“failure” of Eastern values in western culture

22 04 2014

It is not a mystery that Asian/Indian men in the west struggle the most in modern dating, and I do not think it is a coincidence that Asian/Indian men are also over-represented in high education particularly in the STEM fields.

It seems obvious to me, that those Asian/Indian men who did not struggle in the west, are typically adopted or completely westernized (twinkie/banana). Those who came from traditional families typically have to go AGAINST what their parents tell them to find sexual success. The more the son obeyed the traditionalist parents, the less successful with women they are(unless they are physically attractive enough to stand out)

the asian logic of study hard in STEM field, get a good job, make money, then women will be naturally attracted to you does not work in the west as due to feminism, women no longer depend on men for economic reliance, as they can depend on the state to provide while they fuck bad boys. Men are no longer valued on there providing abilities.

The typical obedient Asian kid would be spending time studying Chemistry, physics, and calculus, preparing for their SATs and AP exams while his peers are getting high with friends, trying out for the track team, deciding who to ask for a date to the school dance, or who to hook up with after school.

According to Dr. Brian G Gilmartin, Skills with the opposite sex takes a life time to accumulate. if you did not accumulate the skills early in life it is less likely for you to obtain skill later.

are Asian parents wrong to bring their values here? Are the twinkies/bananas right to rebel?




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22 04 2014

The “twinkies/Banana’s arent wrong at all. However it would benefit them to get married outside the fem-sphere, in their respective home countries where the divorce rate is far lower. I understand why some of them would rebel. they just want to fit in. Many Asian males re taught to be obedient, not fight back to bullies, and that works in south east Asia but not here. they are simply adapting. I would urge them NOT to marry women of their own ethnicity who were raised here. Take Arab American women. the are the epitomey of vile stuck up, gold-digging, used up sluts. If you go to the middle east however, they are the opposite. Bottom line adapt only to an extent for personal happiness, not debauchery and marry outside America. I’m going to try Franklins idea. that’s why I’m saving up money

19 05 2014
P Ray

Yes, Iranian women are not like that! /sarcasm
“I was at a cafe with a couple of female friends when I met 19-year-old Nima. He was a rich kid full of breathless energy and a love of fast cars. When he approached me and whispered, “Do you want to come and have some fun at my place?” my immediate reaction was “no”, but, winking, he persevered. “Don’t worry,” he said, “there’ll be lots of other guys there too. And a lot of sexy girls… really wild, crazy ones.”

Two nights later I watched my girlfriend throw layers and layers of Islamic garb over a low-cut, ass-skimming red dress, before we began the slow drive through the traffic-choked streets of Tehran, avoiding eye contact with any morality police as we headed for the affluence uptown. We’d learned that anyone going to a party always parks their car a few streets away.

As the apartment door opened, our twenty-something female host Setareh warmly greeted us and told us to go inside. They were listening to bloody techno. Bottles of vodka, whiskey, wine and beer lined up on the vast kitchen bar as near-naked girls and boys stumbled in and out of bedrooms. It was a gorgeous apartment with powder-pink and deep rouge velvet curtains, and the floors were dotted with Persian rugs. My girlfriend rushed to the bathroom to apply several layers of makeup.

There were so many drugs doing the rounds – mainly ecstasy, it’s like the nineties over there – and when we walked in we saw one girl getting double-penetrated by two guys: one of them had his cock in her ass. As I made my way further into the party, I was confronted with piles of people.”

Women are women everywhere, unless you get involved with her just past or slightly before age of consent …
she’s been on the cock carousel.
It’s better to think of it as “inquisition”: woman, prove yourself pure!
Rather than “doubt”: only nice girls wouldn’t want their virginity questioned.
Because the doubt leads to being suckerman.

4 06 2014
Lon Spector

Education is NEVER a waste. Knowledge is power. Both
scientific AND spiritual.
Also, the higher your own level, the higher you attract.

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