Critique of Asian culture, parenting, and upbringing, why our men are incel and our women sellout

20 10 2013

As some of you already know the central focus of this blog is mainly on the topics of race and sexuality. I can only speak from the Asian American perspective, adopt a self critical view on why we are the LEAST desired men on the planet, and why, even though here in America we are the model minority of highest education and lowest crime rate, we as a people absolutely get no respect.

Insecurity: Paranoid about how western people/Caucasians view us

Many of us from the East Asian upbringing would agree with this. We are raised with the idea that in order to gain acceptance into western society we must appease the Caucasian majority for them to like us, what ever we do or how we conduct ourselves we always have to factor in what THEY think of us. This also includes pimping their daughters out to foreign men to gain approval of western people. This type of insecurity and eagerness to please and appease will not gain us respect but view us with disdain. If every action we take, we are considering the approval of western people, it is very obvious why our women sell out. If they don’t view us as “sick men of asia”, they view us as the “yellow peril”. If they don’t like us, why are we so paranoid/insecure we have to appease them to make them like us?

Confucian upbringing: Respect for authority

It doesn’t particularly surprise me that asian kids are the most bullied in the american schools. The kids are often told that it is wrong to fight even to defend themselves, and have to rely on supervising adults for protection. Because of our confucian upbringing of obeying teachers and parents without question, this makes Asian kids the favorite target for bullies, as submissive victims that doesn’t fight back are obvious easy targets. Later the same kids will feel fearful in interaction with their peers without a supervising adult present, leading to insecurity in social situations. Who is more likely to get a date, the bully or his victim? You rely on teachers, parents, and supervising adults. Then you rely on the system for protection. but If you get bullied in school, obviously adults DON’T protect you. If you think of a man who protects his family and property, would you think of an Asian male?

Autistic drive for academic and financial success above all else

as it should be common knowledge, the typical asian guy in school is the math nerd with the violin, not the athletic jock with the 6-pack abs. Asian parents push their children to focus ONLY on academic success, allowing minimal time for them to spend time with friends. The children grow up knowing calculus and astrophysics, but lacking the basic social skill to communicate. They foolishly  believe academic success will gain them high paying corporate jobs, then they will attract women naturally. However; even with affirmative action working AGAINST us, Asians fill the ranks of Ivy League schools. However, even as Asians succeed academically,  many of them DO NOT go far in the corporate world or even get into managerial position. As for the dating scene, as discussed before today in the age of radical feminism, where women no longer depend on men to provide, it is a time of arm candy and trophy boyfriends, having money is over rated, while having looks is under rated. As studies have shown before, better looking people are more likely to succeed in the corporate world!

Consequently, Asian and East Indian men are the favorite target the PUA frauds to peddle their products to. Asian Americans take up about 7% of US population, but 30% of PUAs have Asian/Indian ethnic background. They know that Asian men struggle the most on the dating scene. The answer lies within ourselves as a community, NOT with PUA!




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20 10 2013

Sounds true, now what? You can become an American which means becoming a jerk. In regard to your points, an American is the opposite of an Asian. He is arrogant, has no respect for anyone, and is an uneducated moron. Is this what you want? Or you can join me and become a Jew. In regard to your points, a serious (Orthodox/Karaite/Biblic) Jew couldn’t care less what outsiders think of them, only respects authority within his Jewish community, and is just as highly educated as Asians. So what is your choice?

21 10 2013

I would rather become a Jew

22 10 2013

Then you may be interested in my site Biblic Judaism.

28 10 2013

Hi survivingincel. I too am an incel and have just started a blog on the topic. The name is Can you add me to your blogroll?

28 10 2013

I mean

28 10 2013
Race andDating

Hi! I am also Asian.This issue had driven me overseas where I have learned some insights into the female valuation process. I have commented here before and I still support you.

I created a platform to get this taboo topic out. I have just made the forum and added your post. I have friends that talk to me about this issue, and I want to get more exposure of the topic of race and dating, especially in the USA.

Here’s a link to your thread.

The site is this:

I wish you well, brother.

30 10 2013

thanks for the comment and I hope more Asian and Asian American men, especially the incel ones, read this blog

30 10 2013

Interesting blog. I did a piece once, on how Asian women were 30-40 times as likely to cut their partner’s penises off.

The data sheet on “list cases of penis removal” was quickly removed from wikipedia – because it was “racist”..

I wonder – do you find such a statement racist?

I noticed that you say your women “sell out” – is that bad?

I never thought too much about race in this picture – except for the fact that my blog was – for a while – attracting some undesirable white supremacists…

30 10 2013

reality isn’t politically correct.

2 11 2013
Race andDating

Talking about race is PC. Especially when RACE & DATING is concerned. I got banned from “game” forum because of this. This prompted me to create my site and my own forum.

Asian males especially are prone to racism in the dating world and it has serious physiological effects. Black men are also affected.

It has to do with their inherent sexual capital, as put forth by renowed sociologists. I talk about this in the site, but the gist is that some men have negative sexual capital in their current environment, which could then lead to low partner counts or even incels.

3 11 2013

asians have racial stereotypes working against them, blacks have racial stereotypes working for them.

the model minority stereotypes of asians works the opposite for the stereotypes for blacks

the nerd with the glasses and plays the violin is asian, the athletic football jockey with the 6 pack abs is black

the tough guy thug is black(badboy), the obedient provider is Asian (nice guy)

6 11 2013
Race andDating

Yet if you point out the racial inequality in dating in the USA, you will quickly get banned or shunned! That what led me to create the site

Most people shy away from the subject but it is a verifiable aspect of the man’s dating life.When I used to live in a major American city, I would count how many Asian Females and White Men I would see going to the grocery! 3 couples per 2 blocks baby!!!

I want to get girls as much as my roommates (I made more money,had more skills, all the indicators!) yet my success was marginal. Currently outside the USA and I am representing my true sexual value — I am more at peace and more productive.

Black men also struggle with the skewed racial dynamic. That’s why you see them leaving in the droves to Brazil. The Latinos are doing ok bc the Latinas prefer Latinos (but they have their own light skinned heirachy as well). Indian men try to get white women but their culture is restrictive.

Race & Dating exists. Love is not color blind!

3 11 2013

Yes, it is amazing that the same skills which require productivity in capitalist society, are counterproductive to attracting women today. That is why all the women chase the badboy. I guess when feminists say “We need a man like a fish needs a bicycle”. By men, they mean productive men, who actually do something useful. Let’s see how well they can do without their badboy, who 40 years ago, would either be in jail, or killed off in war, or big guberment who forces wealth transfer from productive incels, to women and their badboy spawn, since the bottom 10% (incel men) are so unattractive that they will never find a women to take their assets “legally” via divorce.

4 11 2013

the drug dealing thug criminal the lawyer defends, gets far more pussy than the lawyer

brad pit who works at the gas station, get way more pussy than bill gates with his millions

3 11 2013

BTW, you are right about asians representing a large number of PUA’s. I will post something about this in my blog at some point, but I did PUA for 6 years and none of the asians or east indians, a majority who were doctors, engineers, etc, could not get a woman. These guys were so desperate that they had to resort to taking a RSD or Mystery workshop, and dress like a clown, just for the faint hope that it may get a shot. Guess what, it did not work for a single one, at least for the many who I have met.

4 11 2013

this is no longer the era where the productive provider is an attractive quality. Its the era of arm candy and trophy boyfriends. After the women are tired of riding the cock carousel they will only then give these men a second glance. They want the spawn from the hot badboys and the stable provider to raise them, by controlling them with sex.

there is a reason why women claim attractive men are bad husband material. they cannot be controlled with sex as they can just go to the night club and get a one night stand. the tall jock with the 6 pack abs can do it, the scrawny engineering nerd is with the thick glasses is not capable of that.

6 11 2013
Race andDating

I consider myself an advanced PUA. Yeah, I am pretty versed in game doing it for 5 years as a reaction to the hostile dating scene in my uppity neighborhood.


If you are going to choose a PUA better choose someone that is of the same ethnicity as you. Only they know what it is like. How can you get taught by a blue eyed blonde haired playboy about your woman problems?

There is a disconnect.

The rise of Asian Pua is only a reflection of the societal symptom. In fact, if you go to Salsa clubs you will see a disproportionate amount of Asian men dancing Salsa (compensating for what?).

7 11 2013

you have admited yourself that answer does not lie within PUA. we can’t change our society but we can give it the finger and leave it. no point supporting a system that does not care for us

our culture in the confucian upbringing make the men in our community grow up to be obedient providers, and that is not a positive quality

Asians might succeed academically but not in the industry. few are in managerial position and most of them are moderately paid engineers.

there was a blogger who commented here that said his former room mate from India makes 100K a year and 35 years old but still a kissless virgin, not entirely by choice. He himself is also Asian, check out his blog

5 11 2013
P Ray

An interesting thing for guys to try is:
1. Set a time limit to “go bad” and announce it.
2. Save up and don’t otherwise interact with girls except porn, jb, what have you.
3. If at any time in this interim period before going bad, a girl gets interested – treat everything as going dutch.
4. After that “go bad” time limit is up, go to Europe and indulge in sex workers.

The simple reasons are this:
1. If women didn’t want you when you were good and dependable, now that you take what you want you don’t need their fake sympathy.
2. Men are always paying for sex anyway.
3. The Return of Investment towards getting sex is much higher: calculate how many useless sexless dates you have gone on with a girl – and how many escorts you would otherwise have had.
4. Men’s lack of interest in sex is usually because only ugly women “pretend” to be interested in normal guys.

Men have given women too much respect, and now they are being told that women are owed for that lapse of judgement.
P.S. The less money you spend on a woman, the more money you have for your investments, hobbies or time out with friends.
Women hate guys who have a cluster of like-minded (in the sense of, “women only seek average men out when they are after a favour of some sort”) men.

6 11 2013
Race andDating

If you need logical reasoning to explain sexual market value, try reading “theory of erotic capital”


6 11 2013
P Ray

Women want men to tie themselves up in knots “seeing women as logical”, while they go schtup the guy with the LMS or “marry a man she plans to cuckold”.
Relationships are “welfare for women”.

18 11 2013

Really. Every woman is different. I don’t agree with this completely.

19 11 2013

exceptions are called exceptions because they are rare. There is a reason why TRENDS exists, like the ratio of:

women who like the jock with the square jaw and 6 pack abs
women who like the scrawny short asian math nerd who plays the violin

better comparison would be
# of women who finds Zac Efron sexy and William Hung ugly
# of women who finds William Hung sexy and Zac Efron ugly

people say beauty is subjective, but the numbers just don’t add up for reasons thats too politically incorrect to say

28 02 2015
P Ray

Many women tell you, that
“I’m a nice girl, that went overseas for an education.
Don’t you dare talk to me about sex, only married people have sex.
You must pay for me, as I only want to be in a traditional relationship”

Fokken das.
The shadow of international cock is very long (pun intended) indeed.

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