Incels cannot find solace among MRAs, Incel on incel hate

16 09 2013

It has come to my attention that many incels such as myself wanted to seek out support and a sense of belonging amongst MRAs and MGTOWs, as involuntary celibacy is indeed something that primarily affects heterosexual men. However, little do they know that us incels CANNOT find belonging amongst MRAs and MGTOWs for one simple reason: They fear that if they accept us incels, their issues, problems and their claims will not be taken seriously by society as “bitter because they can’t get laid”.

However, there will come a day where involuntary celibacy will be taken seriously by society… the same way Jews are taken seriously by the Nazis. As incels have notorious reputations of becoming rampaging shooters (George Sodini, Cho Seung Hui, Jared Lee Loughner, etc ), men like us will no doubt be scrutinized by the law to be potential threats. Many incels indeed has no where else to turn to for support, as admitting this problem will end up ostracized by society.

Aside from seeking out prostitution for release, we incels must support each other to prevent future Sodinis and Loughners from happening. As this blog was trolled by a poster from PUA Hate (FYI, NOT the commenter on the previous entry), who were probably just as incel as I am, I must say all the incel on incel hate must stop. Lending a helping hand and offer constructive criticism might be beneficial for everyone…instead of being a dick for the sake of being a dick so you can feel better about yourself temporarily by putting down other incels who are in the same situation as you are. Just a suggestion


Resolving two conflicting philosophies

8 09 2013

Those of you who read this blog will probably notice there are two individuals I would often listen to: NewHope and Franklin. Both of them agree on some, such as the destructive nature of modern culture and feminism, but they disagree more.

According to Franklin, both personality AND looks matter. However; in modern dating, he leans more towards personality. He believes that women by nature are attracted to badboy personalities, so her son would also be badboys and spread her genes more. He said that modern dating often find psychotic behavior desirable, and those who possess it are successful on the sexual market. However; the more intelligent of the bad boys uses contraceptives, where as the stupid ones don’t. Thus, many of the future generation are offsprings of “stupid bad-boys” , since they have the highest chances of reproduction.

NewHope, on the other hand, claimed,”oh man oh man I have never believed the saying assholes get the girl. Nice guys don’t finish last, most nice guys have aesthetics issues that CAUSES them to finish last. Handsome nice guy beats the ugly bad boy nine times out of ten any given day of the week, hand down.” He also claims,”when good looking men have options like women do, they start to act like women, but get to be called ‘asshole’ for it”. I.e.  the reason why women don’t like the nice guys, because they are just ugly and try to over compensate their lack of looks by being overly accommodating. Bad boy behavior is simply a result of being attractive physically. Hence the saying, “nice guys are ugly, hot guys are jerks, hot nice guys are gay”

oh my readers from PUAHate, which philosophy do you agree with more? why? comments?

an open letter to PUAHate, why I am not on there, and a counter proposal…

5 09 2013

It has come to my attention that I have a following from the forum members of PUAHate, and I realized there are a bunch of conspiracies discussed by the forum members on there about my origins. It is true that what I write on this blog is almost identical to their discussions, I have never posted on PUAHate. One of the fundamentals of letting on new forum members is that you must make new members feel welcome, however; as one of PUAHate members have attempted to troll on this blog before (even though he is probably as incel as I am), I will not be joining you guys.

A number of you guys also said I am hopeless in breaking out of my incel, but as I stated from my first entry, I realize because of my racial background as an Asian male here in America, I probably will not cure my involuntary celibacy. Not curing my incel is not a reason why I should stop working out, as I refuse to be the fat kid who sat out on the bench. Most of my training involves fat burn, cardio, swimming and kickboxing training, I don’t lift and have inflated arms like Zyzz.

In addition, I would very much like to make an offer to the more intelligent members of PUAHate that if you want a forum that more open to intelligent discussions, better moderated with non-abusive administrators who would NOT ban random posters to feel better about himself, and random hating and trolling by people in surprisingly SIMILAR position as yourself, please join the love-shy forums

end of summer update… news and more rants

3 09 2013

end of summer 2013

Much has happened over the course of the summer, living now in a new place. Just less than a year ago I struggled to run just 1 mile, now I ran 3 5ks and a half marathon over last few months. When I eased into the cardio I felt like I can run forever, leaving behind the troubles of the world and life. I had to put a new hole in my belt as my waist size went down. Similarly, my luck has changed slightly in the realm of online dating, as I am getting replies now from girls, and scored a few dates which almost never happened before. Improvement in my chances with women has a direct relationship with my change in looks, anyone that says anything else is in denial.

Recently I came back in contact with an old acquaintance from college, who is an ethnic(Bengali). Needless to say, he struggles in the realm of dating himself. His problem, however, lies with his shyness. As he says to me,”I have had one night stands before, but its always the women who approached me,  not when I am being forward.” Little does he know that in the realm of modern dating, it is always the women that chooses, not men. The very fact he obtain one night stands, I realized that his problem is far easier to solve than my own, as I can’t get one night stands.

Multiple times we had our conversation drift to the pick up artist culture, and he tried to convince me in joining local PUA groups. I don’t believe in PUA for most PUAs will deny the obvious truth: looks matter. However; after some careful thinking I had to admit that PUA might actually work for him, since he can pass the look test due to his one night stands, where I can’t. He simply needs to overcome his shyness, a step I already done.

My friend here reminded me of myself few years ago as I actually looked into PUA for guidance, but I saw the flaw in it right away. As stated before, PUAs perpetuates that common knowledge tells us that MEN are the shallower of the sexes, women are not as visual. However; common knowledge is almost always 180 degrees out of phase with reality. We receive 90% of all our information through our eyes, thus we, as a species, are EVOLVED to be visual. Though women SAY physically attractiveness matter less to them, their ACTIONS are no more different than that of men. In fact, women are far more intuitive and have social smarts. THEY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO, YOU DUMB ASS! Its either she feels that way about you or she doesn’t. PUAs tries to break this interaction into an objective formula, telling you that you just need to say this, then say that, and TRICK the girl into liking you/going to bed with you by some magic words, is complete ludicrous

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