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8 05 2013

I have found 2 videos and another blog that speak of the same issue I have been saying on this blog, but stated/written better. Enjoy:








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10 05 2013
The Cockroach

For those who don’t know, FACEandLMS stands for “Face and Every Conquer Everything, and Looks-Money-Status.”

That video series is being made by a guy on called “MyFemaleEquivalentDoesntHaveToWork”, also goes by “Invisible” & “Aexexx” on the boards.


10 05 2013
The Cockroach

That should be “Face and Age”, lol

17 05 2013
P Ray

I just understood it as,
women are interested in one set of men to have sex and babies with (fuckers),
and another set of men to help pay for her bad decisions in the past (suckers), usually with the words “If you loved me, you’d forgive me”(How much respect is a woman who had sex with another guy and wants the last fellow to compensate her, showing?) and “That was in the past and I’m mature now”(Yeah, isn’t it surprising women only mature when they can’t attract the men they’re really interested in? The regular guy … GETS CHOSEN LAST).

21 05 2013

amen, P Ray, words of wisdom as usual

21 05 2013

Hey buddy, I deeply empathize with your situation. Keep writing, because there are a lot of men in your situation in the West of various ethnic backgrounds.

Before the sexual revolution in the United States, monogamy was culturally enforced and it was difficult (though not impossible) for people to get divorced. This was a form of sexual socialism that insured nearly everyone paired up. With the sexual revolution, the sexual marketplace was deregulated, so to speak, but the quantity of sex did not increase — it was just redistributed so that some men monopolize multiple women’s prime years and some men are left with nothing.

And society is deeply afraid of even acknowledging the men who are left with nothing.

21 05 2013

hey, thanks for the support. Western culture is deteriorating, morality is declining, and the sex revolution and feminism is completely to blame

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