an open letter to PUAHate, why I am not on there, and a counter proposal…

5 09 2013

It has come to my attention that I have a following from the forum members of PUAHate, and I realized there are a bunch of conspiracies discussed by the forum members on there about my origins. It is true that what I write on this blog is almost identical to their discussions, I have never posted on PUAHate. One of the fundamentals of letting on new forum members is that you must make new members feel welcome, however; as one of PUAHate members have attempted to troll on this blog before (even though he is probably as incel as I am), I will not be joining you guys.

A number of you guys also said I am hopeless in breaking out of my incel, but as I stated from my first entry, I realize because of my racial background as an Asian male here in America, I probably will not cure my involuntary celibacy. Not curing my incel is not a reason why I should stop working out, as I refuse to be the fat kid who sat out on the bench. Most of my training involves fat burn, cardio, swimming and kickboxing training, I don’t lift and have inflated arms like Zyzz.

In addition, I would very much like to make an offer to the more intelligent members of PUAHate that if you want a forum that more open to intelligent discussions, better moderated with non-abusive administrators who would NOT ban random posters to feel better about himself, and random hating and trolling by people in surprisingly SIMILAR position as yourself, please join the love-shy forums




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18 09 2013
The Watcher

Survingincel, this comment is not related to Puahate but your weightloss routine.
First and formost ” we all gonna make it bruh” lol sry couldn’t resist.
i’m a 25 yo m kissless permaverg is nl height, shy of 6ft, and wights 150lbs. I have the wrong face, and am biracial shy and nice. My only qualification for what i’m to suggest is that I’m in med school and live preventative and restorative medicine as a means of dealing with personal health probs. I believe you will get more bang for your buck going the Zyzz (is that name right?) way and lifting heavy in addition to running. The cardio is great but the most benefits even to fat loss will be found in adopting a diet of reduced inflammatory mediators (sounds like you’re on) fix any issues with your digestive tract (cause bacteria can make you fat) and lift heavy for short sessions just 2x wk (you’ll go down the glycolitic pathway with this type of exertion more so than distance running which is oxidative phosphorylation based). Not to drop biochem terms without explanation but to be brief you will promote inflammation with too much running and this slows weight loss due partly to the effects of cortisol. With weight lifting genes will be expressed that make your muscles more adaptive to the intense stress created by the weights. The systemic inflammation of your body would be decreased during recovery. It sounds like you’re on the paleo plan. Please go to to read more on this angle of working out. I’m short on time so i can’t explain to a depth that is satisfying.

18 09 2013

The Watcher, thanks for the comment and thank you for reading. you are another victim of this sick culture and superficial society. I wish you success in your academic pursuits

18 09 2013

no prob with biochem terms I work with biologists when I did research in bioinformatics 🙂

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