Resolving two conflicting philosophies

8 09 2013

Those of you who read this blog will probably notice there are two individuals I would often listen to: NewHope and Franklin. Both of them agree on some, such as the destructive nature of modern culture and feminism, but they disagree more.

According to Franklin, both personality AND looks matter. However; in modern dating, he leans more towards personality. He believes that women by nature are attracted to badboy personalities, so her son would also be badboys and spread her genes more. He said that modern dating often find psychotic behavior desirable, and those who possess it are successful on the sexual market. However; the more intelligent of the bad boys uses contraceptives, where as the stupid ones don’t. Thus, many of the future generation are offsprings of “stupid bad-boys” , since they have the highest chances of reproduction.

NewHope, on the other hand, claimed,”oh man oh man I have never believed the saying assholes get the girl. Nice guys don’t finish last, most nice guys have aesthetics issues that CAUSES them to finish last. Handsome nice guy beats the ugly bad boy nine times out of ten any given day of the week, hand down.” He also claims,”when good looking men have options like women do, they start to act like women, but get to be called ‘asshole’ for it”. I.e.  the reason why women don’t like the nice guys, because they are just ugly and try to over compensate their lack of looks by being overly accommodating. Bad boy behavior is simply a result of being attractive physically. Hence the saying, “nice guys are ugly, hot guys are jerks, hot nice guys are gay”

oh my readers from PUAHate, which philosophy do you agree with more? why? comments?




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13 09 2013
puahate poster

Skip ahead to 4:05 in this vid

Why are girl’s uninterested in him? Is it because he’s ugly, short, fat, probably broke, asian or is it because he’s a “good guy” as he claims?

This guy on the other hand is a tall, white, good looking guy who happens to be a socially conservative mamma’s boy.

His girl is still pretty hot

in b4 she’s not that hot. This is the wife of the best pua in the world

Some old past her prime hag.

13 09 2013
puahate poster

Don’t get me wrong. Women are shallow, vain, and narcissistic but this delusion that simply behaving like an asshole is going to get you laid needs to die. Bad boys are simply good looking guys taking advantage of their options. Behaving as if you have options will not, as many puas believe, appreciably improve your options.

14 09 2013

do you personally know bad boys in real life, like narcissistic/aggressive criminals? Do they get girls because they are evil thugs or because they are good looking?

What about death row inmates that get love letters and marriage proposals from women? a lot of them are not GQ models.

don’t get me wrong, I do think being physically attractive can turn you into badboy, but being a bad boy doesn’t mean you are good looking. Ugly bad boys are NOT incels (like my parents asshole neighbor)

15 09 2013
The Cockroach

“What about death row inmates that get love letters and marriage proposals from women? a lot of them are not GQ models.”

I think some perspective is called for here. I’d say the two most notable in the last 50 years were Richard Ramirez and Ted Bundy. Both were good looking. And allegedly each got hundreds of letters. Now given the publicity of their crimes, a couple hundred letters (many probably from the same people) isn’t a whole lot. Some of those women were legit crazy, others were just trying to get a rise out of these men (like poking a tiger in a cage with a stick), lonely old women with fewer options, and I’d even grant that a certain percentage were genuinely attracted to those guys. Here’s a question, how many love letters do you think Ángel Maturino Reséndiz got? What about John Couey (not a serial murderer, but his rape & killing of a 9yo girl was highly publicized)? Ariel Castro? He didn’t even murder those women and he died “mysteriously” in prison.

It’s true there are people who seek out abusers. It’s not healthy, and it’s often generational, Erin Pizzey has done work with such people, check her out.

As an aside, I think it speaks to the desperation that men have in the current scene that they’d even consider emulating or trying to model themselves (if only somewhat) after these monsters. Disgusting and pathetic. I’m not saying you’re doing that, but like “puahate poster” said this idea needs to go.

Check out this picture of Richard Ramirez’s wife. Interested?

16 09 2013

I understand what you are trying to say. I know these women are crazy and in the minority. However, it happens often enough that discover channel documentaries are made about the phenomenon. If you ever read “Nice Guys Don’t Get Laid” by Marcus Meleton, he recollects that in prison cells of violent criminals(note its MORE than just one), are full of nude photos from different women(who became pen pals with them). Ramirez and Bundy are two distinct cases but they are NOT unique.

But you are right. the whole point of the blog is also to show that modern dating scene is sick and degenerate.

17 09 2013

I disagree with both. It is not “bad boy” or good looks. It is audacious behavior, not bad behavior. Climb up on a bar and sing the Meow mix Jingle or do the fish out of water dance, or my favorite, the horny monkey dance. Sing Irish drinking songs loudly and to the world as you walk through the park. It is Bold, not Bad that gets attention. Bad is often also bold, and that is why there is confusion. Making an ammusing ass of yourself is much more bold than just being an ass. It really doesn’t matter (with in a range) how you look or if your Breaking Bad. It matters if you do shit to draw attention to yourself.

18 09 2013

One thing everyone can agree with here: handsome aggressive psychopaths are NOT incel

12 06 2014
Lon Spector

If the nice guy really is nice and expects nothing in return he
should do well. Many nice guys have alterior motives.
When denied sex their true nature reveals itself. They were nice
for a price.

13 06 2014

and bad boys give nothing and gets sex

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