a disturbing question: does personality actually matter?

22 02 2013

I just have to ask this disturbing question here. Often times in the media and common knowledge we often discuss “do looks matter”, knowing full well is does. Why, then, not many people ask the opposite question, “Does personality actually matter”? According to a frequent commenter on this blog, Franklin, stated that BOTH looks and personality matters in the realm of modern dating. However, the successful men in the dating game are the narcissistic, Machiavellian, and aggressive bad boys.

However, on the love-shy forums, NewHope stated that he personally  know upstanding respectable guys who does very well with women, because they are good looking as well.

In my previous post, NewHope stated that people who scores high on physical attractiveness has great power, and power corrupts. Which is why attractive people tend to be “jerks”. As many women complain,”nice guys are ugly, hot guys are jerks, hot nice guys are gay” is very true indeed.

So what exactly is the cause and effect here? Is being an asshole make you attractive to women OR hot guys can AFFORD to be asshole because they are good looking (bad boy behavior is the result of being physically attractive)

That bring me to the disturbing question on the blog:”does your personality matter in the end?”




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23 02 2013

“So what exactly is the cause and effect here? Is being an asshole make you attractive to women OR hot guys can AFFORD to be asshole because they are good looking (bad boy behavior is the result of being physically attractive)”

It’s the latter. No amount of “tough-guy” posturing can make up for an ugly face. OTOH, a boss I had was one of the nicest and accommodating guys you ever met. He was also tall (maybe 6’6″) and good-looking. You should have seen the way other women in the office looked at him, even though he was married with children.

25 02 2013
P Ray

Women lie about what they find attractive in a man …
because they want you to think you have a chance with them.
In that way they can get favours and advantages … without having to reciprocate.
That is why smart men of today … court with experiences and not things
Because … she isn’t going to have those experiences (and the photos to go with it) … unless she’s having them WITH YOU.
Not to mention, while you’re with her … feel free to broadcast that to other women.
She’s looking for better options too, while she’s with you.

4 05 2013

what I find attractive in a man:

1. Respect. He has to treat me with respect, every moment of every day, and as soon as this stops he’s gone.
2. Intellect, humor, broad perspective, worldly experience.
3. Physical appearance, including being genetically gifted and taking great care of himself.

And he’s got to have it all in spades.
I would 100% rather be single than date someone who falls short in any of these things. They are a waste of my time. I’m harsh that way. I don’t date a lot of men, obviously – I mean, I “date” as in going through the process of getting to know people & end up rejecting them – 5 years ago, I met someone who fulfilled all of these things. He was an alcoholic, 10 years my senior, moving away and still involved with his ex. Not a perfect person, obviously, and we parted ways, obviously, and I cried for weeks, I was 19, I’d never been so bereft. We live thousands of miles apart and almost never talk. I’m not still in love w him but still love him, and am perfectly okay with how things are. I’m back in school, expanding my horizons, doing new things almost every day and meeting a lot of guys who are a waste of my time.

there’s a lot to be said for being single. I’m rather obsessed with the freedom it affords.

5 05 2013

you are the text book example of the feminist western woman I talk about in this blog. I approve this comment to prove my point

31 12 2013

Considering you don’t actually have a good personality, this ‘disturbing’ question is irrelevant in your case.

31 12 2013

wrong again. you don’t know my personality as you never met me in real life.

And guys with horrendous personality gets laid

5 01 2014

Guys with horrendous personalities do sometimes get laid when they have other things to offer (at least a somewhat interesting personality, or at some point have done something interesting with their lives), and they often get laid by the kinds of women who grew up with abuse and therefore think abuse is normal. Not something any decent man should aspire to. Plus, I really don’t think I need to have met you in real life to know your personality. After all, you can’t get girls, yet somehow still manage to be an expert on them and apparently know their deepest desires and motivations better than they do. And if you think it’s better to be a sociopath because at least then you’d get laid, that tells me all I’d need to know about your character.

5 01 2014

Like I said before, “red pill” incels do have a better understanding of women because we get to see a darker side of them which they don’t show to the tall good looking guys often don’t.

I am obviously NOT an immoral aggressive psychopath because if I am, I’ll be getting laid and wouldn’t be writing this blog

secondly, people in general are not one dimensional, and a lot of assumptions made about me, especially from the PUAHate forum, are generally incorrect.

But you are right that you can tell about someone without having to met them. Judging from the few posts you wrote, I can tell you are obviously a western woman

21 05 2014

Yeah, personality matters, but here’s the kicker: People will perceive your personality differently depending on how you look… For example, an unnattractive girl that is different will be called weird or a freak. An attractive girl that is different in the same way will be called unique or eccentric. An attractive man that hits on a woman will be called confident or charming, sexy, etc. An unnattractive man that hits on a woman will be called creepy, or a stalker, or whatever. People are stupid and shallow and I can’t stand how oblivious they are to it. People are so two-faced and just completely shameless about it. And as long as they get what they want, they’ll never change. So yeah, people are terrible; life is terrible. Fuck everything.

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