loveshy forum member’s post, my run in with an asshole neighbor

11 01 2013

on the love shy forum a few weeks ago, a member once posted about a conversation he had with his estranged uncle on his father’s side, concerning his father. It turned out his father was an evil, manipulative man that made a living dealing drugs, killed people by hand, knife and gun. His father even threatened to kill his mom and him if she were to leave his father. A cynic poster wrote, “you must be gutted that you didn’t take after him”

Indeed, men like his father are very much successful with women. Had he taken after his father,he would not be posting on the love shy forum. If players are hot bad boys, then incels must be ugly nice guys. As most women would complain, “hot guys are jerks, nice guys are ugly, hot nice guys are gay” has more truth to it than they realize.

I thought of his post today with a run in with an asshole neighbor today. I have moved back temporarily with my parents before graduate school starts. As I was training/jumping rope in front of the house,  my neighbor from across the street called to me, saying that I have parked my car directly across from their drive way and almost hit it, TELLING me to move my car, where they almost hit my car while backing out. 

Now maybe I shouldn’t have parked there to cause my neighbor inconvenience, but its the rude, commanding and aggressive tone he spoke to me that made me uneasy and offended. Then after he drove away, his wife came and apologized about him. And even though he also left a politely written note on my wind shield, I think its his wife that wrote the note. 

I am clearly very insecure in thinking about this incident in prolong period of time, it kind of got me thinking now is that why is it that its the rude, commanding, aggressive asshole (this IS NOT the first time I have a minor run in with him) that has the wife and kids, while I am here blogging about being incel and posting on the love shy forum

Indeed, Franklin had been right. In our sick culture, it is the craziest, most violently aggressive individual that wins unless he does something that lands him in jail. Indeed I wish I stood my ground more and call him out on his rudeness, but I am a guest in my parents neighborhood thus I did not want to start up trouble, as my parents did not have communication with him. indeed, living there all these years, many people in the suburbs don’t even know their own neighbors.

Maybe I am wrong in that my incel is not ALL about my looks, but my meek, passive, nice guy demeanor. “Beta” characteristic. the episode from Louie ck explains it all…





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20 01 2013
P Ray

I would imagine the wife enjoys being with such a guy, and also that he might be cheating on her.
Spare her your sympathy, though – the women complaining about their men being abusive and cheating … ignored a lot of good men previously.
I shed no tears for either of them, and hope they stay attached so as not to infect others.

18 09 2013

yep, there is a very clear and obvious reason why I am incel and that asshole isn’t.

11 03 2014

Old post. But you should of told that punk muthafucka to come over and make you move it. I wish somebody would talk like that to me.

11 03 2014

and I would of beat his ass and f##ked his wife.

11 03 2014

if you have this attitude in real life, you probably would not struggle with the ladies like I do 🙂

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