some honest questions to Asian/Indian and Asian/Indian American parents on the value of your sons on the dating market…

22 11 2013

1. Today in the era of radical feminism, when men are no longer evaluated on their ability to provide, why do you push your sons to study like machines, creating a whole generation of math nerds with aspergers who play the violin but lack the basic social skills and even the courage to talk to girls?

2. Do you believe the physics professor on the Love-shy forum, or the Indian room mate of 3rdworldHero who is a senior level engineer that earns 100k a year and a kissless virgin, lacks success in the dating world because they lack the ability to provide?

3. What do you think of your over protective nature and the fact you never hear your son out in anything other than academic success, does to his confidence?

4. do you think it is a coincidence that we have the highest education and lowest crime rate, the men in our community are the least desired on the planet, and being the model minority actually make us LOSE respect?

5. do you think it is a coincidence that even with affirmative action acting against us, we are over-represented in the academia especially in the field of STEM, the men in our communities are also the group that struggles the most on the dating market.

6. are you aware of the value of your sons on the dating market?

7. How do you feel about the significant proportion of young men in our community flooding into the pick up artist culture?


a poll concerning the rare topic on personality

15 11 2013

It is established by many of the “red pillers” as PUAHate posters call them, that men who are the most successful on the dating market are in fact handsome badboys, while incels are their polar opposites, the ugly nice guys.  Indeed, death row inmates get love letters and nude photos from women, where as nerds from the school of Engineering and department of theoretical physics don’t.

the PUA gurus argue that confidence is what attracts women, and studies has shown that violent criminals think very highly of themselves, thus have a lot confidence and self esteem. The commenter Franklin, claims that due to radical feminism in the west women are in fact attracted to immoral, irresponsible, and criminal men.

personally, I have noticed that the type of criminal the western woman is attracted to are the joe-six-pack dumb thug, drug dealing BLUE COLLAR criminal, not the INTELLIGENT, scheming types(Adolf Hitler did not get much popularity from the ladies BEFORE he gained political power, joe-six-pack gets tail regardless of how much political power he has).

I would also predict that PUAHate posters will claim that the reason WHY women are attracted to thugs is that they have high testosterone thus are tall, athletic, have square jaw and have masculine (DOM) looks. Which of the choices do you agree with more? comments?


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