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30 05 2013
may 29 2013

may 29 2013


It has been a while since my last update, this semester of school has recently ended and I can now have more time to write. I have not weighed myself yet but I have been running a lot. A year ago I struggled with just 1 mile, but I recently completed a 5k and a half marathon. I will continue to train more during the summer, longer distance running and try to do more boxing/muay thai pad work. The other day I pushed my body to the limits by running 13 miles nonstop on a state park trail, the most I ever ran in my life.

On another note, a commenter in my previous post by the handle of “abe” left a very interesting reply , where he made an interesting point in conservative traditional societies in the past there was a form of “socialism” on the sexual market, people paired off more evenly and divorce was rare. But due to the 60s feminism and the sexual revolution, the sexual market became “capitalist”, along with hypergamous nature of women and polygamous nature of men, our culture has created a scene where only a few men gets all the women, and the rest of the men get none, until the woman realize she’s too old to get a “Brad Pitt” in her life and tries to trap an engineering nerd in a sexless marriage. Throughout our lives, most women would have too many partners, and men have too few. Teen pregnancy is very common now and a typical high school girl has TWICE as much sexual experience as her male peer, the girls who got pregnant in school often are all knocked up by the same guy. capitalism in the sexual market gives rise to the superficial bitch-and-cad culture.

One individual comes to mind who’s been a product of this culture (and one of my inspirations), has to be Aziz Shavershian . He was the typical skinny nerd and a video game addict who had no one in his life. But he did not wallow in self pity, instead he sold his World of Warcraft account for a gym membership. He kept lifting and lifting. His youtube channel tracked his progress, and haters mocked him calling him a “skinny faggot”, but he kept going. After he got into shape and gained muscle, he transformed from geek to player.

It wasn’t his looks that made him famous, it was his philosophy. He said, ”

At the end of the day, I have respect for anyone who wants to make a change for themselves and start training and improving their body and health. In my opinion, the gym/training/dieting lifestyle is by far the most fun and rewarding way to live your life.

The people that laugh at the overweight/obese people in the gym are a disgrace. I applaud them for having the courage and determination to train and wan to make a change for themselves despite the obvious hardships they would face. At the end of the day, it’s all up to how much you want it yourself. Some people don’t care that much and are happy with their bodies and its not a big issue for them. Good for them. But anyone who takes the piss out of and ridicules anyone trying their best to lose weight/gain muscle and make a change for themselves—especially if they are finding it hard due to their genetics—makes me sick.

If you want it, you will get it, and you will eventually prove the haters wrong. And that is one of the best feelings a human being can experience.

Haters do what haters do: they hate. As this blog has been criticized/trolled by BOTH PuaHate forum AND Manboobz(a feminist blog site), it can only mean one thing: I must be doing something right.




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31 05 2013

Keep improving yourself, but keep in mind that the vast majority of the “decent” women I imagine you’re chasing will be alienated by the fact that (a) you’re so focused on your “incel” (lololol) that you blog about it; (b) your monolithic ideas about women’s attitudes and behaviors; and (c) your history of soliciting prostitution. : )

3 06 2013

its not that hard to put up a front and lie. successful bad boys are just better at it

12 06 2013
P Ray

Well, women are only annoyed by men they aren’t attracted to.

Women will abort their kids, know their place and treat well, the men they are attracted to that have other options.

That girl was so considerate, she even removed herself from being a likely future cockblocker to him. Imagine the amount of crap a normal guy would go through if he decided to dump his girlfriend. This guy gets a girl pining over him, who doesn’t care that he treated her badly. Amazing.

It’s tough to give a crap about girls’ opinion, if you knew they didn’t have any standards for the guys they were attracted to.
Standards are only important for those who aren’t given the chance to try and meet them …

Of course, it gladdens my heart that most women do not earn enough money to buy a house on their own, it means families will still continue to be formed.

But whether paternity is assured … is another uncomfortable question.

31 05 2013

Based on your latest photo, you are clearly in shape. So now you are in a position to answer the question of looks versus personality. Has your improvement in looks translated into a corresponding improvement in your dating life? My bet is that the answer is no. If you want success with American women, have your amygdala removed and become psychopath. This is what American women are attracted to.

3 06 2013


11 06 2013

people like Franklin paint that dark world to justify their lack of results or to justify their inaction. Mastery of women and what turns them on is actually mastery of the self, many skip that part and will turn bitter down the road. Look into different haircuts and clothing too man, you could look like Jet Li if you wanted to, find a nice jacket/shirt/watch and rock the shit out of it. Most importantly if that doesn’t get girls instantly, don’t sweat it, you make those positive changes for yourself Im sure you know this.

13 06 2013

while I agree with what you said, I also agree with many things Franklin brought up. The feminist west is no place for decent men

13 06 2013

Inaction is something that I have never been accused of. I am married, financially successful, homeschool my kids, etc. Ruxman, I am sorry if chasing sluts is the only kind of action that counts in your mind.

What is positive and negative is relative to one’s moral values. And I am quite sure that mine and Ruxman’s values are opposite each other, so what he considers positive, I would consider negative. As one simple example, I believe in dressing simply and modestly, the very opposite of the kind of dress that attracts sluts and other such vermin.

13 06 2013

well said

24 07 2013

Even when your looks are at prime you will still encounter the problem of stereotypes. Why not leave the USA for better dating options abroad? I think if you go to Asia or Latin America you can open your world to dating.

You have little dating experience right now and this needs to be corrected. Dating shouldn’t be this hard — it should occur naturally.

27 07 2013

of course. I am going to Graduate school in the USA still. I would not live in this country unless I have to

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