January update, changes, and more

30 01 2013

IMG_0204 - Version 2

Weight: 192 lb

My workout routine has changed and set back due to me moving back to my old home state and getting ready to start school again. In late December and much of early January I was suffering from an injured tendon on my left foot, thus I did not make as much progress as I would like.

I remembered the exercise routine from the gym, keep doing them even after returning to school. I am also running now, which I haven’t done outside of the gym times. There is a house I will be moving to off campus, and my roommates are undergrads. They are very much interested being kickboxing/muay thai training partners.

Living an athletic life style can help my academic performance no doubt. I left graduate school the first time partially due to depression and falling into limerence. This new lifestyle hopefully can make this time different.  I am very grateful to my father and my professors for giving me another chance.




One response

2 02 2013
P Ray

Whatever you do, don’t let athleticism push you to take stupid risks.
In other words, don’t take on stupid dares from stupid people in stupid places to do stupid things at stupid times.
It may seem great to run in the sun and enjoy the sunburn and sweat.
Until your skin turns to wrinkled parchment and you gain the benefit of extra growing cells (cancer).
I believe part of the thinking behind “men have to sacrifice themselves” … is to simply make things easy for women to “pick a winner”.

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