March update, a case for Franklin

27 03 2013















Its been a while since my last update. I have recently returned to graduate school and the work has been rather busy. For the last 2 weeks I couldn’t keep up with my work out routine of long term cardio up. When I went running this morning I noticed my body couldn’t keep up as it had before

If you read some of my previous posts, you will notice Franklin as a frequent commenter here. Despite the fact he disagrees with what I write I actually agree with him more than before, especially on the topic of feminism.

The first generation of feminism is actually quite justified, as in most traditional  conservative societies, women are trained by society and her parents to be a good wife to her husband. They are the decent women who are the product of society at that time. Of course the evil people in the society are the men who take advantage and abuse her.

However, today women in our society are completely different, thinking that the crack between their legs make them invincible and bitchy. They are now trained by society to be materialistic, superficial, shallow, and self absorbed. They are always cunning and calculating, which is why the handsome bad-boy types are the most successful in the sexual market, since these good looking badboys can out play women in their own game. meanwhile brainy scientist or engineer are targets to be trapped by women into a sexless marriage or result in some type of alimony

The Devil’s Advocate¬†claimed that people who contribute the most to society and civilization, are the less successful sexually. The feminist west is no place for decent men


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