rampaging killers and incels

16 12 2012

In my reply to Diaboli’s post about rampaging killers  I wrote that many of these shooters in the past, from Cho Seung Hui, George Sodini, Jared Lee Loughner, etc, had been incels very much like myself.  I fear that it is only a matter of time before we were taken under heavy scrutiny as potential psychopaths that will shoot to kill. Younger incels are butt of jokes in the mainstream media i.e. Steve Urkle and Bud Bundy, the loser that cannot get a date to the school dance. But us older incels are either pedophiles, creeps, serial killers, and psychopathic shooters.

One of the more interesting points he brought up, is that many the rampaging killers are NOT highschool drop outs who are stuck with burger flipping jobs, but comes from a rather high-end background in job and education. Indeed, many of us incels are NOT the losers that dwell in our mother’s basement, but have jobs in the field of math, science, and engineering. TheBlackPill  work with high tech firms along side doctorates. These type of work often deal with multi million dollar projects, thus his lack of success is NOT his ability to provide.

Indeed, those of us who contributes to the building of civilization and advancing technology, are the LEAST successful in the modern day sexual market. Of course, in college I knew some engineering students who are successful with girls. I am sure its their amazing personality and social charms, not their square jaw and six pack abs.

One solution to this problem, is both legalize prostitution and government subsidize plastic surgery. if prostitution is legal, affordable, and readily available, the victims of Virginia Tech and Pittsburg shooting might be alive today. Sodini’s victims are attractive women, representing everything he cannot have. The sad reality is, some people are just UGLY, and cannot afford their operation. The dreaded “L” word is the most painful of them all. Most people believe they are better looking than they really are, and the very thought “I am not as handsome as I think I am” is just too painful to bare. However; the truth is the truth no matter what you personal feelings are. Fortunately, beauty is MADE, not born. Some guys with ugly faces, sorry to say working out and dieting would not be enough. A lot of gyms in this country are gathering places for ugly face, good body incels.

As our society becomes more and more feminized everyday, prostitution will probably never be legalized. However; many incels who work in the technical field have the resources to move and travel. I would recommend going to countries where prostitution is legal and the government is less feminized, like countries in South america and Southeast Asia. Western society had not been kind to you, and you owe it nothing in return. Productive members of society are building a machine that doesn’t reward its providers, constantly biting the hand that feeds it. Best leave for greener pastures, at least for a while, you can get away from the unyielding tide of feminism.




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16 12 2012

interesting you mentioned plastic surgery…

brevik did just that a few years before his rampage…

one option that is great for men is growing facial hair…

a huge beard can hide many facial flaws…

16 12 2012
P Ray

Some of the countries prostitution is legal in:
Austria, Australia, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Colombia.

Enjoy, and you’re welcome!

24 12 2012

Neither prostitution nor plastic surgery is the solution. These killers aren’t particularly ugly, and even though prostitution is illegal, it is available. These killers are basically decent men who snapped (went crazy) in response to the alienation produced by rejection in our current modern evil sick culture. Decent men must stop seeking approval from mainstream culture. Decent men must recognize that mainstream culture is evil, that it is the enemy, and that one must live life as though living in enemy occupied territory. A man who understands this will not snap and will not throw away his life to kill a few meaningless members of our sick society. Instead, he will find a wife abroad and will seek friends from alternative subcultures mostly found in non-mainstream religions.

27 12 2012
P Ray

Feminism is everywhere now.
According to a UN report, 14 of 52 Asian countries are now experiencing below-replacement level birthrates.
In China, there is this thing called “shengnu” – leftover women (amazingly, they are also entitled, whodathunk?)
In India, there is 498A – misuse of the Dowry law that gets men in trouble over arguments with their wives.
Prostitution is something men like to say does not solve the problem … but being attached to a woman very likely to turn ungrateful if you don’t cough up, is NOT a solution.

27 12 2012

I am all for legal prostitution which solves many problem, but doesn’t solve this particular problem. And while feminism is a worldwide plague, it is worse in some places than others. Marriages by American men to foreign women have a much lower divorce rate than marriages to American women, for good reason.

28 12 2012

I doubt Sodini or Cho went to prostitutes like they should have. They have to know where to look and how to find, which requires experience

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