a poll concerning the rare topic on personality

15 11 2013

It is established by many of the “red pillers” as PUAHate posters call them, that men who are the most successful on the dating market are in fact handsome badboys, while incels are their polar opposites, the ugly nice guys.  Indeed, death row inmates get love letters and nude photos from women, where as nerds from the school of Engineering and department of theoretical physics don’t.

the PUA gurus argue that confidence is what attracts women, and studies has shown that violent criminals think very highly of themselves, thus have a lot confidence and self esteem. The commenter Franklin, claims that due to radical feminism in the west women are in fact attracted to immoral, irresponsible, and criminal men.

personally, I have noticed that the type of criminal the western woman is attracted to are the joe-six-pack dumb thug, drug dealing BLUE COLLAR criminal, not the INTELLIGENT, scheming types(Adolf Hitler did not get much popularity from the ladies BEFORE he gained political power, joe-six-pack gets tail regardless of how much political power he has).

I would also predict that PUAHate posters will claim that the reason WHY women are attracted to thugs is that they have high testosterone thus are tall, athletic, have square jaw and have masculine (DOM) looks. Which of the choices do you agree with more? comments?





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15 11 2013
Take responsibility for your life

Good lord, you’re awful. So there’s no position on your poll for the possibility that you’re view of the position is wrong? Maybe- “Women are not all attracted to the same qualities and personality types” but instead your poll lays down as fact- Women love thugs/bad boys, so lets figure out why that is and why they ignore us nice guys.

You make reference to the “nerds” at the department of engineering and theoretical physics. Do you have a STEM degree? Are you in/have you graduated from a graduate program? Do you have any kind of a job similar to these “nerds” that you speak of? I ask because not only are these men and women accomplishing something with their lives, but many of them have families and relationships. How many of your professors were married? How many of them do you think spent their time complaining about how “thugs” were getting the “desirable women”?

Learn to respect women and learn to respect yourself. You’re better served than hosting a terrible poll on your crappy blog so you can wait for your fellow “incel” whiners to come and back up your terrible views on women and life. There’s no shame in engaging in a circle jerk (so long as its you know consensual) but at least let it be about sex and not your terrible excuses for your unhappy life.

16 11 2013

for your information, I have been around the country and around many young people in the STEM field. If I am the only one with the problem, then I admit the problem is with myself. But the disturbing news is that it seems people like myself are EVERYWHERE I go, particularly decent men in the field of STEM are least successful in the realm of dating. This indicate the problem does not lie with myself, but in American society as a whole.

Like my previous post, Asian/Indian culture teaches respect. Asian/Indian culture trains their kids to grow up to become obedient providers. Asian/Indian have highest education and lowest crime rate. Asian/Indian men are also the least successful in the dating market in the west and I don’t think thats a coincidence

16 11 2013
Take responsibility for your life

You’re still going to find lots of people in your field who currently have healthy relationships or have been through them. You’re also going to find plenty of people who are single and fine with it and those that are unhappy with their past relationships and struggling with loneliness.

But many if not most of those people will not identify as incel and they will not attack American society as the cause for their relationship troubles.

They’ll either accept that there are things about themselves they need to change or that the difficulty involved in dating and relationships is just a fact of life.

This isn’t to say, “just suck it up and get over it its not a big deal” because it is something that is very important. I understand how not having those things can impact your life and make you doubt yourself. But the issue isn’t to lash out at society, but realize that these issues are just part of the human condition. Some people are blessed to never know this particular set of hardships, just as you have been blessed with certain advantages and spared from certain troubles.

Good luck with your weight loss journey and good luck with your work. Please keep seeking help for your exercise/diet routines and please keep seeking support and help, but outside of this network of incel blogs and communities. Nobody can give you an easy answer or quick fix but any path forward isn’t going through these guys.

Good luck man. I hope you find peace and happiness.

16 11 2013

Lashing out at society would be those shooting spree maniacs did in the theatre shooting and Virginia Tech. I am merely pointing out the flaws of western society

Everything works in degree, its a question of how much(like the percentage of death row inmates who get love letters from women they don’t know vs the Engineering and theoretical physics nerds).

you gave me the typical answer I have hear before: why is it wrong to blog about my thoughts? why is it wrong to join incel communities since they are the only ones who can understand?

I have seen therapists before and its a waste of time and money as most of the time its me trying to explain to her what incel is, and all I get is the typical “just have confidence and say hi” BS the PUAs would say. Relationship counseling are for people who are in relationships, not for people who can’t get them

you don’t have to agree with me. The truth is the truth no matter what your personal feelings are

16 11 2013

and I’ll tell you who don’t struggle with incel: handsome badboys

16 11 2013
Take responsibility for your life

Its not wrong for you to blog about your thoughts. That action in itself its not wrong, but its that a number of your thoughts are not only objectionable to many people, but that your thoughts reflect a flawed view of life which is detrimental to your well being (IMHO)

For me when I say leave this incel-community or whatever you would like to call it, the issue isn’t don’t write about your relationship issues and feelings, its don’t associate with all these other angry frustrated men because their anger and negativity will only fuel your own troubles. Yes they know your experiences, but their own efforts have largely increased their hostility towards women and the world and haven’t helped their relationship issues and sexual frustrations. Think of it this way, if you were trying to kick a drinking problem, there would be value in having help from people who are dealing with similar issues. But would it be better to go to a bar or to an AA meeting.

Lashing out at society doesn’t have to be violence. Back to the drinking analogy, a drunk drinking at a bar and cursing the world is not necessarily violent, but they are lashing out at society. That is essentially whats happening here- you’re sitting alone criticizing the world and waiting for another angry soul to come by and agree with you.

And the main thing that the majority of the incel community seems to ignore is that everyone (even the handsome boys) struggle with these issues. You guys have created a community of suffering, insisting that your issues are different. You complain about your therapist’s advice and western culture- so then when was the last time you asked a girl out? When was the last time you asked an asian/indian girl out if you prefer those cultures?

Do you think pretty people have never felt heartbreak or rejection? Do you think every woman is shallow? That every pretty girl loves a thug? What about the scientists and scholars who have wives and families? The professionals who are handsome themselves and married to beautiful women? All are these men thugs or criminals? You can have your own thoughts on these issues, but you’re right the truth is the truth- and the truth here is that everyone is an individual with unique personalities, desires, and conditions. Its incredibly arrogant and misguided for you to try to speak for these people by creating groups and assigning negative qualities to these people.


its fine to write about your feelings, but has any of this ever helped you improve your life? You’re not pointing out flaws, youre just preaching to an angry and misguided choir. And see my moniker- you don’t have a special condition, you’ve just created a special community for yourselves and are ignoring the unique personalities and struggles of those around you.

16 11 2013

I expect you to write something like this. and replying to this will only make me repeat what I already said millions times before. If just a change of attitude can cure incel, the incel community would not exist. leaving the incel community will NOT cure incel, and it will make the the incel man more alone than before. The ONLY place for an incel man to speak openly about his issues are the online blog and forum. you come here to tell me for what ever reason, that is wrong

and yes, good looking people DO have it easier in life. and I have heard from guys who worked at mental wards the surprising amount of hot girls who are suicidal because their handsome badboy boyfriend dumped them. those hot chicks view having to settle for an AVERAGE guy a greater indignity than death. this is comparable the american who complains his rib-eye steak is cold vs the starving kid in Africa

as for nerd in marriages and families, please read some of my previous posts.

I do believe MAJORITY of women in general are shallow and the MAJORITY of girls in the west love thugs. If not, the dating market would NOT be the way it is.

as for asking a girl out, you can tell if she is into you by how “prude” she is. like my previous post says, you’ll be surprised by how aggressive women would pursue guys they are really into. They are only prude to men they are not attracted to

16 11 2013

BTW, thank you for commenting and wishing me success on my weight loss and I do believe you mean well. However, it is harder for “normal” people to see things the way we incel men do, and not much discussion can be done about it.

16 11 2013

Respect Women!! LOL! Like that will get you anywhere. There is nothing us incels can do to fix our situation, in the vast majority. I am 39 and have tried everything. Most couples have sex more in one week than I have had in my entire life (unpaid). The only thing we can do is complain and spread the word, because outside of revenge, that is all we have left. incels are the new modern day lepers, in this gynocentric society. No matter what we do for a living, does not matter if you are a doctor, rich, etc. One of the saddest statements about society that I have ever seen, was when I was doing PUA, I met a guy who was an orthopedic surgeon, who was so desperate that he had to resort to paying money to some scumbag freak to learn to pick up women. If you are an incel, you are lower on the social cast than a prostitute. Due to female hypergamy, 10 to 20 percent of all men are virtually guaranteed to never find a woman, and of course since it goes against society’s placement of women as perfect, flawless creatures, the plight of incel will never be discussed, unless it is to mock and cast them out even further.

13 12 2013
Thad Bulger

hey “take responsibility”, if this blog, it’s author and viewpoints are so awful, why do you return here throughout a span of over 2 months??

15 11 2013

None of the above. Women have a natural attraction to whatever traits are most genetically successful in any culture. So in a monogamous culture without welfare, women will be attracted to good providers. And in a feminist society, women will be attracted to men who are scum. Just being aggressive and criminal isn’t ideal. What women in a feminist society want most of all is a man who is immoral, irresponsible, and stupid, because this is the genetically optimal man for a feminist society.

16 11 2013


16 11 2013

can you go into details as to WHY in the feminist society favors men to be that way?

16 11 2013

I wrote a long explanation in Human Evolution but someone else wrote a good summary in The reproductive superiority of stupid assholes.

16 11 2013

wouldn’t that make stupid assholes the reproductively superior in ALL societies?

I don’t think a stupid asshole with my looks can be successful… you can still be a stupid asshole incel like the guys on PUAHate

16 11 2013

I guess you just read the second link. The first link explains why it isn’t in all societies.

Of course looks counts too. But do you think you are much uglier than your ancestors, like some exceptionally ugly mutation in your family tree? If not, why did they reproduce and not you?

16 11 2013

I realize I am average looking, because I trained my ass off to be average looking

20 11 2013
Puahate Representative


Good looks/Good physical attributes triumph over any amount of shyness, aspergers, and general loser-ish behaviour,

Try doing that with an average looking guy’s photos.

20 11 2013
The Cockroach

Don’t forget modelolz’s thread:


30 11 2013
G. W.

Found this blog quite by accident. I’d agree that American Society is hard on those of us, caucasians too, who lacked social skills as we were working hard to learn and start careers in the sciences and technical fields. And, even more so as we were erroneously taught indiscriminate respect for women – and I was a teen at the beginnings of American feminism.

Incel for 13 years and it affected me greatly; the self-loathing, the feeling of social isolation, the incipient hatred of women. Luckily I made an effort to change and did meet one of those 1/100,000 women who could tell the difference between a man and a bullshit artist. But then, even 35 years later, doubts remain that I sold myself short by falling in love with the first woman I fucked. I continue to wonder what I missed out on, even what it would have been like to be somebody’s first. But then, looking at some of the trailer trash who got involved with bad boys gives me a nice dose of schadenfreude and I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire. Yep, I’m pretty damned biased and that comes from that feeling of sexual worthlessness at a young age.

I hope for the best for you, and hope, as you progress, that you will be more accepting of yourself and perhaps relax, get involved with some interest outside of yourself (and the topic of your career) and perhaps meet some woman who has grown up to appreciate a man.

1 12 2013

Hello and thank you for posting!

12 12 2013

Bro, I get you! I am a gay incel and I get where you’re coming from. I was morbidly obese and no one would go near me with a ten foot pole. Oh, and I come from a religious background where being gay is a no no.

I have had guys approaching me now that I’m no longer obese and because of my lack of sexual experience its ruining what should be a fun time 😦 Watching porn is no substitute for the real thing.

13 12 2013

I don’t watch porn since it desensitizes you

24 12 2013
Tyrion Lannister

Game’s core premise relies upon ‘confidence’(given the ‘congruence’ apology that is regularly appealed to when game techniques/methods are demonstratedly falsified).The parsimonious interpretation is that ‘confidence’ is a dependent variable, adapted from justified expectations(with a basis in some history of prior outcomes).

In other words: confidence is the subjective consequence of an ‘expected value’ – derived of an obligate heuristic motif. But, correlation does not imply causation. So, ‘confidence’ doesn’t just spontaneously organize within an empirical vacuum, and thus cannot be trivially acquired outside of ‘experience’.

Hence, what gamers(and their apologists) are truly observing (but apparently not intelligent enough to infer), is not that women are attracted to ‘confidence’ per se(as an independent variable). But, rather that the men who tend to be successful with women in the first place(for whatever reason), also have a high confidence(justified expectation) of future(continued) success.

24 12 2013
Tyrion Lannister

Not to be argumentative, but every facet of human behavior and interaction(including social and ideological phenomenon) follow from chance and opportunity outcomes culled from the evolutionary process(not the other way around). Also, the whole ‘alpha-beta-gamma-sigma-omega’ concept is specious when applied to status interactions within prevailing human societies.

This is because, in large organized populations(as opposed to small ‘troops’), network reciprocity marginalizes the influence of dominant males through the net ‘inclusive fitness’ contributions of status inferiors. In small ‘in-groups’(ie. typical of early hominid ‘troops’), there is a strong quid-pro-quo dynamic that facilitates status concessions in favor of a dominant male(as the success/prosperity of the group is more strongly weighted for individual competencies).

In large co-operative populations, the contributions of any single male becomes increasingly marginal(as do the status concessions in terms of the limiting resource in ecologically prosperous male populations – sex). Hence the contemporary fixation on mating status in stratifying male ‘rank’(a sense which ignores the broader ethological context which formed the basis of the ‘alpha’ convention).

The point is that male dominance in small vs. large(co-operative)populations entails subtle, but material differences(ie. density dependence), that no longer describe human status interactions in large, cooperative populations. So, the whole ‘Alpha-male’ concept is largely BS(spurious self-promotion and reputation management spun by well-laid males, with nothing else to recommend themselves)when applied to contemporary status interactions.

This is trivial to observe in an abudence of antisocial delinquent weaklings who can score hot pussy with ease, without a shred of independent credibility. I really wish unmated males would stop buying into this whole ‘Alpha-male’ fiction, already(which only serves to handicap their reputations while empowering those of their rivals).

22 01 2014

To the blog owner, “survivingincel”:

Congratulations on seeing the truths in the dating scene. Looks matter, women can con you into being a provider, etc, etc, …

Like yourself, I was mostly incel throughout high school and college. Only like having sex 3 times with one girl before 23. I was too skinny and poor-looking, low status, although my face is ok or above average, depending on which country I’m in at any given time.

My friends were mosly incel since many men have trouble in this area and I went to an Ivy League level school so the situation was obvious. The average nerdy girls preferred to not date at all or only date a good-looking guy or a guy who did drugs. The party scene with drugs or alcohol can get you laid no matter how you look but you accomplish little with your life as parties suck up all your time, including recovery from the party.

But over the years (25+ years of dating) I learned something from the hot guys who get the hot girls for threesomes. They don’t love the hot guys either. The hot guys don’t get girls that love them, only crazy girls obsessed with chasing them for status. And getting laid a lot does not make you happy. The hot guys had far more problems from girls than joy. I have talked to these hot guys repeatedly and they only find 1 out of 100 girls capable of love. Barbarossaa on YouTube says that – the mgtow guys who get laid think it’s fun to get laid but get little “love” from the girls.

Think about it.

Almost nobody gets a “great” relationship, they are really rare.

That’s really sad, but it’s up to women to improve, since they hold the gateway to quality in relationships. It’s NOT my problem that I am not in a great relationship. No way.

So why worry about being incel? If you’re like me, and can get laid from-time-to-time or have cash for a mistress or can get a girlfriend regularly now that I became better looking after 23, I can still meet only women without any thought into how to be better girlfriends. Plus, I would still go through “incel” for 48 hour periods or 1 week periods even WITH multiple-girlfriends. So why does it matter if it stretches out to years if I can survive short periods without sex? Well it might be my body chemistry wanting dopamine.

Being with a woman is a way to up your dopamine level. Being shamed by society when in college or high school for not getting sex or needing approval from a woman, in addition to your sex drive, makes you depressed. But up your ways to get dopamine without validation from a sex partner. Keep doing the self-improvement for yourself, improve your career goals, make friends, date prostitutes, date a mistress, eat well, etc. etc.

The ONLY convincing evidence for love that I have EVER seen is that some girls are raised right and they are about 1 in 100. Also women’s hormones (and financial needs) change after 40 and many become more loving. See info by Dr. Warren Farrell.

I ENCOURAGE YOU to lead a great life like you are doing! Don’t let the incel matter at ALL! Of course solve the practical problems, including those that The Black Pill blog addresses. But GOOD LUCK!

Hope that helps, I meant all the above as encouragement and further self-knowledge.

28 01 2014

thank you for posting. But I disagree that they become more “loving” after 40 as in the west we have welfare state that takes care of women’s financial needs, which means this give them the opportunity to become cougars instead.

12 06 2014
Lon Spector

The most common state for man OR woman is confusion:
Copying from other people who don’t have a clue.
If you know your own mind and project confidence people see
it and respond to it. Agrressive men seem to give that impression
so women fall for them.

13 06 2014

so you agree women naturally go for handsome badboys?

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