a few posts from loveshy forum, possibily reposts from PUAHate

4 10 2013

Part 1:

“don’t know if science is allowed on this forum or if certain things are found offensive here, so please let me know if I am offending anyone.

I will say this briefly:

Women probably enjoy sex more than men. The clitoris has more nerve endings than the penis head. Women can have multiple orgasms. Most women have clitoral orgasms which are akin to penile ones, but women can also have vaginal orgasms which are deeper and longer lasting. There is no doubt that women can enjoy sex more than men, given enough arousal and a “pro” male partner.

Having said that, women’s sex drives are lower. Women want sex, but have more demands on it than men. Women will generally not (can I swear on here?) f*ck an unattractive man. Men will f*ck a woman he considers unattractive coz of his higher sex drive.

It’s this difference in drive that determines the Western dating market place. Men are ten-a-penny. Women are more valuable in the dating scene. Vagina is a scarce commodity. Dating could be considered a man buying his way into a woman’s pants while the woman decides if she will let him. The ball is in the female’s court as she is the chooser. Men do the approaching (of women). Women do the rejecting or accepting.

Biologically, it makes sense for the woman to be choosier – she has to pay a higher price for pregnancy. 9 months of vulnerability. Then childbirth. Then 18 years of raising the child. The man’s investment is over in minutes and he is free to plant a seed elsewhere after the refractory period.

For this reason, it is more common for an incel to be male than female. A male needs to be physically attractive and/or have money and/or have status to attract a woman in many cases. How many guys do you know that won’t date a woman because she doesn’t have a car or lives with her parents?

For a male to be incel, all he needs to be is average or below in looks. For a female to be incel, she needs to be really unattractive by western standards, or old. Because men have lower standards for women.

I distinguish between loveshy and incel. Incel IMO implies that you have been ACTIVELY seeking a dating partner as in APPROACHING potential suitors. Loveshy implies you can’t bring yourself to approach, so you expect suitors to come to you.

Do women consider themselves loveshy even if they haven’t approached many guys for dating?

Men, after rejections, are told to “man up” and go through more. It is not acceptable for a man to be hypoagent in his dating life. It is expected for a woman to be so, though.

Men and women are not “equal” in the dating world. There are more incel men here than women. That should tell you something.

Women can get sex easier than ordering a coffee at Starbucks. But many women would prefer a relationship. They can get that easier than a man can too.

Why do clubs charge women less entry? Because men flock to where women are. Women have a high sexual value. Men are like cockroaches trying to find a woman that will accept him. Men usually have to date down if they want to increase their likelihood of finding a date.

If this thread is deleted then that confirms that I am right but you need to be protected from the truth. Before I get in trouble for this, it would be nice if someone could provide counterarguments to these points. “

Part 2:

“I’m new here so I don’t wanna upset the applekart just yet, but when the mods are sure I’m not a troll, I’ll try and post some of the chatlogs from a fake male model dating profile. It’s INSANE. My opening line to one girl – to test how far this goes – was that I was going to k*ll myself, and I got her number, eventually. She said “I usually hate guys with topless pics”, but I guess the male model’s FACE overrode that. If your face makes a woman’s clit throb, then, to an extent, it doesn’t matter what you say, as long as you’re not a boring/asperger/psycopath.

Ironically, a woman can be a boring AND an asperger AND a psycopath and date TENS of guys per week.

I had one gf in my life. She was 19, I was 26 when I met her. I was her 9th bf. After me, she had at least 2 more bf’s that I know of. This isn’t including one night stands. I’ve been INCEL ever since.

A woman can walk into a supermarket and ask if anyone wants to date or f*ck her and she’ll get “yesses”. The only reason she’d get rejected is coz men would think it’s too good to be true.

An average looking man can’t even go to a bar twice a week for 2 months and hope to get a date or lay unless he approaches 250 lb burns victims (no offence to burns victims).”

Part 3:

“The male sex drive compared to that of females means that men seek it out more than women. Women love sex but are less driven to get it. Men will settle for a woman that isn’t his type just for that intimacy. For women, dating is a buyer’s market. A penis is worth nothing. Buy none, get 10,000 free. Vagina is worth more than a human life. A man might kill another man for looking at his girlfriend. Worth more than a human life.

– My friend J (about a 5 or 6 in looks) is dating a girl, L (about a 3). She is below his looks level but I guess he got tired of 8 years of inceldom, so decided that she would suffice.

– L has a friend, D. D is borderline fat but looks good when thin (I’ve seen old pics of her).

Long story short, J and L said that D kept talking about me after all four us met up once. She called me “eye candy” despite me being quite ugly. I was happy and thinking of asking her out until I found out that:

– she is still fucking her athletic ex bf
– she is fucking 2 other guys on the side
– she gets numerous offers for dates all the time.

This is what life is like for women under 40 who aren’t hideously ugly. Women get so many offers from guys. Soon enough, women are going to have so many options that they will be able to afford to be blatant about it. “If you don’t want to be one of my boyfriends, then, fine. Boyfriend slot #5 can be filled by a hot guy that I recently met”.

Once, my mother stuck her head out of the window for some air, and a guy said some romantic comment. My mother is 58. Fair enough, the guy was no Tyson Beckford or David Beckham but that’s pretty good going for not even having left your house.

There is a conjoined twin in the US. One of the twin sisters is engaged. Meanwhile the guys on this forum don’t share a communal anus with their brother, yet can barely get dates.

An authentic female incel is a female who is either:

– hideously deformed in some way (burns, limbs missing)
– tremendously overweight
– looks really old
– has psychological or relationship issues (e.g. abuse in her past; has 3 kids from 3 guys, etc)
– avoids being seen outside of going to work and food-shopping

Apart from that, a woman who calls herself incel really means “I can’t date guys who at the very least look like Robert Pattinson. I don’t need a George Clooney or Brad Pitt. Pattinson will suffice”. And these women look like Rosie O’Donnell.

So females rule the dating world. Women spend their youth, getting hit on by guys and accepting or rejecting them based on their looks. A female life is like that of a hollywood celebrity. Such dating power you will never experience unless your looks can make women’s genitals tingle.

As most men are incel and most females aren’t, women are able to set the market price in dating. The price now is that you (usually) must, as a male, in order to date a woman, have your own place, a good job, good looks, not be balding, be tall, have friends, drive preferrably, be confident(-looking), be funny, be dominant, etc.

Soon, the price will go up. Soon you will have to: – take on kids she had with her alpha ex boyfriend, – accept her other boyfriends, – pay her mortgage, – have a body like Dwayne Johnson, etc.

Are you ready for the future of dating?

Of course you’re not. You can’t even deal with dating as it is now.

Any male who disagrees with me but can’t attract women is in denial.
Any female who disagrees with this won’t be able to provide counterarguments.

The truth offends and is often banned and deleted.

Deal with it.”




10 responses

14 10 2013
Take responsibility for your life

Dude think about all the time you’ve spent on this site and other “support” sites. You blog’s tagline is about you’re “weight loss progress”. Good, keep at that, but seriously think about the time you spend with this sh!t. In any given week how many hours do you put into this whining? And what help has it given you so far?

Use that time to workout more, read, volunteer in your community, hell seek out and watch classic films on Netflix. Spend it doing something better than this and try to gain some empathy for women and other people. If you think you’re unattractive physically than focus on doing something about that and you’ll feel more confident as you’re successful. If you think you have an unattractive personality (which you should) than volunteer to help disadvantaged people (you know people with real problems) and do some reading/introspection so that maybe you won’t think of women as commodities.

16 10 2013

um…I don’t spend time on here as often as you think. and you also realize incel is in fact a REAL problem that devastates western society due to the hell that is the modern dating scene.

and those bad boys who objectify women and view them as commodities are the ones who are actually SUCCESSFUL with them

28 09 2017

I agreed with 99% of your post, the only part I really disagreed with is this

“As most men are incel and most females aren’t, women are able to set the market price in dating.”

Incel is a growing problem, and a real one. But, currently it is not the majority of men, if it were, incel would be a much more mainstream topic, as the dominant few wouldn’t be able to keep such a cultural lid on it. So while it is a growing problem, we need to stop fueling the lie that most men are incel, lying looses credibility (not saying that you are intentionally lying here, I think maybe your just slightly misinformed).

The 80/20 rule doesn’t mean 80% of men are incel, you’ve got 3 categories here, the a, b, and c groups. The A group are the top 20% all the women are chasing after, but because polygamy isn’t widely accepted on a mainstream level, these women can’t share those top 20%, so the b group is the holdover guys, transitional champions and belt warmers (if we’re to put things in pro wrestling terms), most men are in group b, but try to pretend they are in group a.

Group C is incel men like us, a growing number, but right now we are at the bottom 20%.

1 06 2014
P Ray

Use that time to workout more, read, volunteer in your community, hell seek out and watch classic films on Netflix. Spend it doing something better than this and try to gain some empathy for women and other people.
Joran van der Sloot is doing pretty well for a murderer, so are Marc Dutroux and Dzokhar Tsarnaev – they have groupies!
If women aren’t commodities, why do they ask that men earn a certain amount, look a certain way or have a certain job before they will earn their company?
Objectification goes hand in hand with women telling men “you’re out of my league” or “how dare you think you have a chance?”

2 10 2017

@take responsibility for your life, hey dude, if it’s “not a real problem,” how about YOU go celibate indefinitely for the remainder of your life? If you can’t speak from experience, your full of shit. It’s easy to judge others from your ivory tower. If you can’t do it yourself, then you’ve got no choice but to admit it’s a “real problem.”

31 12 2013

Poor baby, those mean women are so unfair to not date you! It’s ok, it’s not your fault. Everyone else is to blame.
Also, western society isn’t devastated just because you can’t get laid. Tone down the narcissism a bit and you might have more luck. Although to be honest, I think women are right to avoid you. You have a very twisted and deluded mentality.

31 12 2013

um…these are reposts of another poster on the loveshy forums, not mine.

and I wish I am the narcissistic and psychopathic asshole you try to infer me to be. Those guys get laid

1 06 2014
P Ray

I think women are right to avoid you.
LOL, when women can’t be around the guys they’re really attracted to, they tell regular guys “open your wallet, pay for me, be a gentlemen, don’t ask for sex”.
In other words, prostitution without the sex.
More men are waking up 🙂

12 06 2014
Lon Spector

Women as a rule DO NOT enjoy sex to the same extent that a
man does. Many women feel sex is imposed on them, like an
irratating task they have to perform. Women do much better
then men do without relationships.
That’s why a man is estatic with joy when he gets sex.

13 06 2014

you obviously never had women who is genuinely into you. sex with brad pit and sex with william hung just don’t have the same value. you dig?

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