unfit by eating cake, everybody would eat cake. If exercise did not give you a healthy body, nobody would exercise.

In the old days, choosing such a bad boy and getting impregnated before marriage meant life if poverty. Today the welfare state has taken care of that with its various welfare programs.

Hell the welfare state even mandates HR jobs as compulsory in companies. Thus even the HR jobs are one kind of welfare. If there was no welfare state, there would not be so many HR jobs to essentially pay all these chicks money for nothing. It is because of the welfare state that a Good man has lost his value and the bad boy has seen a rise in value.

Abolish the welfare state and women will flock back to the earnest men like you.

24 07 2014

Nice guys are last on the list. In a room of ‘nice’ guys, the bitch will always move to the one emitting the least niceness. -A

24 07 2014
P Ray

That’s why women who hit the wall and start looking for nice guys are to be avoided:
Like a druggie who’s run out of money for their next fix, they’ll say everything and mean nothing (but will get you with the divorce laws as soon as they’re legal for taking half your stuff).

4 09 2014

I honestly think that it’s alot more complicated than Nice guys vs. bad boys or ugly guys vs. good looking guys. IMO the best situation for a guy is to be “Atleast” average looking and hit the sweet spot between being nice and an asshole. Take my good friend for example.. He is on the shorter side and isn’t exactly good looking but gets girls all the time. Is he an asshole/bad boy? Not at all… He just has that swagger and confidence about him that bad boys/ assholes have. What do I mean by that? He is not afraid to put himself out there and is comfortable in his own skin. He is not afraid of rejection and will chat up and flirt with women anytime and any place. I have personally seen the guy approach and say things to women I would never do and quiet frankly made me cringe but lots of the time the girls ate it up! And he has had his share of some rude rejections but he doesn’t let them get to him. One time I saw him get rudely rejected by a chick at a party and you know how he reacted? He looked at me,shrugged his shoulders,smiled, and went up to another girl to chat her up, just as happy go lucky as ever. Lets all be honest with ourselves here for a minute… We (nice guy incels) would never react to a rude rejection the way my friend did! We would go and sit in a corner and sulk and let it ruin our night. The problem with nice guys is we are not comfortable in our own skin and thus we aren’t comfortable with other people and that shows. Assholes,on the other hand,do not care what other people think at all. But guys like my friend do care about others but.. they prioritize themselves over others at the same time. I think we should all aspire to get to a point where we can be a balanced guy like my friend. Extremes are never healthy

4 09 2014

more PUA rhetoric…

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