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21 02 2014

recently I have discovered a subreddit thats focused on the discussion of issues of masculinity and men issues amongst asian americans, where it is described as “the only subreddit that focus on issues of Asian men, by Asian men, thats not moderated by feminist sell-out Asian women fucking white men.” While I am glad more Asian men are waking up to the red-pill reality, and I am also glad to see that the last bastion of Asian masculinity did not die with Chingis Khan and Bruce Lee, I am still disturbed by certain issues.

Typical stories from the subreddit, akin to the Model Minority forum , focus on the anger towards the disproportional ratio of sell out Asian women going after white men, how hollywood racist media unsex the Asian male, then came the talks on “gaming women” that differs very little from the discussions of PUAs. Typical story follows this type of structure:

I am raised by traditional Asian parents to be a wimpy, scrawny, math nerd with aspergers that plays violin, then through years of incel through high school and college I was shy and did not have the courage to talk to girls, then I woke up to reality and started to lift weights, after gaining muscles I learned to game women, etc.

They have missed the core of the single problem that plagues the Asian community in the west: When Asian values collide with western culture, there will only be incel men and sell out women in our community.

As I have posted before, it is NOT a coincidence that Asians take up Ivy League schools even with affirmative action working against them, where we excel in the topic of math, science, and engineering, we are also the group that struggles the most on the dating scene. What can you expect of a group of scrawny math nerds taught by their parents to be the model minority and the provider, living in a culture of casual sex and hook ups which clearly favors the muscular jockey, and the thugs with 6 pack abs?

Some of their criticism of Asian culture is very valid(emphasis on academic pursuits instead of  physical fitness, lacking of masculine quality in young asian men because they are raised mostly by their mothers, etc.) perhaps those guys need to stop and think:

why is it that mathematicians, engineers, and scientists need to learn “game” to be successful with women, while the thug that murdered people by the gun, knife, and bare hands then dealt drugs, don’t have to do any of that BS to get harems of women? Perhaps western society is sick and deprived?


A question concerning modern dating is asked.

15 02 2014

I am wondering what you guys think:

Why is it that a lot of women who put up with physical and emotional abuse from bad boys have no trouble telling nice guy off for the slightest transgression?

Response from a woman:

With the ‘bad boy’ she is operating within a dysfunctional family dynamic — generally such a woman will have learned patterns of abusive relationships within her upbringing.  This would most likely be how she has observed her father treating her mother and girls within the family.  She will feel comfortable with this sort of behaviour, as bad as it might be.  It is what she knows and her ordinary systems of coping (numbing out or compartmentalising are examples) will click into place whenever it happens.

As crazy as it might seem, a ‘nice’ guy treating this woman well with cause her to feel distressed and panicky.  She does not have any emotional mechanisms for handling him.  She might be thinking: ‘If I trust him, will he hurt me when I let down my guard?  I better not let him see my vulnerability; I’ll attack him before he hurts me.” 

Being able to trust someone when your life experience tells you that this is dangerous is daunting.  A man dating this sort of woman needs to be patient and tolerate (to a point) her bad behaviour.  By not reacting to it she will eventually realise that he is not like the problem man in her upbringing.  She will start to let down her guard — well, hopefully she will.  It depends on the degree of her insecurity.  Undoing abusive situations is complex and can take years.

Be compassionate towards her.  She is reacting to a bad history, not the nice guy.  The reason why she can lash out in the west is because women’s rights are much stronger than in the developing world.  She feels safer to act out towards a man.

In a more conservative society women will suppress expressions of anger because it is too dangerous to do otherwise (bad things, all the way to murder, happen in retailiation to a woman’s anger in places like India). If a man in the West did such a thing he will be censored and legal action taken.

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